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Fire. Symbol from the novella Night Calvin Martin, Greg Bowman, Andrew Shin, Julian Vela. Emotions about fire. Fear Isolation Despair. Fire as a Symbol. Can be helpful: Survival Cooking Warmth Can be harmful: Destruction Pain All-consuming rage. Quotes: Pages 1-27.

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Symbol from the novella Night

Calvin Martin, Greg Bowman, Andrew Shin, Julian Vela

emotions about fire
Emotions about fire
  • Fear
  • Isolation
  • Despair
fire as a symbol
Fire as a Symbol
  • Can be helpful:
    • Survival
    • Cooking
    • Warmth
  • Can be harmful:
    • Destruction
    • Pain
    • All-consuming rage
quotes pages 1 27
Quotes: Pages 1-27
  • Pg. 18 Elie Wiesel: “The stars were only sparks of the fire which devoured us. Should the fire die out one day, there would be nothing left in the sky but dead stars, dead eyes.”
  • Pg. 22 Madame Schächter “Look! Look at it! Fire! A terrible fire! Mercy! Oh, that fire!”
  • Destruction
  • Death
  • Rage
  • Everything consumed completely
quotes pages 28 54
Quotes: Pages 28-54
  • Pg. 30-Elie Wiesel: "Not far from us, flames were leaping up from a ditch, gigantic flames. They were burning something. A lorry drew up at the pit and delivered its load--little children. Babies! Yes, I saw it--saw it with my own eyes...those children in the flames.“
  • Pg. 34-Elie Wiesel: "A dark flame had entered into my soul and devoured it."
  • Indiscriminate
  • Complete and thorough
  • Lost all will
  • At the mercy of the Nazis
quotes pages 55 81
Quotes: Pages 55-81
  • Pg.64, ElieWiesel: Because He had had thousands of children burned in His pits?
  • Pg. 64, ElieWiesel: When Sodom no longer found favor in Your eyes, you made the sky rain down fire and sulphur.
  • God had gone through it before, he wasn’t looking after his children, they were alone and didn’t matter
  • The unthinkable had happened, as if the world was actually coming to an end
quotes pages 82 109
Quotes: Pages 82-109
  • Pg. 82, ElieWiesel: “A spurt of red flame. A shot. Death wrapped itself around me till I was stifled. It stuck to me.”
  • Pg. 103, ElieWiesel: “Oh, to strangle the doctor and the others! To burn the whole world! My father’s murderers.”
  • Pg. 106, ElieWiesel: “They must have taken him away before dawn and carried him to the crematory.”
  • Pg. 107, ElieWiesel: “Afterward they were going to blow up the camp.”
  • Fire is consuming his life, it’s going to destroy it and kill him. Make everything that hurts go away
  • Let out the rage and anger, to tear apart like fire does
  • His father’s road had ended, this was how he moved on
  • To end the camp, get rid of it and leave behind only memories and ashes of what had happened there
purpose for fire
Purpose for Fire
  • To show not only death, but total consumption of an entire race, to exterminate and get rid of completely, leave behind ashes of formal life
  • Was also what actually happened
  • Fire was showing his own fear as well as others
  • Only ashes remain
purpose for writing night
Purpose for writing Night
  • To show just how horrible the holocaust really was
  • To remind us of what happened
  • To make sure it never happens again
  • To share his story