the extensible catalog and authority vocabulary services l.
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The eXtensible Catalog and Authority/Vocabulary Services PowerPoint Presentation
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The eXtensible Catalog and Authority/Vocabulary Services

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The eXtensible Catalog and Authority/Vocabulary Services - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The eXtensible Catalog and Authority/Vocabulary Services Jennifer Bowen, University of Rochester LITA Authority Control Interest Group (ACIG) ALA Midwinter, January 17, 2010, Boston The eXtensible Catalog (XC) Set of open-source software tools

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the extensible catalog and authority vocabulary services
The eXtensible Catalog and Authority/Vocabulary Services

Jennifer Bowen, University of Rochester

LITA Authority Control Interest Group (ACIG)

ALA Midwinter, January 17, 2010, Boston

the extensible catalog xc
The eXtensible Catalog (XC)
  • Set of open-source software tools
  • Facilitate resource discovery and metadata management
  • Funding from Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and from XC partner institutions
  • Software available for free download via
  • eXtensible Catalog Organization (Feb. 2010)
xc software
XC Software
  • User Interface:
    • Faceted, FRBRized, customizable search interface
    • Web application framework for libraries
  • Metadata Management:
    • Automated metadata processing: Enable libraries to aggregate metadata and run services on it
  • Connectivity:
    • Harvest and synchronize metadata with OAI-PMH
    • Circulation and authentication with NCIP
xc software overview
XC Software Overview

Drupal CMS

MARC Normalization

User Interface

Web Application Platform

DC Normalization

XC Drupal Toolkit






XC Metadata Services Toolkit


Metadata Management Software








XC NCIPToolkit

XC OAI Toolkit





xcs metadata services toolkit
XCs Metadata Services Toolkit
  • Based on an idea by Diane Hillmann, Stuart Sutton, and Jon Phipps
  • Enables libraries to automatically process batches of metadata through a set of services
  • Makes processed metadata available for harvest by other applications
  • Propagates changes in source metadata through services and on to other applications
xc metadata services toolkit
XC Metadata Services Toolkit
  • Services clean up/normalize inconsistent metadata
  • Aggregate metadata from multiple repositories
  • Not a metadata editor
  • MST includes a faceted user interface for managing services and viewing processed metadata
metadata services toolkit functions
Metadata Services Toolkit Functions
  • Add repositories
  • Schedule harvests
  • Orchestrate services
  • Browse records
metadata services toolkit
Metadata Services Toolkit

Menus guide staff through the setup of harvest schedules and orchestration of services.

“Browse Records” includes faceted-browse and full-text search.

The MST has a local copy of all harvested metadata and all metadata produced by each installed service.

Library staff use this page to verify that services are functioning properly and debug any issues.

metadata services toolkit9
Metadata Services Toolkit

ErrorsEach service can register error messages with the MST upon installation. In this example the MARC Normalization service has attached errors to specific records.

Errors are facets in the MST.

The “i” icon links to a customizable webpage with instructions for staff to address the error.

xc metadata services
XC Metadata Services

MARC Normalization

  • Normalization
    • Dublin Core
  • Transformation
  • Aggregation
  • Authority Control

XC Metadata Services Toolkit

DC Normalization



authority control service
Authority Control Service
  • Match record elements against local MARCXML authority resource file
  • Populate records with authority control identifiers (e.g. MARCXML $0 or XC schema attribute)
  • Development planned for 2010
authority service functionality
Authority Service Functionality
  • Prototype developed by Rochester Institute of Technology software engineering students
  • MARCXML and Dublin Core
  • Examines surrounding metadata to determine probability of a match
  • Tool for cataloger/metadata librarians to debug questionable matches
potential usefulness of identifiers
Potential Usefulness of Identifiers
  • Use work identifiers in XC Aggregation Service to identify/merge work records
  • User Interface: use identifiers to link out to other services, e.g. OCLC’s WorldCat Identities
  • Records that lack identifiers (non-matches) can be targeted for authority work
anticipated issues
Anticipated Issues
  • MARC fields with multiple headings to validate (name/titles, LC subjects, etc.)
    • XC Normalization Service splits these for matching
  • Difficulty matching against non-controlled names, etc. (non-MARC metadata)
    • Need tool for resolving questionable matches
  • Maintenance as authority records change
xc mst as a framework for vocabulary services
XC MST as a Framework for Vocabulary Services
  • Provides automatic synchronization of data across repositories (using OAI-PMH)
  • MST can manage internal (library-developed) and external (commercial) services
  • MST can potentially handle any XML schema
  • MST is a platform for experimentation
  • Low risk of data corruption (just re-harvest it)
where are we now
Where are we now?
  • XC MST software available for free download via
  • Initial MST services prepare MARC data for reuse in XC user interface
  • Ongoing MST development includes testing with a range of data, performance work, code refinement, and documentation
  • Development of authority service: 2010