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SNTtc Quickstart PowerPoint Presentation
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SNTtc Quickstart

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SNTtc Quickstart
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SNTtc Quickstart

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Presentation Transcript

    1. SNTtc Quickstart Mike Murphy

    2. Cisco Team San Jose Tim Jefferson Area Director Mike Murphy Sr. Account Manager MFG, STG/ADBU, Voice Josh Jansen Account Manager Ciscos Enterprise Products Sue Weaver Account Manager Ciscos SP Products Alex De Ocampo Prin. Systems Engineer R&S Marc Pelletier Sr. Systems Engineer R&S, Security Carl Lee Sr. Systems Engineer Voice Robert Ho Sr. Systems Engineer R&S, CCIE #7312 Matt Jefferson Sr. Systems Engineer - Automation for Cisco MFG Deepak Mehta Systems Engineer - Automation Shaun Tamblin Systems Engineer - Security Morgan Cook Sales Support

    3. Why do we use Spirent Test Tool

    4. Key Support Websites

    5. Spirent TestCenter Chassis

    6. Whats New in The Chassis 1 GigE Switched, Non-Blocking Ethernet Backplane for Results and Test Configuration Chassis utilizes 10/100/1000 Control Ethernet Port that supports IPv4 or IPv6 Redundant power supplies Internal temperature sensors control variable speed cooling fans Chassis is managed by 1 GHz Processor running MontaVista Linux (Real-Time Linux)

    7. Flagship Linecards

    8. Whats new in the Modules? Each Module is Hot Swappable. Best Industry Port Density (Ports / Rack) Two Flavors of Modules 1000 Series Manufacturing Style Tests, Great Cost / Port 16K Streams TX / Port, Real-Time Analyze 64K Streams Per Port 2000 Series Lab Grade Style Test 32K TX Streams Per Port, Real-Time Analyze 64K Streams Per Port

    9. What is SNTtc SNTtc is our next generation command line driver for Cisco Manufacturing, exclusively. It supports our Spirent TestCenter, Smartbits, and Avalanche (L4-L7) platforms. SNTtc is loaded onto a Sun workstation. Since Spirent TestCenter and Smartbits are PCless, all processing occurs on the Sun SNTtc is developed and maintained by your local account team. SNTtc sits on top of our corporate APIs\ Whatever our users can do in the GUI, we can also do through SNTtc

    10. SNTtc What is it? SNTtc Next generation Cisco like command line driver supporting Spirent TestCenter platform including both L2/L3 testing and L4-L7. Runs on Solaris, Linux, or Windows, same code base. Modes of Operation: GUI to SNTtc 1. User Creates Configuration in GUI (optional) 2. User Exports Configuration to XML 3. User Imports Configuration to SNTtc 4. Runs Test, View Counters and Pass/Fail Results Native SNTtc 1. User Creates Complete Configuration from SNTtc Command Line by Issuing Series of Commands 2. Runs Test, View Counters and Pass/Fail Results

    11. Theory of Test Creation

    12. XML File Sample

    13. SNT File Sample

    14. Directory Overview + Baseline Command Set ./snttc launches SNTtc, remove the ./ for windows module load tc loads the Spirent TestCenter Module (or SmartBits or Avalanche) Or a shortcut is to launch snttc with tc module all at once = ./snttc tc Config <cr> displays any present SNT config files Config firefly.snt loads firefly.snt config file Config xml <cr> displays any present xml gui configuration file Config xml firefly.xml loads firefly.xml gui configuration file Connect x.x.x.x connect to chassis ip Apply takes configuration loaded on sun and passes it to Spirent TestCenter chassis

    15. SNTtc Basic Test Flow

    16. XML vs. SNT Run Comparison

    17. Lab #1 Install SNTtc and Get Read to Test Telnet to SUN at x.x.x.x Check to make sure your .xml and .snt files are in the test directory at /usr/autoprog/snttc_tests/class Go to SNTtc executable directory at /usr/autoprog/snttc Launch snttc Load your xml file (cd class, pwd, config xml userx.xml) Load setloopback.snt (since no loopback cables in ports) Ping Spirent TestCenter, is it reachable? (ping x.x.x.x) Connect to chassis Apply Configuration

    18. Viewing a Config + Running a Test + Viewing Results show <cr> Displays available show commands show hardware Outputs chassis/linecard details show version tc Displays version of Spirent TestCenter api show ports Shows port speed + status, useful for debugging show flows <port number> Show #, speed, and size of flows clear config Erases current configuration stop Stops traffic only run Start traffic only sleep x Sleep lets our driver go to work, use just after a run to ensure packet counts are updated immediately. X is a time in seconds, sleep 10, is ideal show router status Shows current state of peering sessions + route advertisement show port count / sh count Shows port counters, Tx/RxSig is Spirent generated/received data traffic, non Sig are Spirent generated packets + control plane (i.e. BGP), use Sig counters for results parsing show port rate Shows current rate of traffic generation, rate of 0 means traffic is stopped or link is down

    19. Lab #2 Run test, Verify No Drops Start Traffic (run) Sleep (sleep 10) Check port counters / rates, incrementing? Packet loss while traffic is running? Stop traffic (stop) Check port counters, any loss? What is the rate? Start traffic Sleep (sleep 10) Traffic flowing again? Stop clear config

    20. Native SNTtc Mode Creating/Modifying Configurations from the CLI config terminal Enters Config Mode port <number> Enters config mode on request port flow <number> Enters config mode on requested flow set <cr> Outputs all attributes that can be set, key ones to note: fillpattern 0000 Payload Type Framesize 256 Size of Frame, including L2 header Enablearp FALSE Arp for DestMac? True/False Load 24.70000 Traffic Rate 24.7 of loadunit Loadunit LOAD UNIT_PERCENT_LINE_RATE How to measure load, can be %, pps, gbps, mbps, kbps Name 256 byte Label to call stream, shows in show flows view Dstmacaddr ff-ff-ff-ff-ff-ff Destination Mac Address Srcmacaddr 00-00-00-00-00-00 Source Mac Address Dstip Destination IP address Gateway Where we are for DestMac if Enablearp is true Srcip Source IP address Tos 0 Set ToS value of stream for testing QoS Set <parameter> <value> Example, set load 10, sets the load on the configured stream to 10 apply Applies any set parameters, similar concept to commit in IOX. Traffic changes happen automatically so a traffic stop/start is not required Sample Changes the location of port 0 from 0,0,2 to 0,0,3

    21. Lab #3 Native SNTtc Load snt config Connect to chassis Apply config run Check and note port rate Change port rate from 80% to 50% Change port frame size from 512 to 1500 Apply your changes Check port rate, did it change (it should go down)?

    22. Pass/Fail Conditions

    23. Pass/Fail Conditions - Sample

    24. Lab #4 Pass/Fail Conditions Using your existing config, load passcon.snt Show results, show results detailed, did it pass?