Smart school strategies and direction
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Smart School Strategies and Direction - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Smart School Strategies and Direction Vision 2020

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Smart school strategies and direction l.jpg

Smart SchoolStrategies and Direction

Vision 2020 l.jpg

“We are examining our education system to create a curriculum where people learn how to learn so they can continue their education throughout the rest of their lives. The measure of success in 2020 will be the number and quality of our people who can add value to information.”

  • Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad

  • Launching of MSC, 1 August 1996

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The smart school program will be remodeledand its implementation fast-tracked ...

Smart schools will have access to the Internet through the SchoolNet program ...

Advanced teaching and learning materials developed through the Smart School Pilot program will be utilized for teaching, while the Smart School Management System will be used to improve administration processes.     

Dato’ Seri Abdullah Haji Ahmad Badawi, Launch of The Multimedia Super Corridor (M.S.C.) Next Leap, 3 July 2004

Background l.jpg

  • Lessons learnt from the Smart School Pilot Project (1999-2002)

  • Decision made by the Cabinet Meeting on 18 February 2004 (Memorandum No. 91/2401/2004 Ministry of Education Malaysia)

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… making public schools more competitive, conducive and modern, in line with the current development.

… ministry’s target is to increase the ratio of computer to student, students and teachers contact time to the use of computer and technology,and apply technology cost-effectively.

Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein,Minister of Education Malaysia, 7 May 2005

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To produce a knowledge society that is critical, creative and innovative

To produce technology savvy individuals for the Information Age






To cultivate life-long learning based on ICT

Slide7 l.jpg

Intended Outcomes and innovative

Equal ICT access to urban,rural and remote schools

Teachers, Pupils and Administratorsskillful in using ICT in daily tasks

Students exhibit Higher-Order Thinking Skills

Creative and innovative teachers using ICT as enabler and accelerator for better teaching and learning

Teachers,Pupils and Administrators

practice self-learning

Making Schools Smart Program

Objektif pembestarian sekolah l.jpg

MODAL INSAN and innovative



Menggalakkan kreativiti guru






Better teaching for better learning

Assessment FOR learning

Slide9 l.jpg

(1)Objektif-objektif kurikulum and innovative

(4)Penilaian kurikulum



Pembelajaran yang sesuai

Slide10 l.jpg

Meningkatkan Intelek Pelajar Melalui Pembinaan Ilmu and innovative

(4) Constructed Knowledge

(3) Contextualised Knowledge

(2) Subjective Knowledge

(1) Received Knowledge

Taksonomi objektif pendidikan kognitif bloom l.jpg
Taksonomi Objektif Pendidikan Kognitif (Bloom) and innovative

(6.0)Penilaian-----> 6.1 penilaian berdasarkan bukti dalaman

6.2 penilaian berdasarkan kriteria luaran

(5.0) Sintesis 5.1 penghasilan produk untuk berkomunikasi

5.2 penghasilan pelan atau cadangan/tindakan

5.3 penghasilan set hubungan yang abstrak

(4.0 )Analisis 4.1 analisis unsur

4.2 analisis perkaitan

4.3 analisis organisasi (sistem dan struktur)

(3.0 ) Aplikasi mengaplikasikan pengetahuan dan kefahaman

kepada situasi baru

(2.0) Kefahaman 2.1 menterjemah

2.2 mentafsir

2.3 mengekstrapolasi

(1.0 )Pengetahuan(recall and recognition)

1.1 pengetahuan spesifik( istilah/simbol dan fakta)

1.2 pengetahuan cara dan prosedur mengendalikan sesuatu :

(konvensyen, trenda, pengkelasan, kriteria, dan kaedah)

1.3 pengetahuan umum dan generalisasi (teori, prinsip)


Pelbagai kaedah penyampaian p p l.jpg
PELBAGAI KAEDAH Penyampaian P&P and innovative

  • Ekspositori

  • Inkuiri dan refleksi

  • Aktiviti kumpulan

  • Perbincangan kes & perkongsian pengalaman

  • Resource-based learning

  • Pembentangan dan soal jawab

Dasar ict kpm l.jpg
Dasar ICT KPM and innovative

  • ICT dalam P&P

  • ICT sebagai matapelajaran

  • Celik ICT

    ICT as enabler and accelerator

Slide14 l.jpg

Mission and innovative

Making Schools Smart is a continuous process towards inculcating ICT integration in education to enhance teaching and learning, and school management.

Slide15 l.jpg
What ? and innovative

  • To transform teaching practice through professional learning communities & leveraging on ICT, as enabler and accelerator, to achieve better learning through better teaching in order to produce human capital with 21st century skills and upholding the NEP

Project scope l.jpg
Project Scope and innovative

  • ICT Infrastructure

    • Providing ICT infrastructure and ICT equipment.

    • Providing broadband internet access and local area network.

  • Teaching and Learning Material

    • Supply various titles of coursewares, multimedia materials and Educational TV programs for teaching and learning.

    • Integrating ICT in curriculum.

  • Human Capital Development

    • Training to increase teachers’ competencies in integrating ICT in teaching and learning.

  • Management Applications

    • Making school management more efficient through ICT

Strategies l.jpg
STRATEGIES and innovative

  • Smart School Qualification Standard

  • 88 Smart Schools Enhancement Program – reference and benchmark

    – measuring progress

  • Hand holding by MOE agencies and peers

  • Continuous training and professional development ( Professional Learning Communities)

  • Leveraging on MOE ICT Initiatives for quick wins

  • Smart Partnerships with Industries and public

Slide18 l.jpg


88 schools

5,809 computers

261 servers

5,266 schools

5,266 labs

132,220 computers

5 266 servers

Smart School

Pilot project

Computer labs

9,331 schools

11,709 TV

1584 schools(2006)

Educational TV

School Access





201,018 ICT 45,549 PPSMI


9,629 schools

132,649 laptops

78,333 projectors

67,439 screen

63,254 trolleys

2,286 TV

9,662 printers

Teaching of Science

and Mathematics in English


5,379 TC

2, 341 LC

687 e-materials

Perkasa pkg l.jpg
Perkasa PKG and innovative

  • Pemangkin Kecemerlangan Guru

  • Penggerak kepada Program Pembestarian Sekolah

Pendekatan l.jpg
Pendekatan: and innovative

  • Komuniti Pembelajaran Professional

    • Perkongsian, perbincangan, strategi

  • Pusat Rujukan Professional

    • Broadband, e-bahan, applications

  • Showcase inisiatif Program Pembestarian Sekolah

    • galakguna

Slide21 l.jpg

“Bad Teacher complains, and innovative

Mediocre Teacher teaches,

Good Teacher explains,

Better Teacher demonstrates,

Best Teacher motivates and

Great Teacher inspires.”

(King Teacher)

Slide22 l.jpg

THANK YOU and innovative