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Serious Games Carmen Serrano COT 4810 What are “Serious Games”? Games designed for purpose other than just entertainment Must still be “fun”: engaging, interesting Use of Serious Games Military Education Healthcare Corporate training Social/political issues

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Serious games l.jpg

Serious Games

Carmen Serrano

COT 4810

What are serious games l.jpg
What are “Serious Games”?

  • Games designed for purpose other than just entertainment

  • Must still be “fun”: engaging, interesting

Use of serious games l.jpg
Use of Serious Games

  • Military

  • Education

  • Healthcare

  • Corporate training

  • Social/political issues

  • Picture: “Food Force”, United Nations World Food Programme.

Military l.jpg

  • Heavy use of training simulations

  • Significant business in local area

  • NavAir, Lockheed, etc.

  • Simulations becoming more immersive and complex

  • Tactical Iraqi – based on Unreal Tournament game engine; teaches Iraqi Arabic, gestures and etiquette

  • Other industries adapting games and simulators as new approach to training

Healthcare professional l.jpg
Healthcare - Professional

  • Professional training and skill retention

  • Enable simulation and practice of various healthcare and emergency scenarios

  • Allow for assessment of skills

  • Cardiac Arrest! – act as emergency room technician; administer medicine, procedures

    • Accredited by American College of Emergency Physicians for CME credit

Health consumer l.jpg
Health - Consumer

  • Health education

  • USDA MyPyramid – nutrition and exercise

  • Treatment companion

  • Ben’s Game – for cancer patients; fight cancer cells and “fever monsters” (free;

Healthcare supervised l.jpg
Healthcare - Supervised

  • Therapeutic games

  • Clinical supervision

  • Treatment companion

    • SnowWorld – for burn victims; immersive exploration of snowy landscape

  • Treatment tool

    • SpiderWorld – for arachnophobia; mixed reality, virtual kitchen, gradual encounters

  • Picture:

Education l.jpg

  • “Edutainment”? – much hype, mixed reactions

  • Special considerations – expense, perceptions, available hardware

  • Lexia Cross-Trainer – for students at various levels; strengthen thinking, memory, problem-solving skills

  • Increasing consumer interest

  • Picture:

Corporate training l.jpg
Corporate Training

  • Large companies = large budget for training

  • Traditional tools (seminars, company videos and handbooks)

    • Already established, lower cost, effectiveness

  • Serious games

    • Implementation costs, increased interest and effectiveness, performance measurement

  • “At least 100 of the global Fortune 500 will use gaming to educate their employees by 2012” (BusinessWeek)

Social political issues l.jpg
Social/Political Issues

  • Increase awareness of issues

  • Historical and current world events

  • May be objective or show a single perspective

    • Peacemaker – based on Israeli/Palestinian conflict; player can pick either side

    • UnderAsh/UnderSiege – uses Palestinian perspective; inspired by Palestinian experience and the number of U.S. games with Arab “bad guys”; Syria

    • America’s Army – Army recruiting tool; U.S.

  • Picture:

A force more powerful l.jpg
A Force More Powerful

  • A Force More Powerful

  • (BreakAway Games)

  • International Center for

    Non-Violent Conflict

  • Strategy game based on nonviolent conflict

  • Play out historical events (Gandhi & Indian independence, civil rights movement in the U.S., Serbian student resistance to Slobodan Milosevic)

  • More immersive; gain unique personal perspective on difficulties

  • Picture:

Ibm s innov8 l.jpg
IBM’s Innov8

  • 3D game

  • Teaches Business Process Management

  • Develop skills in both business and information technology

  • Available free Nov. ’07; used by “more than 20 colleges and universities worldwide” (IBM)

  • IBM’s RoboCode (teaches coding) and CodeRally (teaches Java and Eclipse to Linux developers) (2003)

  • IBM’s PowerUp – free environmental game & lesson plans (2008)

  • "According to new IBM research which looked at technology, business and societal trends and issues, online videogames help people become better corporate leaders by fostering skills related to collaboration, self-organisation, risk-taking, openness, influence, and communications." (2007) (

Characteristics of serious games l.jpg
Characteristics of Serious Games

  • Emphasis on content accuracy

  • Need for developers with content expertise

  • Game design and techniques that take into account the serious content

  • Product mix - specialize or not

  • Investment required in research and development

  • (Bergeron, 21)

Controversial games l.jpg
Controversial Games

  • Some serious games push boundaries

  • Game format unpalatable to some

  • Super Columbine Massacre RPG

    • Social commentary game and forum

  • Afghanistan and Iraq wars (ex: Kuma\War)

  • JFK Reloaded – recreation of JFK shooting; play role of Lee Harvey Oswald

Unique challenges l.jpg
Unique Challenges

  • Sensitive subjects

  • Industry interest

  • Retail interest

  • Consumer interest

  • Overcoming negative attitudes toward games and gamers

  • Skill set of expanded audience

Industry recognition l.jpg
Industry Recognition

  • The Serious Games Initiative - Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars

  • E3 Media & Business Summit introduced a Serious Games showcase in 2006

  • I/ITSEC started “Serious Games Showcase & Challenge” in 2006; now in its third year, accepting submissions for I/ITSEC 2008 (Orlando)

  • Fifth annual Serious Games Summit at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) on February 18-19, 2008

Sources l.jpg

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Homework questions l.jpg
Homework Questions

  • 1. What is one application for serious games?

  • 2. Name a game/simulation industry conference that has included serious games.