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هجري سنة 1430 PowerPoint Presentation
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هجري سنة 1430

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هجري سنة 1430 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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هجري سنة 1430

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  1. هجري سنة 1430 مبارك مظظنى

  2. العشرة المباركة1430هـ مبارك مظظنى

  3. اهلا وسهلا مرحبا Welcome Karibu


  5. مولى ط ع نا ديدار كروو- مبارك

  6. مولى ط ع ني وعظ انسس اْثثنا ميضضها كلام سنوو- مبارك

  7. يه وعظ ما اْل محمد ص ع نا علم ني بركات ليوو- مبارك

  8. مولى ط ع نا ساتهـ امام حسين ع م ثثر روو مبارك

  9. مولى ط ع نا ساتهـ امام حسين ع م نو ماتم كروو مبارك

  10. مولى ط ع نا لب مبارك سي دعاء نا موتيو ليوو مبارك

  11. مولى ط ع نو ميضضهو انداز ديكهوو- مبارك

  12. مولى ط ع نسس امام حسين ع م نا غم ما غمزده ديكهوو -مبارك

  13. مولى ط ع نا ساتهـ امامة سي نماز ثثرٌهوو -مبارك

  14. مولى ط ع نا ديدار انسس سلامي ني بركة ليوو- مبارك

  15. برهاني مسجد

  16. Mombasa’s Attractions Fort Jesus Dhow ride Tusks on Moi Avenue Sandy Beaches

  17. Go-Karting Haller Park- Bamburi Mamba Village- North Coast

  18. Few important words of Kiswahili

  19. Local Currency • Kenya’s Currency is in KSH (K Shillings). CURRENCY EXCHANGE RATES Approximate Values (Subjet to change)

  20. IMPORTANCE OF SIM CARD PROVIDED TO YOU • Your SIM card is your front office. • You will receive all information of all departments through sms on your SIM cards. • You can register your queries and complaints through sms only. • Your queries will be answered to you through sms only. • You are requested to always carry your handset with this SIM card inserted through out your stay at Mombasa.

  21. We welcome you all once again. We will be glad to be of any assistance.

  22. Have a pleasant & Mubarak stay in Mombasa

  23. Zone Colour • Zone A – Green, Zone B- Blue, Zone – C

  24. Information Regarding Ashara 1430H • Please Ensure You Carry With You Your E-Jamaat Card • Ensure You Register Your Self Immediately Upon Fasal Of Ashara 1430h • Please Inform About Your Accommodation Status, Whether Required Or Not • Please Fill In All Arrival Details Accurately • Most Important: You Are Hereby Highly Reccomended To Carry Your Personal Cell Phone (Mobile Handset) • Mombasa Ashara Mubaraka Ikram Centre Will Kindly Provide You A Local Sim Card Upon Arrival. This Will Serve As A Front Office Information Portal. All Information Questions And Querries Will Be Channeled Through This Sim Card Only • To Keep You Updated On All Further Information, You Are Requested To Visit Our Website: • If you have already been allocated your accommodation the following applies: We request you to note that your luggage should be colour coded according to the 3 zones in which your accommodation will be. Zone A – Green, Zone B- Blue, Zone – C Red. Please attach the appropriate colour ribbon on your luggage. This is to ease in the transportation of your luggage.

  25. Ikraam Centres • Zone A Ikraam centre. (Burhani Sports Club) • Mombasa Airport. • Zone B Ikraam centre. (Kikowani Ground) • Zone C Ikraam centre. (MSB)

  26. You are highly recommended to carry a valid Yellow fever Vaccination certificate. • To all incoming foreigners only: (outside east Africa) Due to the peak season that will be present by end of December there might not be any available bookings for flights. Considering the above mentioned fact, there will be a transport facility from the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, Nairobi to the Royal Gallery Showroom, on Mombasa- Nairobi road, where Mawaid will be provided and if you happen to be arriving within Waaz timing , you can receive the Barakaat of Audio relay on site. From there, a paid bus service has been arranged to take you to Mombasa. • Mumineen are advised to register at the ikram centres on arrival. The Ikram centres are situated at: Burhani Sports Club, Al- MadrasatulSaifiyahtulBurhaniya, Kikowani Grounds and at the Airport. • Transport will be provided from all the Ikram centres to various destinations. • Accommodation will be provided to those mumineen who do not have accommodation. These accommodations include mumineen houses, school halls and hotels. • Forex exchange facilities will be available within the masjid area. • Medical facilities will also be available. • All mumineen who wish to perform khidmat are requested to register with the HR DepartmentI