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Parking Lot Awareness

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Parking Lot Awareness. Monthly Training Topic Ryder Safety & Loss Prevention. INTRODUCTION. Whether you are making a delivery or stopping by a shopping center to pick up lunch, you may encounter dangerous conditions while driving into, out of and through parking lots.

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parking lot awareness

Parking Lot Awareness

Monthly Training Topic

Ryder Safety & Loss Prevention

  • Whether you are making a delivery or stopping by a shopping center to pick up lunch, you may encounter dangerous conditions while driving into, out of and through parking lots.
  • While most drivers exercise care when traveling on the roads, they often become distracted once they enter a parking lot. Motorists are busy looking for parking spots or searching for a specific store.
  • When motorists are in a hurry or distracted they may stop looking for cross traffic and/or assume others will automatically stop when they see them coming.

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facts statistics

Striking a parked car or stationary object is one of the most common/frequent vehicle collisions.

According to a study conducted by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, parking lot accidents account for more than 14% of all automobile collision claims and 80% of bumper scratches occur while parking

According to the Independent Insurance Agents of America (IIAA), Parking-lot collisions account for as many as one in five automobile insurance claims yearly.

Other sources note, an estimated 80% of all criminal acts committed at shopping facilities occur in parking lots.

The above facts and statistics are obtained from one or all of the following websites: The AAA Foundation, The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, The National Highway Safety Administration, The National Safety Council

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parking lot hazards
  • Some of the most common parking lot hazards include pedestrians, inadequate lighting, tight spaces, potholes, debris/objects, faded traffic/parking stripes, lack of signage, shrubbery, etc.
    • Pedestrians (especially children) may be difficult to see while backing and may run out into traffic unexpectedly
    • Poor lighting may inhibit a persons ability to see at night
    • Tight spaces may limit your ability to back and turn around corners
    • Potholes and debris or objects (such as shopping carts may cause other drivers to swerve or stop suddenly
    • Faded parking lines and lack of signage may inhibit proper traffic flow
    • Overgrown shrubbery may obscure sight lines (especially at night) at intersections where pedestrians or other cars may appear suddenly.

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parking lot awareness5
Parking Lot Awareness
  • Safety tips while driving through parking lots:
    • Always Wear your seatbelt – Even low speed collisions can throw you around the cabin of your vehicle
    • Obey parking lot signage and traffic lanes – Watch out for vehicles cutting diagonally through the lot
    • Drive slowly – Always obey the posted speed limit at stay under 10mph if one is not posted
    • Use your turn signals and headlights – Make sure your vehicle can been seen
    • Watch for distracted motorists – Watch out for drivers that are on the “hunt” for an ideal parking spot. They are not watching you.
    • Watch carefully for pedestrians – Be especially careful in lots that contain post offices, package stores, convenient stores and other locations where people may be in a hurry
    • Be extra careful during peak times (morning, lunch time, evening) when reckless drivers may speed through lanes
    • Be extra careful at entrances, exits and intersections – Motorists may stop suddenly or erratically change direction for no apparent reason

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parking lot awareness6
Parking Lot Awareness
  • Safety tips while parking:
    • Be conscious of where you park – Look at all objects around the vehicle that may become a difficult obstruction when you leave
    • Only park in designated areas for your type of vehicle – Do not park in a “compact cars only” with a 26 foot straight truck
    • Ensure your vehicle fits safely into a parking spot and is in between the parking lines
    • Be conscious of the people/other vehicles you park next to – Are you too close?
    • Double check to ensure you headlights are off and your keys are in hand before leaving your vehicle
    • Park in well-lit areas and notify property management if there are no adequately lit areas available.
    • At night, avoid secluded areas to reduce the risk of theft/ robbery

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parking lot awareness7
Parking Lot Awareness
  • Safety tips for backing in a parking lot:
    • Look all around your vehicle before entering the vehicle, check for any obstructions above, below and around all sides of the vehicle that may be in your way
    • Ensure your mirrors are in proper position to maximize your viewing area while seated in the vehicle.
    • Be mindful of vehicles and pedestrians that may have obstructed your path since you began backing. Be conscious that the scene around your vehicle can change instantly.
    • Back slowly and gently sound your horn to let others know you are backing
    • If at all possible, back into a parking space before you park. It will make it easier to see cross traffic and pedestrians when you pull forward to leave

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parking lot awareness8
Parking Lot Awareness
  • Other Safety Tips to Consider:
    • Be vigilant during seasonal holidays – Parking lots are crowded, space is limited and People tend to be less attentive.
    • Always use 3 points of contact while entering and exiting your truck/tractor
    • If you are unloading/loading your vehicle, ensure you are not in the path of traffic
    • Be extra cautious in inclement weather - watch out for puddles, ice, snow and other slippery surfaces
    • Avoid leaving any valuables (money, laptop, GPS) in the vehicle cab where people can see it

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  • When driving around a parking lot that does not have a posted speed limit, what speed should you maintain?
    • 15 MPH
    • 45 MPH
    • 10 MPH
  • True or False? If your mirrors aren’t adjusted properly, its ok to stick your head out the window and begin backing.
  • When driving through a parking lot, extra care should be given when:
    • Police are around
    • Sundays
    • Driving through entrances, exits, and intersections
  • True or False? When parking a vehicle, always pull head first into the parking spot.
  • True or False? Always use your turn signal when parking a vehicle.

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quiz answers
Quiz Answers
  • C
  • False
  • C
  • False
  • True

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question or comments
Question or Comments?

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additional information on rules and regulations
Additional Information on Rules and Regulations
  • This document is intended to be a guide on applicable rules and regulations. Although it may be used as a guide/reference for your training needs, this document is not intended to be used as the standard for FMCSA rules and regulations.
  • Additional information can be found on the FMCSA website.
  • The FMCSA website will contain the most accurate and up-to-date information on any and all applicable rules and regulations.