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Because It’s Worth It! PowerPoint Presentation
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Because It’s Worth It!

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Because It’s Worth It! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Making the Case for PTA---. Because It’s Worth It!. PTA National Convention June 10, 2010 Presented by: Deborah Walsh & M. Ivelisse Castro. Goals for today:. Learn the personal, professional and persuasive reasons people join PTA. Understand the importance of knowing what dues fund.

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Presentation Transcript

Making the Case for PTA---

Because It’s Worth It!

PTA National Convention

June 10, 2010

Presented by:

Deborah Walsh & M. Ivelisse Castro


Goals for today:

  • Learn the personal, professional and persuasive reasons people join PTA.
  • Understand the importance of knowing what dues fund.
  • Explore how to define and deliver a PTA value message.

Value. noun

def :worth, desirability, utilitysyn : - merit, benefit - worth, advantage - practicality, effectiveness


Buyer: Teachers & Administrators

  • Needs:
  • Communication within and without system
  • Support for programs, curriculum, etc.
  • Parent involvement, especially to meet NCLB requirements
  • Fiscal accountability—no controversy!
  • Trained volunteers
  • Advocates for school funding and needs.

PTA “sells” Teachers & Administrators

  • PTA Value:
  • Communication --school & in community, and among all other PTAs everywhere. (lsn)
  • Program enhancement and curriculum enrichment , i.e., Reflections(lsn)
  • Parent involvement, i.e., National Standards for Family Engagement,Three for Me, Take Your Family to School Week (lsn)
  • Financial training and resources, i.e. Money Matters, website, state training, E-learning(lsn)

PTA “sells” Teachers & Administrators

  • PTA Value:
  • Volunteers, ready to lead , i.e., E-learning, Quick Reference Guides, state training, e-newsletters, etc. (lsn)
  • Advocates in the local community, Grassroots Advocacy Toolkit,state training and legislative platform, national platform and influence, a voice beyond the school system working for school funding and support of public education

Buyer: Parents, Guardians, Caregivers

  • Needs:
  • Network of support as they raise child
  • Information about school and education to help navigate the system
  • Child development info
  • Resources--$, programs, services
  • An “in” within the system to get things done
  • Successful schools

PTA “sells” Parents, Guardians, Caregivers

  • PTA Values:
  • Network of support including trained and connected local leaders
  • able to connect local members to parents and resources at local, state and national level—
  • with help of local leader training, e-newsletters, and trained volunteers and professionals at the state and national level. (lsn)

PTA “sells” Parents, Guardians, Caregivers

  • PTA Values:
  • Help with system navigation, i.e. PTA Takes Action, newsletters, web (lsn)
  • Child development info, i.e, PTA Parentenewsletter, website, Our Children(lsn)
  • Resources, i.e., individual member benefits, community resource info (lsn)
  • An opportunity to influence decision-making at every level (lsn)
  • Programs, resources, school support

Buyer: Community Members

  • Needs:
  • Strong safe schools
  • Cost-effective programs and management
  • Knowledge that money is well-spent and children well-served

PTA “sells” Community Members

  • PTA Values:
  • Volunteers working with administration to keep schools safe and strong through PTA local, state and national support (lsn)
  • Communication on how schools operate—”eyes in the building” (l)
  • Tax abatement: Programs, resources, enhancements at no cost to the taxpayer (lsn)
  • Research shows parent involvement = student and school success
www pta org dwalsh@pta org deborah walsh 860 739 4457 ivelisse castro icastro@pta org 305 606 1060
www.pta.orgdwalsh@pta.orgDeborah Walsh860-739-4457Ivelisse Castroicastro@pta.org305-606-1060


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