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National Administrative Officers Conference PowerPoint Presentation
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National Administrative Officers Conference

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National Administrative Officers Conference
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National Administrative Officers Conference

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  1. National Administrative Officers Conference Savannah, Georgia December 4-6, 2007

  2. WRITING AND DOCUMENTINGAO PERFORMANCE Karen Brownell Diane Strub December 4, 2007

  3. TOPICS • Planning for Performance • Performance Documentation • Assessment Documentation • Examples

  4. SET GOALS • Premise: Drive performance by setting challenging goals. • What do you want to accomplish for the organization this year? • What do you want to contribute? • Tune into AFM Strategic Plan, Area Goals, Location plans or goals.

  5. SET GOALS • Plan how you can contribute – ahead of the curve vs reactive. • Consult your DAD and Supervisor. • DAD may set same goal(s) for all AOs. • DAD may set goal(s) for each AO based on experience, situation, Location.

  6. SET GOALS • Minimum Requirement – One or two goals under one of your Elements. • Do not produce a “laundry list” of goals. • Should not be repeat of expectations identified in Fully Success level.

  7. SET GOALS • Examples • Serve on Inter-Area / Agency Task Group. • Create tracking system for managing Location agreements. • Serve as mentor to new AO.

  8. WORK THE PLAN • Regular self-check – progress made toward goal accomplishment. • What came up unexpectedly requiring action – what adjustments to Plan were required? • Prepare for Mid-year Review. • Adjust goals/set new goals at mid-year; keep supervisor apprised.

  9. Performance Documentation • Documenting performance - something we all need to do. • There is not one right way to do this. • Whatever is meaningful to your situation will work.


  11. ACCOMPLISHMENTS WRITE-UP • Role of AO as Business Leader identified in standard PD, in discussions with AD, DAD, RL. Performance expectations – new Performance Plan

  12. ACCOMPLISHMENTS WRITE-UP PERFORMANCE PLAN • Advisory Services & Leadership • Work Planning & Customer Service • Financial & Resource Management • Delivery of Business Services • Special Projects • Supervision & EO/CR (If supervisor)

  13. ACCOMPLISHMENTS WRITE-UP • What did you do? • “So what?” “Who should care?” • What was accomplished? • What was your role? • What was the impact? • Write it for the reviewer.

  14. ACCOMPLISHMENTS WRITE-UP • Customer Satisfaction • Cost Effective • Time • Quality • Quantity • Other Impacts and Measures

  15. AO SELF ASSESSMENT Role of AO as Business Leader articulated via: • Competencies • Desired KSA and attributes / behaviors • Personal change expectations • Non-possession of a competency does not equate to incompetence

  16. AO SELF ASSESSMENT • Will aid in determining when promotion within career ladder should be initiated • Will aid in identifying training for competency development

  17. AO SELF ASSESSMENT • Document accomplishments against Category A, B,& C leadership competencies • Talk to other AOs, RLs, other than Supervisor, for ideas • Don’t assume Supervisor & Second line know everything you’ve accomplished

  18. AO SELF ASSESSMENT • No “laundry list” of activities • Focus on a few key accomplishments for each competency • Explain accomplishment and your role • Explain the impact of the accomplishment

  19. EXAMPLES I worked on a national team to develop (fill in the blank). I think this will help the agency.

  20. EXAMPLES I worked on a national team to develop (fill in the blank). I was responsible for the (blank) part of the project. I reviewed data on past timeframes and conducted a survey of AOs and customers to identify barriers. I found that (blank) was a cause of major delay. I recommended (blank) which was accepted by the DA-AFM and implemented Agency wide.

  21. EXAMPLES I conduct new employee orientation for all new employees at my location. I provide information on benefits, and make sure all the proper forms are submitted to HRD. I try to make all new employees feel welcome.

  22. EXAMPLES I conduct new employee orientation. Part of this orientation involves providing agency policies Sexual Harassment Prevention. I used agency handout materials to develop a powerpoint presentation that is followed by a short quiz. Impact: New employees are made aware of agency policy and the seriousness of infractions early in their employment at my location.

  23. Self Assessment • Impact! Impact! Impact!