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Gods of Sport

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Gods of Sport
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Gods of Sport

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  1. Gods of Sport Number 1 sportspeople at their time

  2. the best sportspeople Pau Gasol Antonio Peñalver Maria Sharapova Fernando Alonso Zinedine Zidane Lance Amstrong Nicky Hayden Tiger Woods

  3. Pau Gasol Pau gasol is the best Spanish basketball player. He plays in NBA Memphis Grizzlies. Although he is only 26, he is one of the great stars.

  4. Antonio Peñalver Olympic winner of a silver medal in Barcelona 92, born in Alhama, Murcia Spain. Antonio Peñalver is perhaps the most complete sportsman of the history of Spanish athletics. Although at the moment he does not compete, he is still connected to everything that means sport.

  5. María Sharapova This19 years old tennis player is at the moment one of the best female tennis players but she still needs many years to become number one in this sport.

  6. Fernando Alonso Fernando Alonso is nowadays the best pilot in formula 1. This year he has changed to a better team, in order to continue maintaining his successes.

  7. Zinedine Zidane Zinedine Zidane has been one of the greatest international football players and one of the few players who has been able to obtain all the great trophies.

  8. Lance Amstrong Lance Amstrong is without any doubt the best cyclist of all time, he is the only one who managed to win the tour of France for 7 consecutive times.

  9. Nicky Hayden Nicky Hayden is an aircraft commander who has been able to defeat Valentino Rossi. This years is going to be complicated for him, but since he is only 25 years old, he still has a long time to improve.

  10. Tiger Woods Tiger Good is an already consolidated golf player. He is the sportsman who gets more money every year thanks to his great quality as a player.

  11. This is everything, if you want to see something more at great length simply click in the following boxes. If not, click in the button with an arrow: Introduction Fernando Alonso Characters Nicky Hayden Pau Gasol Zinedine Zidane Tiger Woods Antonio Peñalver Lance Amstrong Maria Sharapova

  12. The end Oscar Romero Cánovas 1ºB Matín Lopez Martinez