financial report of the united states government l.
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Financial Report of the United States Government

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Financial Report of the United States Government - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Financial Report of the United States Government. AGA-DC / GWSCPA Spring Conference May 8, 2007. Why Should I Care?. “The federal government keeps two sets of books .”

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financial report of the united states government

Financial Report of the United States Government


Spring Conference

May 8, 2007

why should i care
Why Should I Care?

“The federal government keeps two sets of books.”

“A growing number of Congress members and accounting experts say it’s time for Congress to start using the audited financial statement when it makes budget decisions.”

“The audited financial statement…reveals a federal government in far worse financial shape than official budget reports indicate.”

Dennis Cauchon, ‘What’s the Real Federal Deficit?’ USA Today; August 2006.

“[The Financial Report] is the only government-wide report that uses modern accounting to tell how America is doing.”

“…the real deficit is probably 10 times larger than you have been told.

“Both [cash and accrual] ways of measuring are important if you want a clear understanding of your financial position…keep one eye on your cash accounts, and the other on your accruals.”

Congressman Jim Cooper (D-TN) The United States Financial Report – The Official Report the White House Does Not Want You To Read.

“We suffer from a fiscal cancer…when those [baby] boomers start retiring in mass, then that will be a tsunami of spending that could swamp our ship of state.”

“…we’re spending more money than we make, …we’re charging it to a credit card,…and expecting our grandchildren to pay for it.”

David Walker, U.S. Comptroller General, 60 Minutes interview aired March 2007.

what do we know
What Do We Know?

2006 Unified Budget Deficit

($247.7 billion)



Unfunded postemployment programs



Change in:

Environmental Liabilities;

Net Capitalized Fixed Assets;

Net Other


2006 Accrual Deficit (Net Operating Cost)

($449.5 billion)

what do we know4
What Do We Know?
  • Both budget and accrual deficits include effect of social security surplus.
  • As of 12/31/2005, under current conditions, actuaries estimate that there will be a social insurance shortfall of $44t.
    • 75-year estimate of future benefit expenditures net of contributions.
    • $44t is NOT a liability figure.
    • It IS a sustainability measure (i.e., an indication of the government’s ability to sustain social insurance programs in the future).
  • Let’s break this into two pieces…
general government portion
General Government Portion

2006 Accrual Deficit (Net Operating Cost)

($449.5 billion)



Social Insurance Surplus





$186b surplus















General Government Deficit

Social Insurance





Additional Unpaid Expense



what is the financial report of the united states government
What is the Financial Report of the United States Government?
  • ‘Annual Report to the Citizens’
  • Complement to the President’s Budget
  • Submission deadline
    • Until 2004: 180 days after FY-end (@ March 31).
    • 2004 to present: December 15 following year-end per OMB acceleration policy.
what does the fr contain
What Does the FR Contain?
  • Secretary’s Letter
  • Management Discussion & Analysis (MD&A)
  • GAO letter
  • Basic Financial Statements, including Statement of Social Insurance (2006)
  • Stewardship Information
  • Notes to Financial Statements
  • Supplemental information
  • Management Representation Letter
  • It does NOT contain a performance report.
management s discussion analysis
Management’s Discussion & Analysis
  • Overview – Clear, concise discussion and analysis of the government’s financial condition and key fiscal issues.
    • Economy, Budget, and Debt
    • Financial Position, Revenues and Costs
    • Social Insurance
    • Systems, Controls, Legal Compliance
    • President’s Management Agenda
  • First section of the report - most widely read.
  • Financial information and analysis must be consistent with financial statements/notes.
financial statements
Financial Statements
  • Statement of Net Cost
  • Statements of Operations and Changes in Net Position
  • Reconciliations of Net Operating Cost and Unified Budget Deficit
  • Statements of Changes in Cash Balance from Unified Budget and Other Activities.
  • Balance Sheet
  • Statement of Social Insurance
deficit vs cost
Deficit vs. Cost

2006 Unified Budget Deficit

$247.7 billion


Unfunded pension programs




Increase in:

Environmental Liabilities;

Net Capitalized Fixed Assets;



Increase in Environmental Liabilities



Capitalized Fixed Assets, net of Depreciation

2006 Accrual Deficit (Net Cost)

$449.5 billion



statement of social insurance
Statement of Social Insurance

The present value over 75 years of:

Contributions & Earmarked Taxes paid by:


Expenditures for Scheduled Benefits for:

Eligible participants (age 62 and over)

“Closed” Group


“Open” Group

Participants who have who have not yet attained eligibility age (62)


FUTURE participants (under age 15 and births during reporting period)

audit results concerns


GAO finding: Statement of Budgetary Resources does not equal FACTS II submissions.

Audit Results & Concerns
  • Disclaimer of opinion
    • DoD agency audit opinion is disclaimed
    • Unreconciled intragovernmental transactions (between government agencies)
    • Report preparation concerns