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EVE-olution Fondation. Going global challenges & opportunities Nancy V. Gomez Gerard E. Stein. EVE-olution Fondation. Is an independent, international, not for profit organization.

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eve olution fondation

EVE-olution Fondation

Going global

challenges & opportunities

Nancy V. Gomez

Gerard E. Stein

(c) EVE-olution Foundation


EVE-olution Fondation

  • Is an independent, international, not for profit organization.
  • The foundation will never engage in any political, partisan, national, ethnic, religious, activities or interests.
  • Mission
  • Empowering women entrepreneurs in
  • developing & emerging countries
  • Because
    • “Women should be fully involved in decision-making and the
    • implementation of sustainable development activities”
  • (Rio 92, Agenda 21, Chapter 24)

(c) EVE-olution Foundation


EVE-olution Fondation’s


“ Women must have a say on issues related to their children such as:

the soil on which they play,

the air they breathe,

the water they drink,

the food they eat.”

(c) EVE-olution Foundation


Going Global, but

“ Sustainable development is development that meets

the needs of the present without compromising the

ability of future generations to meet their own needs."

Gro Harlem Brundtland (1987)

(c) EVE-olution Foundation


Going Global

We all share the same planet

80% of the population

80% of the land

Emerging &




(c) EVE-olution Foundation


Going Global

The successful trend of women entrepreneurs

208% = women entrepreneurs

38% = men entrepreneurs

more than 45 % will be owned

by women

In Canada

this last 20 years

In USA at

the end of 2005

(c) EVE-olution Foundation


Going Global

The successful trend of women entrepreneurs

Why not everywhere ?

+80% are owned by women

In Senegal

In the informal sector

(c) EVE-olution Foundation


Our process





(c) EVE-olution Foundation


Going Global

In Developed countries

By 2030 in the USA  retired at 65 years will triple

Retired executives are still active and powerful

They are ready to reactivate their resources

(c) EVE-olution Foundation


Going Global

Mobilizing under-utilized resource

Retired successful executives

from developed countries

Motivating under-recognized potential

Women entrepreneurs

in developing & emerging countries

(c) EVE-olution Foundation


Going Global

Women entrepreneurs

from starting where they are

and build on what they have

without donating money,

but coaching

no teaching, no consulting, …

How ?

(c) EVE-olution Foundation


Going Global

Coach, ex-executives

  • Profile selected by the foundation:
  • - successful and results oriented
  • experience up to date
  • an alive network of friends around the world
  • a “daring spirit” still powerful
  • used to developing countries environment
  • Target of the coach:
  • - Maximizing performances of women entrepreneurs

(c) EVE-olution Foundation


Going Global

Sustainable Development

  • New empowered women entrepreneurs are:
  • leaders for a new « deal »
  • role model to women and families of their community
  • mine for new jobs
  • participating on the reversal of rural exodus
  • participating of the stabilization of their regions
  • positive influencers to the authorities
  • …..
  • are implementing
  • Sustainable Development activities
  • in their country

(c) EVE-olution Foundation


Going Global

with our partners

(c) EVE-olution Foundation


Going Global

Most large companies :

- are serving at best 1/3 of the world population.

- are competing over saturated markets

2/3 of the planet’s people

are in developing countries

How to be present everywhere ?

(First is the winner)

(c) EVE-olution Foundation


Going Global

  • Most large companies:
  • would like to conquer the all Planet
  • are searching opportunities to be alive next century


our partners

Lets’s share

the same challenge.

(c) EVE-olution Foundation


Going Global, so

We all need to change the way we are used to do business

(c) EVE-olution Foundation


Going Global

EVE-olution Foundation

« Never sell, help the people to buy »

« With internet, you can be small and look big »

« How to be present, without being there »

« Limit its business on the domestic market is suicide.

« Export-fever strategy, the only way to be sustainable »

(c) EVE-olution Foundation

we do not inherit the earth from our ancestors we borrow it from our children

EVE-olution Fondation

A.St Exupery

“We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.”

(c) EVE-olution Foundation

if girls from around the world hold hands across the sea they would close the circle

EVE-olution Fondation

Going Global

“If girls from around the World hold hands across the sea, they would close the circle”

Paul Fort


(c) EVE-olution Foundation

irene natividad global summit of women ga lle monteiller lafarge

Special thank you to

Irene Natividad: Global Summit of Women

Gaëlle Monteiller: LAFARGE

(c) EVE-olution Foundation