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Sex Education in Utah Schools PowerPoint Presentation
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Sex Education in Utah Schools

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Sex Education in Utah Schools
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Sex Education in Utah Schools

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  1. Sex Education in Utah Schools By Laura Weis Rachel Norris Brandi Hatch Megan Rudd

  2. Utah Sex Education Laws • Schools are required to provide STD, HIV/AIDS and sex education • Teach abstinence until marriage • Not required to provide information on contraception

  3. Utah Sex Education Laws • Utah would become the first state to ban schools from teaching contraception as a way of preventing pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases

  4. New Law HB 363 if passed • Abstinence only curriculum • No longer teach about contraception, per - marital sex, and homosexuality

  5. New Law HB 363 if passed • Remove the state requirement for districts to teach sex education • Prevents teachers from responding to “spontaneous questions from students”

  6. Statistics

  7. Parent Opinions Most parents (65%) believe that sex education should encourage young people to delay sexual activity but also prepare them to use birth control and practice safe sex once they do become sexually active.

  8. Americans Overwhelmingly Favor Broader Sexuality Education

  9. Parent Opinions • Three-quarters of parents say that sex ed classes should cover how to use condoms, and other forms of birth control • They should teach about abortion and sexual orientation

  10. Parent Opinions • Sex education classes should also teach about pressures to have sex • They should teach about abortion and sexual orientation • The emotional consequences of having sex

  11. Parent Opinions • An overwhelming majority say that schools should teach adolescents how to get tested for HIV/AIDS and other STD’s (86%)

  12. Parent Opinions • Parents want schools to teach about how to talk to a partner about birth control and STD’s (77%)

  13. Parent Opinions • Parents also want schools to teach condom usage (71%) • Where to get and how to use other birth control methods (68%)

  14. Parent Opinions Parents see such courses and content as supplementing, not supplanting, their discussions at home

  15. Teacher Opinions There is a large gap between what teachers think should be taught and what they teach when it comes to birth control, abortion, and sexual orientation.

  16. Teacher Opinions • More than 9 in 10 teachers believe that students should be taught about contraception • One in four are instructed not to teach the subject

  17. Teacher Opinions • Teachers who teach sex ed believe that schools are not doing enough to prepare students for puberty or to deal with pressures and decisions regarding sexual activity

  18. Teacher Opinions • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that a significant proportion of health educators want additional training in the areas of pregnancy, STD, and HIV prevention

  19. Teacher Opinions • Teachers face the same stigma and fear teaching sexuality education even in liberal states • Sex and sexuality is treated as a moral issue

  20. The biggest benefit of sexual education is knowledge

  21. Sexual education doesn't encourage teens to have sex; our culture encourages teens to have sex

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