customer service manual aircel dishnet wireles limited vol 1 july 2007 n.
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Customer Service Manual (Aircel- Dishnet Wireles Limited) Vol.1; July 2007 PowerPoint Presentation
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Customer Service Manual (Aircel- Dishnet Wireles Limited) Vol.1; July 2007

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Customer Service Manual (Aircel- Dishnet Wireles Limited) Vol.1; July 2007 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Customer Service Manual (Aircel- Dishnet Wireles Limited) Vol.1; July 2007. Registered Address : Dishnet Wireless Limited, 5th Floor, Spencer Plaza, 769, Anna Salai, Chennai – 600002, Tamil Nadu. Unified Access Service provider through GSM technology

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Customer Service Manual (Aircel- Dishnet Wireles Limited) Vol.1; July 2007

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customer service manual aircel dishnet wireles limited vol 1 july 2007

Customer Service Manual(Aircel- Dishnet Wireles Limited)Vol.1; July 2007

Registered Address : Dishnet Wireless Limited, 5th Floor, Spencer Plaza, 769, Anna Salai, Chennai – 600002, Tamil Nadu


Unified Access Service provider through GSM technology

We are committed to serve our customers by constant innovations and creativity to add value to their life .

We promise you the most competitive service ……..Vaada Raha


Our Presence

Existing Circles*

Upcoming Circles*

* Status as of 01-Aug-2007

complaint redressal procedures
Complaint Redressal Procedures

Aircel as per TRAI regulation has evolved a three level complaint redressal mechanism.

  • Level I: Call Centers. These shall be first interface for customer to register their complaints. They are expected to resolve majority of complaints. Subscriber must note down the complaint number given by call centres.
  • Level II: Nodal officers. In case a subscriber is not satisfied with response of call centre, he may approach Nodal Officer with details of complaints. Nodal officer will register the complaint and for reference issue a complaint number.
  • In exceptional cases where the subscriber is not satisfied with the response of call centre & of Nodal officer, he may approach Appellate Authority for redressal of his complaint. The complaint to The Authority has to be submitted in the prescribed Performa in duplicate. Telephonic complaints shall not be entertained by Authority.
complaint redressal level i
Complaint Redressal (Level I)

As an Aircel customer you have the convenience to contact us at our Customer Touch Points:-

  • 24 hour Customer Care Helpline
  • Cell City Outlet(s)
  • Via Email
  • Write to the Customer Care Manager

Our Customer Services Team will attempt to resolve your complaint on the spot. However, if the concern can not be resolved on spot depending on nature of complaint your complaint will be formally registered in our system.

  • Aircel issues docket number for each complaint registered
  • Customer will be informed the time limit within which such complaint be resolved; or the time within which (not less than 72hours) such time limit be communicated to the customer.
  • All Complaints related to service disconnection or disruption will be resolved within 72 hours.
  • All other complaints shall be resolved within specified time communicated but not more than 7days.
  • We will contact you on your Aircel Mobile or Alternate number provided by you to update you with the resolution.
contact us
Contact Us
  • We can be contacted at following numbers or email id for any concern related to our Product & Service:-
  • These Helpline are available 24hours a day, 7days a week.
  • *Toll Free from all local Aircel Mobile

Complaint Redressal (Level II)

  • In Case you wish to highlight any concern related to our service or you do not get satisfactory resolution from our customer service center then you may approach our Nodal Officer, by a letter in writing, or through telephone or thorugh email for redressal of grievance.
  • Our Nodal Office will:-
  • Register all complaints lodged by our customers.
  • Provide a unique complaint number for each complaint within 3 days from date of receipt of complaint.
  • Intimate the resolution to customers within the defined time limits.
  • Resolve all complaints related to disruption/ disconnection of services within 3days from date of registration of complaint.
  • Resolve all complaint of other nature within 10days from date of receipt of complaint.

Nodal Officer’s Contact Info

*Timing: 10:00am to 06:00pm Monday to Friday


Complaint Redressal (Level III)

  • In exceptional cases where you are unable to get satisfactory response from our Nodal Officer or no reply is received within the specified period you may highlight the matter to our Appellate Authority.
  • Every appeal to appellate authority must be in duplicate, in form annexed.
  • The appeal must be made after the expiry of time limit specified by Nodal Officer.
  • The appeal must be made within 3months after the expiry of time limit by Nodal Officer.
  • The appellate, on receipt of concern will send within 3days, an acknowledgement to the appellant with a unique serial number.
  • The appellate authority will decide every appeal within 3months from date of filing the appeal.

Contact Details:

Name Of Appellate Authority: S.K.Malhotra

Address: Dishnet Wireless limited, 8 Local Shopping Centre,

Sector B, Pocket 7, Nelson Mandela Road,

Vasant Kunj, New Delhi 110070.


Tel No: +919953005106

Fax No: +91-011-26131297


Aircel Appellate Form

All columns in below form are mandatory:-

Page 1


Aircel Appellate Form…..cotinued

Form for verification

I,_____________________________________________ (name in full and in block letters), the appellant, son/daughter of _____________________________ do hereby declare that to the best of my knowledge and belief, the information given in this appeal and the annexure and statements accompanying the appeal are correct, complete and truly stated.


Signature of appellant

(Name of appellant) ………………………..

(Specify status of the appellant, whether a company/firm/society/ individual/ others ………………………………..…….. )

Note1. The Form of appeal, grounds of appeal and the Form of verification appended shall be signed by the appellant.

Note2. The appellant shall submit in duplicate the appeal in this Form.


Quality Of Service Benchmark

At Aircel we are committed to deliver the service at par with below Quality of Service (QoS) laid by TRAI.


Did You Know?

  • No Migration fee is charged to any tariff plan.
  • No increase in any item of tariff for a period of six months from date of enrolment of a subscriber under a tariff plan.
  • No Charge shall be levied for any service without explicit consent of the consumer
  • Refund of security deposit for providing telephone service to be made, within sixty days of closure of telephone connection, otherwise eligible for interest at the rate of ten percent.
  • You may visit our website to know the model calculation of financial implication of our various postpaid tariff plans.
  • Now you may register your mobile under DND by SMS, on phone, by Email, in writing or at through our website
  • You have the right to disconnection of services within 24 working hours from the time of such request in writing.
  • Charges that may be deducted from a recharge voucher are Processing Charge, Service Tax & administrative expense
terms conditions
Terms & Conditions

The Terms and Conditions mentioned herein shall form part of the Customer Application Form (“Agreement”) signed by the Subscriber and shall be binding on the Subscriber. This document is an application by the Subscriber, which becomes a Contract when Services are made available by DWL and operates concurrently with DWL’s license to provide Cellular Mobile Telephone Service.


"Dishnet Wireless Limited" means a company organized under the Companies Act, 1956, and having its registered office at Sterling Tower, 327, Anna Salai, Teynampet, Chennai – 600006 (hereafter referred to as “DWL”).

“Services” means telecommunication services and other value added/supplementary services provided by DWL and specifically opted by Subscriber or by implication due to usage.

"Subscriber" means any individual, company, proprietorship or partnership firm or such other party duly authorized by DWL in writing to use the Services on realization of Tariff.

“Network” means DWL’s cellular telecom network as operational from time to time in the telecom circle of Assam

“Equipment” means any GSM compatible cellular telephone instrument necessary for connecting to the Network in order to avail the Services.

“SIM” means the Subscriber Identification Module provided by DWL which is required by the Subscriber to activate the Services and get connected to the Network.

“Tariff” shall mean all rates including monthly rental, airtime rates, deposits, advances, activation fees, SIM charges,, taxes, levies and duty as applicable from time to time which shall be in accordance with DWL's Tariff policy and subject to change without notice at the discretion of DWL.

“Service Area” shall mean the Telecom Circle of Assam where Services are provided by DWL.


The Services are provided by DWL by virtue of a license provided by the Department of Telecommunication, Government of India. It is specifically agreed that in the event of any change in the law concerning the Service or any government policy in relation to the Services, any and all such changes and alterations shall be deemed to be applicable to the Services and these terms and conditions shall be deemed to have been amended in accordance with the revised alterations or policies based on the Government Policy.

DWL reserves the right to reject any application of the Subscriber without assigning any reason of whatsoever nature.

DWL reserves the right to seek/verify financial and other information from the Subscriber’s bankers, associates, neighbors or any other third party at the discretion of DWL and reserves the right to reject the Application for providing the Services even after activation of Services for any reason without any liability of any nature. The information provided by the Subscriber / gathered by DWL shall become the property of DWL.


The Subscriber shall throughout the duration of the Services:

Acknowledge that the SIM provided to the Subscriber at the time of activation is the sole and absolute property of DWL even after termination of the Services.

Promptly pay all amounts due to DWL before the due date.

Service shall not be used to make foul, profane expressions, impersonate another person with fraudulent or malicious intent, to call another person so frequently or at such times of the day or any other manner so as to annoy, abuse, threaten or harass any third party.

Service shall not be used for any purpose in violation of the law or against public policy or national integrity and security.

Service shall not be used in such a manner as to interfere unreasonably with the use of the Service by one or more other Subscribers or interfere with DWL's reasonable ability to provide the Services to others.

The Subscriber shall not make any modification or alteration or any reverse engineering or re-assembling to the Equipment.

The Subscriber shall not link / network the Services with any other telecommunication network including but not limited to Internet Service network among others.

The Subscriber agrees that DWL shall not be liable or responsible for any alleged fault of any nature in the Equipment.

The Subscriber shall intimate in writing details of change of name, title or constitution whenever such change takes place. If such change is not intimated/ not acceptable to DWL, DWL shall have the right to proceed against the existing Subscriber to recover its due. This does not include any assignment of Services to any third party.

terms conditions continued
Terms & Conditions....continued


Any request for transfer of Services available to a particular Subscriber in favour of any other person would have to be made in writing and DWL may in its sole discretion either allow the transfer or refuse to effect such transfer without assigning any reasons whatsoever. The decision of DWL in this regard is final and binding on the Subscriber. Charges for this shall be as prescribed by DWL from time to time.

The Subscriber hereby expressly agrees that DWL has the right to change the Terms of providing the Service whether or not such change is necessitated by reason of Government directions contained in a letter, memorandum, circular agreement, Supplementary licence or the like.

It is understood that any Subscriber information provided to DWL will be made available to any statutory and regulatory authority if so required without prior intimation to the Subscriber.

The Subscriber shall be allotted a mobile phone number by DWL which is and shall always remain the property of DWL. The Subscriber cannot transfer or otherwise assign the SIM, Services / Mobile phone number to any other person/entity unless agreed by DWL in writing. DWL shall be at liberty to reject the request made by the Subscriber without assigning any reason. DWL reserves the right to reassign/ change the Mobile phone number after giving reasonable notice to the Subscriber.

The Subscriber expressly agrees to give identification details if required by DWL to unlock his/her/its SIM or Equipment at the sole option of DWL.


The bill for the Services shall be dispatched to the Subscriber once every month. DWL is not responsible for non-receipt or late receipt of the bill. The Subscriber expressly agrees that any information intimated to the Subscriber by DWL through a value added service shall be a construed as received and actionable by the Subscriber.

The Subscriber shall notify any change in their address to DWL immediately in writing.

Payments received after the due date will incur late payment charges as specified in DWL's Tariff.

Notwithstanding as to what is stated in this Agreement, DWL reserves the right to withdraw / deactivate / terminate the Services if the payment of Tariff is not made by the due date.

Subscriber agrees that any statement or details as to itemized calls furnished by DWL shall be conclusive proof of the correctness of the amounts and details mentioned therein.

Without prejudice to what is stated above, if the Subscriber desires to question any statement or details or any part thereof, the Subscriber shall inform DWL full details of the same in writing within seven (7) days of the receipt of said statement by the Subscriber and they shall not be entitled to do so thereafter on any ground whatsoever.

DWL may at the risk and cost of the Subscriber engage one or more person(s) to collect Subscriber’s outstanding dues and the Subscriber expressly grants permission to such person(s) for ingress into his property for performing such actions.


DWL's liability to its Subscribers is limited to that stated in this Agreement.

DWL is not liable for any act or omission not attributable to DWL's personnel, computer system, software, program, process, or electronic system or Equipment and is liable only to the extent of involved access and usage charges for any defect, error or omission in the Service rendered.

DWL is not liable for calls lost or not established due to radio frequency limitations including but not limited to Subscriber leaving the Service Area or entering areas not adequately covered by the Network.

DWL shall not be responsible for any third party liabilities/ injuries caused by any defect in the Equipment.

In no event whether for breach of warranty, breach of contract, negligence or otherwise shall DWL be liable for special, incidental or consequential damages, including but not limited to loss of profits or revenues, cost of capital, cost of substitute products, facilities or services, downtime costs, any change or modification of any such computer system, software, program, process, or electronic system in relation to any such data change or claims of Subscribers for such damages.

If a Subscriber reports the loss or theft of the SIM, the Subscriber liability towards payment of Tariff for calls made under these circumstances shall extend till the Subscriber reports the loss or theft of the SIM along with the copy of First Information Report (F.I.R) from police to DWL and thereafter DWL shall within reasonable time deactivate the same. Until such deactivation the Subscriber shall be liable to pay the Tariff towards the usage.

terms conditions continued1
Terms & Conditions....continued


The Subscriber may terminate the Services by giving DWL one month's notice to this effect in writing. The Subscriber is however responsible for payment of outstanding Tariff for the period during which Service was rendered.

DWL reserves the right to disconnect and terminate the Services without notice in the event of breach of any/all term(s) of this Agreement by the Subscriber as also,

any information provided by Subscriber is found to be incorrect at any stage, without notice and without any liability. Notwithstanding the above, DWL may terminate the Services summarily without assigning any reason.

Upon termination of the Services the Subscriber shall return the SIM to DWL and until the SIM is returned to DWL the Subscriber shall be liable to pay the Tariff and other charges specified by DWL.

7. FORCE MAJEURE DWL shall not be, directly or indirectly, responsible for break or disruption of Services on account of force majeure circumstances, such as riots, strike and lockouts either in the works and office of DWL or general strike in the city or in the country, civil disobedience, act of war, flood, tempest, fire, earthquake or any other act of God or policy of the Government, systems failure, Network failure, any external network or any cause of whatsoever nature beyond the control of DWL, making it impossible to render the Services to the Subscriber. However, the Subscriber shall continue to pay all Tariffs as per the terms of this Agreement notwithstanding the force majeure conditions. It is understood by the Subscriber that provision of Services by DWL is subject to certain external factors and agencies who are actively involved in providing the Services to the Subscriber and DWL shall not be liable for the same.


The Subscriber expressly waives notice from DWL for the following: (i) to suspend the Services; (ii) to disconnect the Subscriber from the Services and Network (iii) to change Tariff.

DWL reserves the right to modify/ alter / amend or change all or any of the terms and conditions of this Agreement without notice, or by a written notice addressed by DWL to the last address given by the Subscriber, at its sole discretion.

Any dispute/ claims arising between the parties hereto shall be referred to Arbitration proceedings conducted by a sole arbitrator to be appointed by DWL. The Arbitration shall be held at Chennai and the same shall be governed by the provision of the Arbitration and Conciliation Act 1996 and amendments / modifications thereto.

Any dispute shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in Chennai.

The Subscriber shall indemnify and keep indemnified DWL against all loss, damages, claims, actions that are initiated against DWL for any act or omission by the Subscriber in utilizing the Services of DWL under this Agreement.