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Center for Robotics and Intelligent Systems (CRIS). By PROFESSOR RAVI PRAKASH CO-ORDINATOR 2006. Objectives at CRIS. Carry out fundamental research & develop prototypes. Making Indian industries competitive by developing indigenous technology. History of CRIS.

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Center for robotics and intelligent systems cris l.jpg

Center for Robotics and Intelligent Systems (CRIS)





Objectives at cris l.jpg
Objectives at CRIS

  • Carry out fundamental research & develop prototypes.

  • Making Indian industries competitive by developing indigenous technology.

History of cris l.jpg
History of CRIS

  • CRIS came in existence in the year 1992. Earlier it was known as Centre for robotics (CFR). Prior to that there was an informal research group working in this then emerging area. This research group at CRIS has acquired in depth technical skills in design and fabrication of the robot manipulators, AGVs, devising intelligent control strategies for both manipulator and navigation and their real time implementations.

Working methodology l.jpg
Working Methodology

  • Conceptualization

  • Algorithmic development and verification in a simulated environment

  • Real-time testing

  • Integration of parts for final automated system

Broad fields of activities l.jpg
Broad Fields of Activities

  • Manipulator Arms

  • Autonomous Guided Vehicle (AGV/Mobile Robots)

  • Vision Based Systems

  • Intelligent System Design

  • Micro Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS)

  • Advance Dynamic-control of Arms

Manipulator arms l.jpg
Manipulator Arms

  • Mechanical Design & Fabrication

  • SCARA: Selective Compliance Assembly Robot Arm.

  • Articulated Arm

  • Cylindrical Arm

Scara l.jpg

  • Indigenously Developed, 4 DOF Arm.

  • Servo Motor controlled

Articulated arm 1 l.jpg
Articulated Arm_1

  • Indigenously Developed, 5 DOF Arm.

  • Servo Motor controlled

  • In Collaboration With

    CAIR, Banglore.

Articulated arm 2 l.jpg
Articulated Arm_2

  • 5-DOF

  • CRS Made.

  • Used for Manipulator Task Programming.

Cylindrical manipulator l.jpg
Cylindrical Manipulator

  • 3 DOF ( R, F,Z)

  • Stepper Motor Controlled.

  • Vision Based Task Planning

Ongoing projects l.jpg
Ongoing Projects…

  • Design and Fabrication of Humanoid Robot for Visitors’ Welcome & Interaction in Museum.

Agv s walking robots l.jpg
AGV’s & Walking Robots

  • Design and Navigation of Autonomous Vehicle : A Car Model.

  • Vision based obstacle Avoidance {off-line path planning }

Agv s walking robots13 l.jpg
AGV’s & Walking Robots…

  • Walking Robot

  • 8-Legged Machine

  • Stepper Motor Controlled

Hydra l.jpg

  • Walking on Uneven Terrain

Labmate l.jpg

  • Commercially Available Mobile Base

  • Added Ultrasonic Sensor.

  • Being Used for Online collision Avoidance & Path Planning

Image bench l.jpg
Image Bench

  • Image Processing Bench

  • Real-time image capturing and processing for robot vision.

Optimization algorithms l.jpg
Optimization Algorithms

  • Simulated Electrical Network Approach to Hard Optimization problems.

  • Real-Time Path Planning in Unknown & Unstructured Environments.

Achievements l.jpg

  • R&D work at CRIS has resulted in a number of publications such as: Book on Robotics & Control by R.K. Mittal & I.J. Nagarath.

  • Number of Papers Published : 12.

  • In addition, it may be mentioned that some of the nucleus members are editors or reviewers for journals:

  • Editor to Journals : Prof. Ravi Prakash

  • Review Editors : Prof. Ravi Prakash & H.D.Sharma.

New dimensions l.jpg
New Dimensions…

  • Mechatronic projects & experiments

  • Design of virtual Mechatronics Profilometer.

  • Modeling of Micro-electro-mechanical systems {MEMS}.

  • More towards Real-time control of systems

  • Patents Awareness & related Developmental Work.

Facilities l.jpg

  • Pentiums- 9 nos

  • IBM PC AT 486- 2 nos

  • IBM PC AT 386 2 nos

Facilities21 l.jpg

  • MATLAB with Simulink , Control System, Robust Control, DSP, Neural Network toolboxes etc.

  • Cadstar (Schematic, PCB , Circuit simulation ).

  • ORCAD (Schematic, PCB, Circuit simulation).

  • Linux based KHOROS image processing package.

  • Linux RTOS.

Financial input l.jpg
Financial input

  • The CRIS has received support from UGC, MHRD, DST and AICTE. So far a total grant of Rs. 30 lakhs is received for three different projects. At present we are approaching DST, UGC and other funding agencies for obtaining financial support to carry out robotics related research work at CRIS.

Research group l.jpg
Research Group

  • CRIS has its members from a number of Groups viz. Electrical & Electronics, Instrumentation, Mechanical and Computer Science.

  • Besides seven faculty members, around 30 students from above mentioned groups, work on projects every semester at CRIS .

  • Three faculty members are carrying out their doctoral research work at CRIS:

Research group24 l.jpg
Research Group…

  • Micro robotic Manipulator as Micro Electro Mechanical System (MEMS): Kinematics, Dynamics and Design Analysis.

  • Modeling of Multi-Robot Parallel Motion Planning Using Non Uniform Rational B-Splines.

Research group25 l.jpg
Research Group…

  • Robust Design of Robots.

  • Fuzzy-Adaptive Control of Mechanical Manipulators.

  • Many first degree and higher degree students are pursuing their theses and dissertations at CRIS.

Collaboration l.jpg

  • CAIR, Banglore.

  • BARC, Bombay.

  • University of Michigan Ann Arbor, U.S.A.

  • STINT Foundation through University College at Boras, Sweden.