olac 2004 marsha maguire university of washington libraries mmaguire@u washington edu l.
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Cataloging Unpublished Oral History Interviews and Collections PowerPoint Presentation
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Cataloging Unpublished Oral History Interviews and Collections

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Cataloging Unpublished Oral History Interviews and Collections - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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OLAC, 2004 Marsha Maguire University of Washington Libraries mmaguire@u.washington.edu. Cataloging Unpublished Oral History Interviews and Collections. Areas of Description. Fundamental elements of information: Title area: Name of the interview or project

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olac 2004 marsha maguire university of washington libraries mmaguire@u washington edu
OLAC, 2004

Marsha Maguire

University of Washington Libraries


Cataloging Unpublished Oral History Interviews and Collections
areas of description
Areas of Description
  • Fundamental elements of information:
    • Title area: Name of the interview or project
    • Title area: Indication of form, if applicable
    • Title area: Date/s of interview, span dates of project
    • Physical description area: Number of items with physical description of each format
    • Note area: Language/s if not English
    • Note area: Name of interviewer/organization responsible
    • Note area: Narrative summary of topics and people discussed
    • Note area: Statement of access/use restrictions
    • Controlled access points: Names, subject terms
cataloging tools and resources
Cataloging Tools and Resources
  • Marion Matters. Oral History Cataloging Manual, Society of American Archivists (SAA), 1995 ($25).
  • Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules, 2nd ed., 2002 and 2004 revisions, ALA, 2004.
  • Describing Archives: A Content Manual, SAA, 2004.
  • Hensen, Steven L. Archives, Personal Papers, and Manuscripts: A Cataloging Manual for Archival Repositories, Historical Societies, and Manuscript Libraries, SAA, 1990.
  • MARC 21 Format for Bibliographic Data, through Update 3.
  • Library of Congress Name Authority File (LC Authorities).
  • Library of Congress Subject Headings (LC Authorities).
  • Art & Architecture Thesaurus.
  • Minnesota Historical Society, Cataloging Manual, section 20, Oral Histories (viewed 9/27/2004).http://www.mnhs.org/library/processingmanual/library/20.html
oral history
Oral History

“The process of deliberately eliciting and preserving, usually in audio or audio and visual recording media, a person’s spoken recollections of events and experiences based on first-hand knowledge.”

  • Distinct intellectual form
  • Some characteristics of deliberately created and published works
  • Some characteristics of unselfconscious accumulations, such as archival records
oral history cataloging
Oral History Cataloging
  • Collective description
  • Information supplied by cataloger
  • Importance of contextual information
unit of description
Unit of Description

Oral History Interview:

  • Recorded interview or sequence of interviews
  • Interactive question-answer format
  • Conducted by an interviewer with a knowledgeable interviewee on subject(s) of historical interest
  • Intended to be made accessible to researchers
  • Not: Memoirs, recorded journalistic interviews intended for broadcast, or recorded conferences or panels
unit of description7
Unit of Description

Oral History Project:

  • Series of oral history interviews documenting a topic, theme, place, organization, event, group of people, etc.
  • Conducted according to a plan
  • Usually under the auspices of a group or of one or more cooperating institutions
unit of description8
Unit of Description

Oral History Collection:

  • Oral history materials from various interviews not associated with an OH project
  • Usually assembled some time after their creation by a collector, or by a repository for convenience in management or description
  • Might have a theme or focus
sources of information
Sources of Information

No chief source; transcription not required; square brackets not required

  • Finding aid, including abstract, index, etc.
  • Recorded interview content
  • Container label
  • Available documentation (letters, worksheets, donor agreements, forms, etc.)
  • Ref. sources
  • Transcript
marc fixed fields and 0xx fields
MARC Fixed Fields and 0XX Fields
  • Type (Leader/06):
    • p = mixed materials (multiple formats)
    • i = non-musical sound recordings (audio only)
    • g = projected media (film and/or video only)
    • t = manuscript language material (unpublished transcript only)
  • Ctrl (Leader/08): a = archival control
marc fixed fields and 0xx fields11
MARC Fixed Fields and 0XX Fields
  • BLvl (Leader/07)
    • m = single interview
    • c = project or collection
    • d = subunit
  • Ctry (008/15-17)xx_ = unpublished
  • DtSt (008/06)
    • s = single
    • i = inclusive (Dates: begin date, end date)
marc fixed fields and 0xx fields12
MARC Fixed Fields and 0XX Fields

040$e ohcm

  • 006 One or more as needed

006 [innn t ]

006 [t 000 0a]

  • 007 One or more as needed

007 vf cbahos [1/2-in. col. videocassette w/sound]

main entry
Main Entry
  • Interview with an individual: Interviewee(100); predominant interviewee, or title
    • Relator term interviewee ($e)
  • Oral history project: Project name(corporate body) (110)
  • Collection not related to a project but assembled as a group after their creation: Personal (not corporate) name of collector or under title(100 or 245)
    • Relator term collector ($e)
  • Entire OH holdings of a repository: Repository(110)
  • Uncertain origin:Title(245)

100 1 Thayer, Jeanne C., $d 1917- $e interviewee.

titles marc 245
Titles—MARC 245

A title consists of:

  • **Form $a Oral history interview
  • **Name(s), with name(s),
  • **Date(s) $f full 4-digit year or year span, optional month and day
individual interview
Individual Interview
  • ** Form $a Oral history interview with
  • ** Name(s), Ian E. Wilson,
  • ** Date(s) $f 2004 Oct.- 2005 July

245 10 $a Oral history interview with Ian E. Wilson and Roch Carrier, $f 2004 Oct. 2.

oral history project
Oral History Project
  • ** Form $a Oral history interviews ofthe
  • ** Name(s), Library and Archives CanadaOral History Project,
  • ** Date(s) $f 2004-[ongoing]

245 10 $a Oral history interviews of the Hurricane Ivan Oral History Project, $f 2004-2005.

oral history collection not project
Oral History Collection (not project)
  • ** Name(s) $a Canadian librarians
  • ** Form,oral history collection,
  • ** Date(s) $f 1995-2010

Ian E. Wilson oral history collection relating to Canadian documentary heritage, 2002-2008.

repository s entire holdings of oh
Repository’s Entire Holdings of OH
  • ** FormOral history collection of
  • ** Repository Name, the MontrealPublicLibrary,
  • ** Date(s) 1982-2015

245 10 $a Oral history collection of the Canadian Aviation Historical Society, $f [ca.1976]-1998.

general material designation gmd
General Material Designation (GMD)

Not used unless unit of description consists solely of

  • computer file
  • microform
  • sound recording
  • videorecording

245 10 $a Oral history interview with Paul Martin, $f 2004 Sept. 20 $h [videorecording].

physical description general
Physical Description: General
  • Guidance: See Physical Description area in OHCM, appropriate chapter(s) of AACR2, Graphic Materials, Music and Sound Recordings, AMIM rules
  • One or more physical description statements (multiple MARC 300s if needed)
  • Describe format(s) available for use
  • Optionally, also describe original format(s) in MARC 300(s) or a note
physical description transcripts paper verbatim or edited
Physical Description: Transcripts(paper, verbatim or edited)
  • Use AACR2 abbreviations
  • **Extent: Many options; establish policy
    • 1 volume or item: Number of pages (2-sided) or leaves (1 sided)

83 leaves

37 p.

    • More: Number of volumes, filing units, containers

2 v.

3 boxes (28 v.)

    • Linear or cubic ft. (eg., for large collections)

14 linear ft. (21 boxes)

physical description transcripts paper verbatim or edited22
Physical Description: Transcripts(paper, verbatim or edited)
  • Dimensions: Height in cm. x width if needed

$a 121 p. ; $c 28 cm.

physical description transcripts electronic form
Physical Description: Transcripts(electronic form)

Consult appropriate rules (always changing). Usually:

  • Number of units of the physical carrier and dimensions (direct access), or
  • Number of files/pages and file type (remote access)

300 $a 1 CD-ROM ; $c 4 ¾ in.

300 $a 47 p. : $b digital, PDF file.

physical description sound recordings
Physical Description: Sound Recordings
  • Number of units
  • Type of recording (SMD)
  • Optional: playing time, non-standard speed, # tracks, # sound channels, dimensions

300 2 sound tape reels (30 min.) : $b analog, 15 ips, 2 track, mono. ; $c 7 in., ½ in. tape.

300 8 sound cassettes ( ca. 60 min. each) : $b analog.

300 1 DVD-audio (60 min.) : $b digital ; $c 4 ¾ in.

physical description video recordings
Physical Description: Video Recordings
  • Number of units
  • Type of recording (SMD)
  • Optional: playing time, color, dimensions

300 2 videocassettes (ca. 50 min.) : $b col. ; $c ½ in.

300 8 videocassettes (U-Matic) ( ca. 30 min. each) : $b b&w ; $c ¾ in.

300 1 DVD-video (60 min.) : $b sd., col. ; $c 4 ¾ in. [or 12 cm.]

physical description multiple formats
Physical Description: Multiple Formats

Separate physical description of each format; use a separate MARC 300 field for each. Optionally, add form of material designation in a MARC $3, such as:

  • $3 Transcript: $a 83 leaves ; $c 28 cm.
  • $3 Sound recordings: $a 8 sound cassettes (ca. 60 min. each) : $b analog.


  • **Interview details, including name of interviewer and language if not English (MARC 518)
  • **Scope and content/abstract (MARC 520)

Biographical note (MARC 545)


  • When/where the interviewee(s) was born and educated
  • Race/ethnicity/nationality
  • Family info (parents, siblings, spouse, children)
  • Occupation
  • Political/religious/organizational affiliations
  • Interests and accomplishments
  • Awards, special qualifications

Interview/project details (MARC 518)


    • **Date of interview/s
    • **Name of interviewer
    • **Language of interview/s


  • Place/s of interview/s
  • Names of others present
  • Sponsorship/sources of funding
  • Circumstances of interviews

(Add an optional 033 for coded date and place of the capture of the recorded information)

518 interviewed by jacob mcmurray vancouver b c 3 october 1997 recorded in english and japanese
518 Interviewed by Jacob McMurray, Vancouver, B.C., 3 October, 1997; recorded in English and Japanese.

Interview/project details (MARC 518)

Projects and collections:

    • **Date(s) of interviews
    • **Name/description of interviewer(s)
    • **Language of interviews


  • Sponsorship/sources of funding
  • Circumstances of interviews
  • Location(s) of interviews

518 Interviews funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities and conducted by Catherine Kerst and Peter Bartis in and around Paradise, Nevada, 1992-1994. The project was directed by Alan Jabbour, director, American Folklife Center, Library of Congress.


**Summary of content, nature, scope (MARC 520)


Generally, include (as available and applicable):

  • Places, names, time period discussed
  • Summary of interview content (events, conditions, activities, etc.)
  • Opinions and attitudes of/about interviewee or others
  • Recollections about others
  • Brief summary of stories, anecdotes
520 Fred Gonzales discusses his life and activities during World War II, including his experience getting lost along the front lines in France and identifying German spies among the ranks. He concludes with thoughts on how the war changed him.

**Summary of content, nature, scope (MARC 520)

Projects and collections

Content, nature, scope of included interviews:

  • Names/descriptions of interviewees
  • Places and time periods discussed
  • Topics and events documented
  • Opinions, points of view expressed

520 Interviews document the experiences of nine Asian Indian immigrants in Minnesota. Each immigrant briefly describes his or her family of origin, the social context in which he or she was raised, and the decision to immigrate to the United States. Interviews focus heavily on values and attitudes, comparing the "Indian way" with the "American way," especially as they relate to family, marriage, parenting, work, and community life. Narrators also speak about their association with Indian social groups or religious organizations in the United States.


**Linking entry complexity (MARC 580/773)

(Forms part of: note)

  • If the interview forms part of a oral history project, give the project title (as formulated following the rules for devising oral history project titles). Precede with intro phrase Forms part of:
  • Until recently, MARC 580; now use MARC 773 $i.

** Host item entry (MARC 773)

773 08 $i Forms part of: $a Wisconsin Agriculturalists Oral History Project. $t Oral histories of the Wisconsin Agriculturalists Oral History Project $w (OCoLC ) 50628465


Additional physical form available (MARC 530)

Information on additional formats in which the described material is available in the repository, on loan, for purchase, online.

530 Transcript also available online $u http://www.lib.washington.edu/sc/oralhist/oh24.html

530 Microfilm copy of transcripts available for purchase; $b Special Collections, P.O. Box 352900, Seattle, WA 98195; $d OH24.


Reproduction (MARC 533)

If unit of description is a copy of an original located elsewhere/destroyed, provide:

  • Type, place, agency, date of reproduction
  • Physical description of reproduction

533 Photocopy. ‡b Seattle, Wash. : ‡c University of Washington, ‡d 1979. ‡e 28 cm.


Location of originals/duplicates (MARC 535)

If unit of description is a copy of an original not held by the repository, state name, contact info. of custodian repository.

535 1 Originals held by: Regional Oral History Office, University of California, Berkeley.

535 2 Copies of transcripts available at: Oregon Historical Society, Portland, Oregon.


Provenance (MARC 561)

If applicable and available, describe successive transfers of ownership. Rare.

561 Originally recorded by Madison’s son, these and all the Madison family oral history cassettes were arranged and transcribed by Roger Madison’s niece, Elizabeth May, before being given to Sarah Wolfe in 1992.


Immediate source of acquisition (MARC 541)

Immediate donor or source.

  • Name of source
  • Method of acquisition (gift, purchase, transfer, etc.)
  • Date of acquisition
  • Source unknown
  • Internal info: Address, accession #, purchase price

541 $c Gift; William May; $d 1989.


**Restrictions on access (MARC 506)

Restrictions placed on access to the interview(s).

  • Terms of restriction
  • Date when term of restriction ends (if applicable)
  • Additional details

506 Access restricted until 1 January 2008.

506 Stored off site; 24-hour advance notice required.


**Restrictions on use and reproduction (MARC 540)

Restrictions placed on use and reproduction of the interview(s); i.e., restrictions on the right to reproduce, exhibit, fictionalize, quote from, etc.

540 No part of the interview may be quoted for publication without the prior written permission of the interviewee.

540 Literary rights of Bill Gates have been granted to the public.


Finding aids (MARC 555)

Describe name indexes, unpublished finding aids/inventories, abstracts, etc.

555 0 Name index available.

555 0 Finding aid available in the repository and on the World Wide Web.

856 42 $u http://lcweb2.loc.gov/ammem/ead/jackson.html $z Connect to the online finding aid for this collection


Preferred citation (MARC 524)

Preferred format and content for citing described material.

524 Songs of Atlantic Canada Oral History Project, Folklore and Language Archive, University of Newfoundland.


Citation (MARC 510)

Cite works in which abstracts, citations, etc. about described materials have appeared.

510 3 Described in: Guide to Missouri Oral History Collections, 1995.

Publications about described materials (MARC 581)

Cite works based on described materials.

581 8 Civil rights and Japanese American internment. Palo Alto, Calif.: Stanford Program on International and Cross-Cultural Education, 2002.


General notes (MARC 500)

Other descriptive information not covered by other notes.

  • Physical description
  • Supplementary materials
  • Transcript information

500 Audiocassettes duplicated from original reel-to-reel tapes, 1997.

500 Accompanied by 12 photographs and three maps.

500 Transcript heavily edited.

controlled access points
Controlled Access Points
  • Personal names
    • Subjects: people discussed (600)
    • Interviewer (700)
    • Additional interviewees (700)
  • Organizational names
    • Subjects: organizations discussed (610)
    • Other contributing/sponsoring institutions (710)
    • Name of larger collection (773)
  • Subject headings (topics discussed) (650)
  • Geographical headings (places discussed) (651)
  • Form/genre headings (finding oral histories in a sea of books) (655)
    • Oral histories
    • Transcripts
    • Photographs
access points general
Access Points - General
  • Sources of information: Determine access points from the same sources used in the descriptive parts of the record
  • Access points should be justified in the description
access points added entries
Access Points – Added Entries

Make added entries for:

  • Interviewee(s): Two or more interviewees--Main entry under predominant interviewee, added entries for other interviewees. Follow each with $e interviewee. (MARC 700)
  • Interviewer(s): Make an added entry under the heading for the interviewer. If more than one, or for a project or collection, make added entries for any or all interviewers. Follow each with $e interviewer. (MARC 700)
  • Many interviewers: Use judgment, based on
    • significant contribution to project
    • significant number of interviews
    • authoring of work(s) based on interviews
    • interviewer(s) considered well known or prominent
access points added entries53
Access Points – Added Entries

Make added entries for:

  • Associated corporate bodies: Any corporate bodies significantly involved in development, management, sponsorship, or funding (MARC 710)
  • Parent project name: If individual interview is part of a named project, make an a.e. under the project name (MARC 710)
  • Alternate titles: Any title, other than that given in 245 Title area, by which material is known (MARC 246)
  • Titles contained within unit of description: Title entries or name-title entries of works contained within the unit of description (MARC 700, 710, or 740)
access points subjects
Access Points – Subjects

$v Interviews (free-floating subdivision):

Use under names of:

  • Individual personsinterviewed

600 10 Moranis, Rick $v Interviews.

  • Individual corporate bodies (for interviews or collections of interviews with persons associated with the corporate body

610 20 Minnesota Vikings (Football team) $v Interviews.

610 20McGill University $x Faculty $v Interviews,

Use under topical headings for interviews with one or more persons from specific:

  • Classes of people

650 0 Loggers $z British Columbia $v Interviews.

  • Ethnic groups

650 0 African Americans $z Maryland $v Interviews.

access points subjects55
Access Points – Subjects

Additional name/subject headings:

In addition, assign as many

  • personal and corporate name headings
  • topical headings
  • geographic headings

as needed to provide access to the content of the interview.

650 0 Tree felling $z British Columbia.

610 20 McGill University $x Faculty.

651 0 British Columbia $x Politics and government.

access points form genre terms
Access Points – Form/Genre Terms
  • Use MARC 655 field.
  • Good source of terms: Art & Architecture Thesaurus

655 7 Oral histories. $2 aat

655 7 Transcripts. $2 aat

interview example
Interview Example

OCLC: 51245683 Rec stat: c

Entered: 20021218 Replaced: 20040203 Used: 200212

Type: g ELvl: I Srce: d Audn: Ctrl: a Lang: eng

BLvl: d Form: GPub: Time: 024 MRec: Ctry: xx

Desc: a TMat: v Tech: l DtSt: s Dates: 2000,

040 WAU $c WAU $d OCLCQ $e ohcm

007 v $b f $d c $e b $f a $g h $h o $i s

043 n-us-wa

090 $b

049 WAUW

100 1 Haaga, Agnes, $e interviewee.

245 10 Oral history interview with Agnes Haaga and Geraldine Siks, $f 2000 Sept. 10 $h [videorecording].

300 1 videocassette (VHS) (24 min.) : $b sd., col. ; $c 1/2 in.

interview example58
Interview Example

545 0 Haaga and Siks are former children's theater instructors for the University of Washington School of Drama. Haaga was hired by School of Drama director Glenn Hughes in 1947 to start a children's theater program at the UW. Siks, an author of children's plays and textbooks on children's theater, was hired in 1948 as the program expanded. Both have also participated in the Arena Group alumni organization.

520 Agnes Haaga and Geraldine Siks relate memories of building a

children's theater program, learning from drama pioneers Glenn Hughes and

Winifred Ward, and instructing students such as playwright Megan Terry.

They also discuss their work with the Arena Group, and offer advice for

students of drama.

500 "Tape 17"--Cassette label.

600 10 Haaga, Agnes $v Interviews.

600 10 Siks, Geraldine $v Interviews.

610 20 Arena Alumnae $v Interviews.

610 20 University of Washington. $b School of Drama.

650 0 Actresses $z Washington (State) $z Seattle $v Interviews.

650 0 Acting teachers $z Washington (State) $z Seattle $v Interviews.

interview example59
Interview Example

650 0 Children's theater $z Washington (State) $z Seattle.

655 7 Oral histories. $2 aat

700 1 Starry, Michele, $e interviewer.

710 2 Arena Group Oral History Project.

773 08 $i Forms part of: $a Arena Group Oral History Project. $t Oral history interviews of the Arena Group Oral History Project, 2000-2001 $w (OCoLC)50816065

project example
Project Example

OCLC: 50816065 Rec stat: c

Entered: 20021021 Replaced: 20030520 Used: 200305

Type: g ELvl: I Srce: d Audn: Ctrl: a Lang: eng

BLvl: c Form: GPub: Time: 300 MRec: Ctry: xx

Desc: a TMat: v Tech: l DtSt: m Dates: 2000,2001

040 WAU $c WAU $e ohcm

007 v $b f $d c $e b $f a $g h $h o $i s

043 n-us-wa

090 $b

049 WAUW

110 2 Arena Group Oral History Project.

245 10 Oral history interviews of the Arena Group Oral History Project, $f 2000-2001 $h [videorecording].

300 17 videocassettes (VHS) (ca. 300 min.) : $b sd., col. ; $c ½


project example61
Project Example

518 Interviewed by Michele Starry during 2000 and 2001 at the

Penthouse Theatre on the campus of the University of Washington.

Interviewees include Bill Crossett, Wendy Iverson, Katie Dolan and Shirley

Ward, and Agnes Haaga and Geraldine Siks.

520 The project conducted 10 interviews with individuals associated

with the Arena Alumnae during the group’s early years in the 1940s and

1950s. The Arena Alumnae were primarily interested in raising funds to

support scholarships for promising actors and actresses attending the

University of Washington School of Drama. Originally an offshoot of a similar

group in the English Dept., Arena Alumnae began raising funds by holding

afternoon teas at the home of Glenn Hughes.

610 20 Arena Alumnae $v Interviews.

610 20 University of Washington. $b School of Drama.

650 0 Actors $z Washington (State) $z Seattle $v Interviews.

650 0 Actresses $z Washington (State) $z Seattle $v Interviews.

655 7 Oral histories. $2 aat

700 1 Crossett, Bill, $d 1921- $e interviewee.

700 1 Haaga, Agnes, $e interviewee.

700 1 Siks, Geraldine Brain, $e interviewee.

700 1 Starry, Michele, $e interviewer.