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Benjamin Franklin Synthetic Interview

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Benjamin Franklin Synthetic Interview - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Benjamin Franklin Synthetic Interview. Marcos Amadeo Allison Styer Advisors: Don Marinelli, Scott Stevens. Background. Governor Ed Rendell is sponsoring this project. Installed in the lobby space of the Lights of Liberty show.

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Presentation Transcript
benjamin franklin synthetic interview

Benjamin Franklin Synthetic Interview

Marcos Amadeo

Allison Styer

Advisors: Don Marinelli, Scott Stevens

  • Governor Ed Rendell is sponsoring this project.
  • Installed in the lobby space of the Lights of Liberty show.
  • To increase flow of people during the day to their gift shop, increase ticket sales.
lights of liberty
Lights of Liberty
  • Grab your headset. We’re joining a Revolution!
  • 45 minute walking tour of historic buildings with original paintings projected.
  • 3d sound, fog, lighting, voice talent from Walter Cronkite, Whoopi Goldberg, Charlton Heston.
what is synthetic interview
What is Synthetic Interview?
  • Software technology that allows a computer database to act like a human personality and interact with a person in real time.
  • The program attempts to match its input to a pre-constructed list of possible questions a guest may ask.
  • The database question with the highest score (matching keywords) will be chosen and the appropriate video answer will be played.
  • This technology was generated by CMU researchers and has given life to a myriad of characters from Albert Einstein to a robotic talk show host.
  • See Marcos as Ben Franklin!
our ben
Our Ben
  • Ben Franklin aka Ralph Archbold
  • The “Official Ben Franklin” of Philadelphia, University of Pennsylvania, Freedom’s Foundation and the Franklin Institute.
  • Has been portraying Ben for over 25 years.
our proposals
Our proposals

The “Painting”

The “Ghost”

~ Special thanks to Eric Brown ~

our story
Our story
  • What will bring families across town? – Ben’s Ghost!
  • Come chat with the ghost of Ben Franklin about any topic – from the Constitution to French women!
  • Type on an old typewriter – then send the letter by mail (Ben was the first Postmaster General for the colonies) to his ghost.
  • The ghost appears to answer the question, then blows out a candle and dissipates.
possible implementations
Possible implementations
  • Exploring Pepper’s Ghost
possible implementations1
Possible implementations
  • Exploring OPD technology
possible implementations2
Possible implementations
  • OCR – handwriting technology
  • “Fish and Visitors stink after three days”
  • “Well done is better than well said.”
  • “When the wine enters, out goes the Truth.”
  • “Paintings and Fightings are best seen at a distance.”
  • “Old boys have their playthings as well as young ones, the difference is in the price.”
    • From Poor Richard’s Almanac by B. Franklin