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Collaborating for a Healthier World: A Corporate Perspective The Dow Chemical Company July 7-8, 2008 PowerPoint Presentation
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Collaborating for a Healthier World: A Corporate Perspective The Dow Chemical Company July 7-8, 2008

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Collaborating for a Healthier World: A Corporate Perspective The Dow Chemical Company July 7-8, 2008 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Collaborating for a Healthier World: A Corporate Perspective The Dow Chemical Company July 7-8, 2008 Catherine Baase, M.D. Global Director Health Services Agenda Dow’s Commitment to Health Policies Non-Policy Actions Population Health A Parallel Path Annual sales of $54 billion

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Presentation Transcript

Collaborating for a Healthier World:A Corporate PerspectiveThe Dow Chemical CompanyJuly 7-8, 2008

Catherine Baase, M.D.

Global Director

Health Services



  • Dow’s Commitment to Health
  • Policies
  • Non-Policy Actions
  • Population Health
  • A Parallel Path

Annual sales of $54 billion

  • 46,000 employees worldwide
  • Diversified chemical company
  • Customers in ~160 countries
  • Leader in science and technology with a passion for improving human life

2015 Sustainability Goals – Our Commitments

  • Citizenship
  • Local Protection of Human Health
  • & the Environment
  • Contributing to Community Success
  • Solutions
  • Product Safety Leadership
  • Sustainable Chemistry
  • Breakthrough to
  • World Challenges
  • Footprint
  • Energy Efficiency & Conservation
  • Addressing Climate Change

Committed to Health

Committed to Healthy Employees

  • Our investments aim to optimize the health of our people

Committed to Healthy Communities

  • Dow strives to make positive contributions to community health and safety

Committed to Healthy Products

  • Innovation leads to health benefits

Committed to Healthy Employees

Dow succeeds when our employees are healthy.

  • Our investments aim to optimize the health of our people
  • Health Platform
  • Fostering Involvement and Commitment
  • Award-winning health promotion programs
  • Comprehensive Global Health Strategy

Committed to Healthy Communities

Dow’s success aligns with protection of public health.

  • Long history of conducting health research studies
  • Contributing to Community Success
  • Local Protection of Human Health & the Environment
  • Site medical department partnership with local community health services
  • Corporate giving

Committed to Healthy Products

Dow succeeds when our products create health benefits /

meets health needs.

  • Healthier Eating –
  • NATREON™ canola and sunflower oils
  • FORTEFIBER™ Soluble Dietary Fiber
  • Clean, Fresh Water – FILMTEC™ reverse osmosis water purification technology
  • Preventing Diseases – GLUTEX™ and other Dow Biocides products

Policies & Commitments

EH&S Policy

  • Protecting people and the environment is part of everything we do and every decision we make

Tobacco Policy

  • Support employees and contractors to quit tobacco and remain tobacco-free

Product Stewardship Policy

  • We are dedicated to the health and safety of all who make, distribute and use our products
  • Product Safety Leadership

Fostering a Culture of Health & Sustainability

Dow provides the optimal array of “best practice” programs and services globally to minimize and/or reduce health risks and enhance the overall health of Dow people and company performance.


Non-Policy Health Actions

  • Health Promotion Management Standard
  • Responsible Care®
  • 2015 Sustainability Goals
  • Set the Standard for Sustainability

® Registered service mark of the U.S. American Chemistry Council


Population Health – A Global Business Asset

What Criteria Definea Business Asset?

  • Size and Importance
  • Critical to Strategy
  • Documented Plan
  • Measurable Performance
  • Direct Influence onBusiness Success

Health meets those criteria


The Business Case

  • Total economic impact related to employee and retiree health likely exceeds $750 million/year for Dow.
  • Keeping U.S. health care benefit costs in the lower end of the trend estimates could save Dow as much as $0.07/share in 2008.
  • Many health care experts have estimated that a third of current benefits expenditures may be spent on unnecessary of inefficient care.
  • Most experts agree that 30 – 50% of health care conditions and illness could be modified by preventive health interventions.
  • Significant legislative and regulatory actions are developing and pending which will impact health care, particularly in the U.S.

Global Health Strategy

c o m m u n i c a t i o n


Health Strategy – Business Case

  • Indirect Impact
  • Prevention
  • Quality & Effectiveness
  • Advocacy
  • Direct Impact
  • Prevention
  • Quality & Effectiveness
  • Health System Management
  • Advocacy

US Direct Cost Trend

There is a $66 MM/ yr, or $0.07/share opportunity by 2009.

Source: “conservative” trend, CMS; “aggressive” trend, Kaiser Family Foundation. Includes impact of caps but not Medicare reform savings.


Innovative Approaches to Health

  • Integrating Prevention and Occupational Health
  • Benefit Plan Innovations
  • Healthy Workplace Index
  • Taking Responsibility for Performance
  • Demonstrating our Commitment
  • Access to Physical Activity

Health Assessment with Counseling,Referral and Follow-up

Health Surveillance Program Revised

  • Reduce frequency of testing to free resources
  • Apply resources to intensive health counseling, referral and follow up
  • Partnership of occupational health and health promotion staff
routine preventive care medical plan coverage
100% coverage:

Comprehensive Tobacco Cessation ($1000/year)

Obesity Management ($750/year)

One PAP test and one mammography per calendar year

Routine colorectal screening at age 50 or older including,

Colonoscopy – 10 years

Flexible Sigmoidoscopy – 5 years

Double-contrast barium enema – 5 years

Fecal occult blood tests (FOBT) – 1 year


Additional Coverage at 85%:

Diabetes education ($400/year)

Breast Pump rental or purchase ($250/pregnancy)

Routine/Preventive Care Medical Plan Coverage

Benefit Coverage Focused on Prevention

  • Second opinions
  • Well baby examinations
  • Preventive Care Allowance ($500/year) including:
    • Routine/Preventative Office Visits
    • Dietary counseling for hypertension or hyperlipidemia
    • Vision Screening
    • Sexually transmitted infection screenings
    • Breast Cancer Genetic Risk Assessment and BRCA Mutation testing
    • Lactation consultation

Healthy Workplace Index Measures

  • Tobacco Policy Adherence
  • Access to Physical Activity
  • Access to Healthy Foods
  • Stress Management
  • Case Management
  • Workplace Exposure Improvement Score
  • Health Surveillance & Screening Exam participation
  • Medical Surveillance Requirement Exam participation
  • “Healthy Environment” Assessment

Baseline Measure & Action Plans

Tobacco Policy Adherence

Access to Physical Activity

Access to Healthy Foods

Case Manage-ment

Work Place Exposure Improve-ment Score

HSSE Participation

Dow MSR Participation

Stress Assessment

GEOAS Healthy Environment Questions


  • Site evaluates their current status for each measure creating a baseline
  • Subject Matter Expert support available if needed
  • Baseline measures AND current health status data of site employees are used to identify improvement areas/opportunities











Bronze Level Award

Silver Level Award

Gold Level Award


Site Scoring

Points Total

1 3 9

0 5 3 42 - 47

0 4 4 48 - 59

0 2 6 > 60

0 0 9 81


Scoring Example: Access to Physical Activity

0 Points

The site has not implemented the ATPA process OR no physical activity options have been implemented by the site.

1 Point

Dow’s ATPA Process has been implemented and a plan to implement recommendations has been established OR the site has physical activity options currently being implemented.

9 Points

A control plan regarding the ATPA and/or best practice options has been established and approved by site leadership.

3 Points

Recommendations from the site ATPA process and plan have been implemented OR

“Best Practice" physical activity options are implemented according to Health Services requirements/audit criteria.


Access to Physical Activity Process

Process Objectives

  • Standardize the process for evaluating site needs and for making recommendations for employee access to physical activity
  • Optimize response time to sites for determining appropriate access to physical activity options
  • Identify best practice recommendation(s) that can be pursued in an appropriate time given business realities
  • Improve Dow investments in supporting physical activity

Community Focus Around the World

  • Dow Westside YMCA – Iberville/West Baton Rouge, LA
  • Bay Area Family YMCA – Bay City, MI
  • Hartlepool’s Springwell Community Special School - England
  • Oral Health Program – Brazil
  • Michigan Health Information Alliance (MiHIA)

Health – A Shared Responsibility

Personal Behavior




Site/Location/ Geography

Local Culture,Government, Environment

Policies, Tools, Leadership, Resources


A Parallel Path

  • Dow & CDC
  • Different Strategies
  • Same Goals

A Parallel Path

CDC GOALHealthy People in Every State of Life

Personal Behavior





Local Culture,Government, Environment


Resources, Tools

CDC GOALHealthy People in a Healthy World

CDC GOALHealthy People in Healthy Places

CDC GOALPeople Prepared for Emerging Health Threats



  • Dow has a broad focus on health
  • Few actual internal “policies”
  • Many commitments and actions that impact health for Dow people and communities
  • Advance health globally through advocacy, industry, community and company actions