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Ponce De Leon. BIOGRAPHY. BEST KNOWN FOR. EXPLORATION. Impact on Modern World. Travel Advertisement. Quick facts. Significance of Exploration. Ponce de Leon’s Diary. Quick Facts. Name: Juan Ponce de Leon Occupation: Explorer Birth: 1460

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Ponce de leon

Ponce De Leon




Impact on Modern World

Travel Advertisement

Quick facts

Significance of Exploration

Ponce de Leon’s Diary

Quick facts
Quick Facts

  • Name: Juan Ponce de Leon

  • Occupation: Explorer

  • Birth: 1460

  • Place of Birth: Tierra de Campos Palencia, Spain

  • Death: 1521

  • Place of Death: Havana, Cuba

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Best known for
Best Known For

  • Searching for the mythical Fountain of Youth

  • Founding oldest settlement in Puerto Rico and becoming governor

  • Discovering Florida

  • Discovering the gulf stream

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  • He was a Spanish explorer and soldier.

  • He established the oldest European settlement in Puerto Rico.

  • He was the first European to step foot in Florida.

  • He discovered the gulf stream which is the current in the Atlantic Ocean.

  • He famously searched for the legendary “Fountain of Youth.” It is the legendary spring that gave people eternal life and youth.

  • He sailed on Christopher Columbus’ second expedition to the Americas in 1493 and stayed in Santo Domingo (present-day Dominican Republic).

  • As the appointed governor of Higuey, a Dominican province, he conquered the island of Puerto Rico and was appointed governor. However, because he was so brutal to the Native Americans, he was removed from office.

  • He reached the coast of Florida at St. Augustine in April 1513 and named it “Pascua de Florida” which translates to feast of flowers. He claimed Florida for Spain.

  • When he returned to Spain, he was named a Captain General by the King of Spain on September 27, 1514.

  • He died in Havana, Cuba from wounds that were inflicted by Native American warriors after returning to Florida.

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  • Early Exploration

  • Discovery of Florida

  • Return to Florida

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Early exploration
Early Exploration

  • In 1493, Ponce de Leon sailed with Christopher Columbus’ second voyage to America.

  • He and his family settled on the island of Hispaniola (Dominican Republic.

  • He was a military commander and appointed deputy governor.

  • He discovered gold on the island of Borinquen.

  • The King of Spain ordered him to return to explore and colonize the island. He renamed it Puerto Rico.

  • He was the governor of Puerto Rico for two years.

  • After being replaced as governor by Christopher Columbus’ son, he set sail north through the Bahamas heading towards Florida.

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Discovery of florida
Discovery of Florida

  • After leaving Puerto Rico, he headed north in search of treasures and the mythical “fountain of youth.”

  • In March 1513, he landed on Florida’s east coast in present-day St. Augustine.

  • He claimed the land for Spain.

  • He named it La Florida meaning place of flowers.

  • Sailing down the coast, he encountered rough currents at one point, and he named the area Cape Canaveral meaning “Cape of Currents”.

  • He also discovered the island Dry Tortugas. The island had many turtles but had no fresh water.

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Return to florida
Return to Florida

  • In 1521, Juan Ponce de Leon returned to Florida.

  • He landed on the shores between Charlotte Harbor and Estero Bay.

  • He had an intention of setting up farming colony for Spain.

  • Eventually the Calusa Indians attacked him and his men.

  • Ponce de Leon was injured by an arrow in the attacks.

  • As a result, he and his men fled Florida to Cuba.

  • The wound eventually killed Ponce de Leon at the age of 61.

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Impact on modern world
Impact on Modern World

  • Ponce de Leon is responsible for discovering the gulf stream. This is important because it has allowed for sailors today to use the gulf stream for their benefit. It has allowed for faster sea trade from America. The gulf stream also was beneficial for Spanish trade.

  • A modern city, Ponce, in Puerto Rico is named after him.

  • He established one of the first settlements in North America in St. Augustine.

  • This settlement eventually led to the founding of Florida in the United States. Florida is a very important state for the U.S. because of its tourist attractions.

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Who wants to become young again and sail the seas that ponce de leon did
Who wants to Become Young Again and Sail the Seas that Ponce de Leon did?

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Set sail for florida and find the fountain of youth
Set Sail for Florida and find the Fountain of Youth de Leon did?

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Set sail for florida
Set Sail for Florida! de Leon did?

  • Our Journey

  • The Land called Florida

  • Importance of the Trip

  • Significance of the Fountain of Youth

  • Cost

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Travel guide
Travel Guide de Leon did?

Our Journey

Just like Ponce De Leon, you will follow his path on our cruise. We are hoping to find the Fountain of Youth!

  • 1. We will begin in Spain and travel to the Dominican Republic

  • 2. Then, we will sail from the D.R. to Puerto Rico

  • 3. Next we will travel to the eastern coast of Florida (St. Augustine)

  • 4. From Florida we will go to Cuba

  • 5. After Cuba we will sail once more to Puerto Rico

  • 6. Next, we will sail back to Spain in order to dock and report to the royals

  • 7. Then, we will go from Spain back to Puerto Rico, our favorite stopping point

  • 8. After Puerto Rico we will go to Florida

  • 9. From Florida we will lastly travel to Cuba where our cruise will end

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Travel guide1
Travel Guide de Leon did?

La Florida “Land of Flowers”

  • Who would not want to go to the “Land of Flowers?” The name “Florida” was given by Ponce De Leon when he discovered how beautiful the land was. If you come on our exploration cruise you will get to see the paradise for yourself. It has great beaches to help you soak up the sun and work on your tan. Also, you will be able to see the Everglades. The Everglades is a amazing swampy area filled with massive mossy trees and wildlife. Finally, who would not want to discover the Fountain of Youth and become young again!

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Travel guide2
Travel Guide de Leon did?

Importance of Trip

  • Going on our trip would be very beneficial. You may or may not find the Fountain of Youth on our cruise, but we are the best guide to do so. Many people have searched for it but have not succeeded. As a result, finding the fountain is unlikely, but the benefits outweigh the negatives. If we find the fountain you would become young again. If we don’t find the fountain then you would have still been able to go on an adventure through the great land of Florida and experience what the great explorer, Ponce De Leon, experienced!

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Travel guide3
Travel Guide de Leon did?

Significance of the Fountain of Youth

  • The Fountain of Youth is a mystery. Many people debate on the location of the fountain. Some thought that it was located in Florida, including Ponce De Leon. The Fountain of Youth is said to make the old young again. The first knowledge of the fountain appeared in the writings of Herodotus. Still to this day the Fountain of Youth has not been discovered, but if you come join our cruise to St. Augustine, Florida you could become the first to discover the fountain’s mystical powers.

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Travel guide4
Travel Guide de Leon did?


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Prize de Leon did?

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Not everybody will receive it because Ponce de Leon never truly found the fountain of youth.

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Significance of exploration
Significance of Exploration de Leon did?

  • His discovery of the gulf stream in the Atlantic Ocean significantly helped Spanish trade with the Americas.

  • The exploration created a colony in the land that would eventually become one of the fifty states of the United States!

  • Ponce de Leon exploration is also significant because of his search of the fountain of youth. He never found the fountain though.

  • He also became governor of Puerto Rico during his time in the “New World.”

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