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Commas. In a series. You must place a comma to separate items in a series or list with more than two items. Example: Bob , Sally , and Mike presented an interesting report. You can find the cat laying in bed , eating his food , or playing with his toys. . Which is correct.

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in a series
In a series

You must place a comma to separate items in a series or list with more than two items.


Bob, Sally, and Mike presented an interesting report.

You can find the cat laying in bed, eating his food, or playing with his toys.

which is correct
Which is correct

1. The ball bounced, rolled, and flew down the stairs.

The cats dog and mouse all lived in the same house.

When Bob is hungry he yells at people, throws things, and stomps around the room.

Jumping rope running laps and playing sports are all healthy activities.

between adjectives describing the same noun
Between Adjectives describing the same noun

Place commas between equal adjectives which are both describing the same noun.


The soft, red sweater was pretty.

The drooling, hungry dog saw the bone and thought of dinner.

which is correct1
Which is correct?

1. The difficult final exam was confusing.

2. The annoying, obnoxious student finally stopped talking.

3. The colorful jovial clowns made people laugh.

4. The grass was cut by the loud smoky lawn mower.

5. The dark, spooky hallway made Sally want to turn around.

to solve run on sentences
To solve run on sentences

Place a comma and a conjunction in between two dependent clauses (ideas).


The war lasted for two years, but never gathered much support from the troops.

Bob likes to run while outside, and he likes to jump while inside.

nonessential adjective clause or participial phrases
Nonessential adjective clause or participial phrases

This means you need to use commas when you add info to a sentence that doesn’t need to be there.


Mary Jones, who was afraid of mice, bought a cat.

The students, who talk too much, did their work.


The red dog, who likes to chew on bones, growled at me.

Bob’s car, which doesn’t start when it’s cold out, isn’t comfortable to ride in.

Mr. Jones, who is going through a midlife crisis, just bought a shiny red Corvette.

which is correct2
Which is correct?
  • 1. This next batter, who has sixteen home runs, is only twenty years old.
  • 2. Miguel who won last year's contest is seeded first in this year's competition.
  • 3. Some films, which I have not watched, were made in black and white.
  • 4. Doctor Gavigan, who is a very competent podiatrist, practices in New England.
introductory elements
Introductory elements

Using a comma after an introductory phrase or word in a sentence. (THIS IS THE BIG ONE THIS YEAR).

This means the sentence could stand on its own without the beginning information.


After working at the same job for 35 years, Mr. Smith was ready to retire.


Before I meet your friend, please tell me a little bit about her.

To find all the eggs, the children had to look in every little hiding place.

Along with my brothers, we played soccer at the park.

In addition, we decided that pie was the best dessert.

which is correct3
Which is Correct?

1. After having been teased all her life about her glasses Deanna decided that she would try contact lenses.2. After I ran my errands, I went home to rest.

3. Yes you may have the last piece of apple pie.4. Well I think it would be best for us to leave before 10:00 p.m.5. Unfortunately the dog has run off with our dinner.

6. Whether Susan has a shoe doesn’t matter, what matters is that she can still walk.

dates addresses

Use a comma to separate dates and addresses in sentences.


Jill's parents were married on August 4, 1980.

My father was born on May 16, 1949.

The hospital was dedicated on April 20, 1995.

Use a comma to separate addresses.

Mardi Gras is held in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Peter Ustinov was born in London, England.

We live in Ashburn, Virginia.

which is correct4
Which is correct?

1. Tomorrow will be Thursday, October 10 2004.2. Massachusetts attained statehood on February 6 1788.3. Augusta Maine is the hometown of horror writer Stephen King.4. Destiny has grandparents who live in Dublin Ireland.

q uotations

You use a comma at the end of a quote before closing the quotes.


"The race begins when I fire the gun," the referee said.

"The Siberian tiger is endangered," the ranger explained.


"The Queen Mother died today," the journalist said sadly.

Mrs. Marks complained, "Those dogs are ruining my yard."

which is correct5
Which is correct

1. .  "What," she asked, "can we do about the poor tests grades?“

2. "I don't know," Sally said.

3. “That cat is too mean” he said.

4. “How” he said “does that new tech work?”

5. “The football team won again,” said the coach.