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Power Station

Power Station

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Power Station

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  1. Power Station U.S. Regions

  2. Read each question carefully! Click on the best answer. The screen will let you know if your answer is correct or incorrect. Click on the blue arrow for the next question. Good luck!

  3. What region did the European immigrants enter into the United States in the early twentieth century? A Southeast B Pacific C Northeast D Noncontiguous

  4. Yes!

  5. Sorry! The European immigrants entered the United States through the Northeast region, specifically through New York State.

  6. In what region would you find New York, Boston & Philadelphia? A Midwest Region B Northeast Region C Western/ Rocky Mountain Region D Southeast Region

  7. Yes!

  8. Sorry! The Northeast region includes New York, Boston, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Vermont & Maine

  9. In what region would you find the center of industry for automobiles? A Southwest Region B Pacific Region C Northeast Region D Midwest Region

  10. Yes!

  11. Sorry! The center of the automotive industry is located in Detroit, Michigan, which is in the Midwest Region.

  12. What state suffered Japanese attack during WWII? A Hawaii B Virginia CGuam D Florida

  13. Yes!

  14. Sorry! The Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, which is located in Hawii.

  15. In what region did Martin Luther King arrange the Montgomery Bus Boycott? A Pacific Region BMidwest Region CSoutheast Region DNortheast Region

  16. Yes! That wasn’t luck…that was skill!

  17. Sorry! Dr. King organized the bus boycott in Montgomery Alabama, which is in the Southeast Region.

  18. Name the city that was the home to Angel Island and the entry point for Asia immigrants into the United States. ARichmond BSan Francisco C Los Angeles D Detroit

  19. Yes!

  20. Sorry! Most Asian immigrants entered the United States through the San Francisco.

  21. What region do you live in? ASouthwest region B Pacific Region CNoncontiguous Region DSoutheast Region

  22. Yes!

  23. Sorry! • We live in Virginia, which is located in the southeast region.

  24. What city is not located in the Pacific Region? A Seattle B Los Angeles CRichmond DSeattle

  25. Yes!

  26. Richmond is located in the Southeast Region. Sorry!

  27. Which city is located in the Western/Rocky Mountain Region? A Denver B New York C Colorado DWashington

  28. Yes!

  29. Sorry! Denver is the only city listed that is found in the Western/ Rocky Mountain Region

  30. Which city is located in the Noncontiguous region? ABerlin B California C Washington D Juneau

  31. Yes!

  32. Sorry! Juneau is the only city listed that is located in the noncontiguous region.

  33. What region contains Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, & Arizona. ANortheast Region B Southwest Region C Pacific Region DWestern Region

  34. Yes! You are stealing the show!

  35. Sorry! The southwest region is made up of Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, & Arizona

  36. What word describes an area or group of states? A County B Territory CRegion DCountry

  37. Yes!

  38. Sorry! A region is an area or group of states.

  39. In which region is Maryland located? A Southeast Region B Northeast Region C Northwest Region D Southwest Region

  40. Yes!

  41. Yes!

  42. Sorry! Maryland is located in the Southeast Region along with Delaware, West Virginia, Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana & Arkansas.

  43. ASoutheast Region B Midwest Region C Pacific Region D Northeast Region In which region is Seattle located?

  44. Yes! You certainly aren’t sleeping on the job!

  45. Sorry! Seattle is located in the Pacific region along with Los Angeles & San Fransisco.

  46. Title How did you do?