international christian retail show 2007 atlanta ga july 2007 n.
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International Christian Retail Show 2007 Atlanta, GA July 2007 PowerPoint Presentation
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International Christian Retail Show 2007 Atlanta, GA July 2007

International Christian Retail Show 2007 Atlanta, GA July 2007

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International Christian Retail Show 2007 Atlanta, GA July 2007

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  1. International Christian Retail Show 2007Atlanta, GAJuly 2007 andEyeOnInventory


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  12. EyeOnInventory is an online inventory management reporting tool that compares your store’s on-hand and sales information with national averages and industry benchmarks. • EyeOnInventory combines data from HUNDREDS of stores and presents you with concise, nationally-inclusive reports with key information updated daily.

  13. EyeOnInventory is FREE to Christian retail stores using Bookstore Manager RMS Gold or Platinum software who agree to share their data. • Once you sign up, our expert technical staff will help set up your POS system to automatically and securely transfer your sales and on-hand data. From that data and the data of other stores around the nation, we build focused, easy-to-use reports that tell you exactly how your sales and on-hands compare with national statistics.


  15. Product List • The Product List Report can be customized to display only the products that sold in your store, products you have on hand, or products not on a core list. • You have the ability to select a product and add it to your Change Log. • This report displays your current On Hand, On Order, Min, and Max for a product.

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  18. Core Report • Displays a colorful, easy-to-read chart giving the percentage of your Core inventory as well as your Non-Core inventory. • The second chart display easy to read information on the amount of core items you have on hand as well as the amount of core that is not on hand. • For the current month only, you can display the Product List of core items simply by clicking on the row header in the first column of the Summary Table.

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  21. Sales Report • Display your sales for any selected category and compare your totals to the Industry, Revenue Range, or Marketing Group. • The colorful chart when selected will display a Product List.

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  24. Top Seller Report • You have the option to display the top 10, 25, 50 or more of the best selling items. • This report can be sorted by the quantity of items sold, net sales, average sold, or average sales. • With this report as well as the Product List, you have the ability to add an item to your Change Log.

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  27. Weekly Email • The first of every week, we send out an email displaying the top 10 products for Gifts and top 50 products for Books. • This report will display the percentage of items your store is missing. • If you currently have any of the top selling products in your inventory, it will display the number you sold, your on hand, and your on order. • Any products not in your inventory will be shaded for faster viewing. • The percent of stores selling must be over 2% and the retail price of the product must be over $3 before the product is included in the report. • Counter Cards and Stationary are not included in the Gift Top Sellers.

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  30. Data “pipeline” to other vendors: • Above The TreeLine® • AIM (currently: Provident) • CROSS:SCANTM – PubTrackTM • SoundScan – STATS

  31. Above The TreeLine – Booth 1632 • CBA – CBA Show Central • ECPA (PubTrack/STATS) – Booth 2302 • Provident – Booth 1203 • Bookstore Manager – Booth 1322 For More Information: