the better you workshop series
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The Better You Workshop Series

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The Better You Workshop Series - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Better You Workshop Series. Created by TG Image and Style For Young. About me.

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the better you workshop series

The Better You Workshop Series

Created by TG Image and Style

For Young

about me

My name is Tarsha Gibbons and I am an image consultant and fitness instructor. I own and operate TG Image Consulting Firm. One of the services I provide is “The Better You” workshop series for businesses, community-based organizations, educational institutions and other entities.

I decided to create these 90 min. workshops because I worked in law enforcement as a correction officer for the last 12 years and the population became saturated with teenagers.

The young people I encountered lacked discipline, self worth, respect for authority, and vision. The workshops give them a new perspective on their future along with direction. My goal is to mentor, inspire and equip our young people with tools to help them make better choices and be successful in life.

work shops 1 3
Work Shops 1- 3

#1 - What does your current image say about you?

  • Perception(how do people perceive you from the way you dress and talk)
  • Non-verbal communication(what message are you conveying with your body language)
  • Message vs.Truth

#2 – How to be the better you at all times?

  • Creating the image you want
  • Confidence and determination equal success
  • See yourself successful now

#3 – How to handle peer pressure?

  • The effects of other people’s opinion/environment
  • Standing out vs. Blending In
  • Silencing the dream killer

*According to a study done by the University of Virginia on Research in Child Development: Teens perception of their own social success may be a crucial predictor of long-term social functioning. Those who lacked social acceptance were more hostile, less sort after and withdrawn.

**According to a study researching Negative Self Image by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign: There is evidence to show a correlation between negative self image and damaging behaviors. Without the confidence to stand up for oneself, teenagers may look for acceptance by having unprotected sex, doing drugs or abusing alcohol. When teenagers do not think they are valued by their parents, or if they feel they are being ignored, they may act out in ways that can hurt them for the rest of their lives.

work shops 4 6
Work Shops 4- 6

#4 – What are your goals for your professional/personal life?

  • Discover your passion
  • Short term goal
  • Next doable steps to obtain your goal

#5 – How to build your team?

  • Research your field
  • Interact with the people around you
  • Always ask questions

#6 – Writing the vision/Speaking the vision

  • Construct a vision board as a reminder of your goals
  • Write a clear and concise plan anyone can follow
  • Speak your goals daily until achieve them/then set new ones

*The creators of the SMART system Dr. Edwin Locke and Dr. Gary Latham discovered through their research that goal setting was a powerful way to motivate people. People were also motivated by clear goals and appropriate feedback(1990 “A Theory of Goal Setting and Task Performance”)

**Additional workshop available with Career Coach Neubela Allison

***Cost for each workshop is $30.00 per student

working together








Working Together

We are all called to do something great but none of us can do it alone.

*To schedule a workshop or for more information about fitness classes please contact me at [email protected] or 646-391-0696.