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Jacob Returns Home

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Jacob Returns Home. God Told Jacob to Return Home. Genesis 31:1-13 Laban ceased to believe God blessed him because of Jacob God told Jacob to return home

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Jacob Returns Home

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god told jacob to return home
God Told Jacob to Return Home

Genesis 31:1-13

  • Laban ceased to believe God blessed him because of Jacob
  • God told Jacob to return home
    • Jacob told his wives, noting Laban’s change of attitude along with frequent changes in pay for service rendered in the 6 years since he paid for Rachel
    • God protected him by causing the flocks to bring forth abundantly the new type of animals designated for pay
jacob left
Jacob Left

Genesis 31:14-21

  • Rachel and Leah agreed they should follow the Lord’s direction
  • They saw God had provided for them even when their father had not
    • None of the money from Jacob’s 14 years of service for them was left, though they would have customarily received a portion as personal dowry
  • While Laban was shearing sheep, Jacob and his family packed up and left
  • Rachel stole her father’s household idols
laban pursues jacob
Laban Pursues Jacob

Genesis 31:22-30

  • After 3 days, Laban was told of Jacob’s departure
    • He and his men overtook Jacob’s company on the 7th day in the mountains of Gilead
    • God warned Laban the night before not to hurt Jacob
  • Laban questioned Jacob as to why he had stolen away and why he had taken his household gods
    • As head of his family, Laban could have acted violently, but he noted God had warned him not to hurt Jacob
jacob responds to laban
Jacob Responds to Laban

Genesis 31:31-42

  • He said he feared he would have taken away his wives if he told of his plan to leave
  • He said he had not taken the idols
    • He promised the one in whose possession they were found would be slain
    • Rachel hid them under her saddle and sat on it
  • Laban found nothing and was rebuked by Jacob for pursuing and accusing him
    • Jacob reminded him that he had served faithfully for 20 years
jacob and laban made a covenant
Jacob and Laban Made a Covenant

Genesis 31:43-55

  • Laban claimed he would not hurt his own family
  • Laban asked Jacob to make a peace covenant
    • Jacob had his brethren gather stones into a pile
    • He and Laban named the place “heap of witness”
    • Jacob prayed and they both promised not to pass the heap to do one another harm
    • Jacob made a sacrifice and shared a meal
    • The next morning, Laban kissed his family and returned home
preparing to meet esau
Preparing to Meet Esau

Genesis 32:1-21

  • Along the way, angels met Jacob
    • He called the place Mahanaim, or two camps
  • Jacob divided his group into 2 camps
    • He prayed God would deliver him as he promised
    • He sent a gift of goats, rams, milk camels with their colts, cows, bulls, donkeys and their foals to Esau
    • Each group was made its own drove and the servants were to tell Esau it was a gift from Jacob
wrestling with god
Wrestling with God

Genesis 32:22-32

  • After taking his wives and children over the brook, Jacob remained in the camp alone
  • He wrestled all night with an angel
    • The angel dislocated Jacob’s hip
    • Jacob clung to him and asked for a blessing
    • The angel said he would no longer be known as Jacob, but Israel, or “one who strives with God”
    • He called the place Peniel, or “the face of God”
    • The children of Israel do not eat the sinew of animals’ hips because Jacob was made to limp
reunion with esau
Reunion with Esau

Genesis 33:1-11

  • Jacob divided his family into 3 groups
    • The handmaids with their children, Leah with her children and Rachel with Joseph
  • Bowing to the ground 7 times before Esau showed Jacob’s humility
    • Esau embraced and kissed him
    • Israel identifies his children as a blessing
    • Israel said seeing Esau’s forgiving face was like seeing God’s face
    • Israel insisted Esau keep the gifts he had given him
jacob settles at shechem
Jacob Settles at Shechem

Genesis 33:12-20

  • Israel declined Esau’s offers
    • They would not journey together since the cattle and children would be slow
    • They would not need help from Esau’s men
    • He would settle and come to Seir to visit
  • Israel journeyed on to Succoth
  • Later, he moved to Shechem
    • He bought a piece of land from the children of Hamor
    • He built an altar and worshiped God, calling the place El Elohe Israel, or “God, the God of Israel”