not much just chillin the hidden lives of middle schoolers
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Not Much Just Chillin’ the hidden lives of middle schoolers

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Not Much Just Chillin’ the hidden lives of middle schoolers - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Not Much Just Chillin’ the hidden lives of middle schoolers. By: Linda Perlstein. Some of the people you will meet---maybe you know them---just different names!. Trying to be the #1 friend. Trying to figure out this puberty stuff. Jimmy. Lily. Beth. Elizabeth. Always the faithful friend.

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Some of the people you will meet---maybe you know them---just different names!

Trying to be the #1 friend

Trying to figure out this puberty stuff





Always the faithful friend

Juggle the pressure of trying to be perfect

Popular-can’t understand why







Dealing with divorce

Still a child


the book for anyone with q s needing a s
THE Book for anyone with Q’s needing A’s


This book is not for the faint of heart!

Neither is the world of the Middle Schooler

But you will be enlightened with a rare look

Into the minds and lives of real middle school


What are they thinking???

“why won’t they open up to me anymore”

“I never say the right thing”

“She’s at the age where she’s not telling us anything”

She’s at that age, she’s just not telling us much.


“this used to be so much easier”

They used to love this

Twenty minute car rides, no talking

He knows his teachers care, he doesn’t think caring is sufficient. They need to understand.

I did my homework, I just can’t find it.

Absent=No homework

School life

One boy asks” In high school a D is failing?” “No, you pass unless you get an F” “Whoo-hoo,” Eric says, “I’m gonna make it!”

That teacher just picks on me because she doesn’t like me!

He’s just not popular enough to hang out with

Instant messaging

It’s all about muscles now

Freak dancing

What if nobody likes my outfit?

I don’t want to go out with him!

Social life

The Mall

I wish I had a boyfriend

Best friends one day, hate each other the next

The boys all like her just because she’s hot

“Even though they are adolescents, they are still little children inside”


The kids are getting new bodies that they aren’t sure what to do with

middle school life

The girls don’t like the wrong kind of attention from the boys, they just want attention

Every issue seems life threatening

Highly emotional


This book, while extremely insightful, is also

Disturbing. To think that our middleschool

Students are this distanced from parents is a

Scary thought. To hear what the students are

Actually thinking and reasoning is also eye-


It was a relief to hear that although sex is a large topic discussed, most middle schoolers are not sexually active yet.

To actually hear the insecurities over friend acceptance expressed, was heart-breaking

I had a love/hate relationship with this book in that I hated to see the child sell themselves short and let others interpretation dictate what they wore, how they talked, what the would express about likes and dislikes. The part I loved, was the same. If aware of their world, we can reach them. We can maybe help them through some of the tougher parts.

Let them know they are not alone, they ARE special while they are NOT the center of the universe.

As teachers we need to heed Eric’s advice, care and understand.

Read this book and you will enter the world of the middleschooler; gain insight as a teacher and lose sleep as a parent.

not much just chillin'

It’s a tough journey, but it’s temporary.