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Cater to your clientele with relevant information at your fingertips – all in a seamless workflow experience. Adding new contacts, taking notes, creating reminder tasks, and even notifying colleagues about an action item becomes a breeze with this user-friendly tool.

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(866) 330-4678


Enhance your company's productivity through simpler outbound calling, superior

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Enhance your company's productivity through simpler outbound calling, superior

relationship monitoring, follow-up activity, lead generation, and analytics.

Call Popups

Real-time Analytics

Click to Dial

CRM Task Creation

Automatic Call Logging

CRM Records Creation

Request a Quote


We sync your entire list of inbound and outbound phone calls.

ActiveCRM will even tell you who in your company answered the call. We

will let you know who spoke to your lead or customer and what they

spoke about about.


We will sync your last customer emails from Salesforce. You’ll never have

to guess what that last conversation was with the customer. Start where

you left off and gain more efficiency.


Take notes and they will be displayed in the activities slider. Quickly

check your latest notes. Have the necessary intelligence to close those

deals and help customers all from one place.

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@mentions calling, superior

It’s easy to share you call notes with team members; just type @ and the

username (e.g. @john). Your call notes and record will get emailed

directly to that user. This assures that important information is not only

entered into Salesforce but also emailed to your teammate.

Task Follow-up

Natural language processing lets you type familiar phrases like “Follow-

up next tomorrow” and ActiveCRM will create a task in Salesforce to

remind you to follow up with your caller on a specific date!


ActiveCRM will show a green indicator on the right corner for both

@mentions and task follow-ups so that you know what activities will be

processed after the call is completed.

Features your users will love, ActiveCRM is not your traditional CTI


Previous calls and notes are pulled in real time directly from

Salesforce and displayed in the popup.

All calls are automatically logged. You don’t even need your Salesforce

open or your computer on for ActiveCRM to work.

The ActiveCRM popup shows entered call notes on all browser tabs.

You’ll never need to remember what tab you were using in order to

log your calls.

Turn on Gamification and encourage engagement with your team.

Full call history both through ActiveDial and through our Call Center

control panel reporting suite.

Click-to-Dial lets your users click any phone number on any website.

Salesforce reports, online inboxes and spreadsheets, Linkedin, etc.

Easily share notes using the @mention syntax.

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Easily share notes using the @mention syntax. calling, superior

No training needed. Easy to use interface.

Handle multiple calls (Call Waiting) all from the popup, never lose a

call note.

Need to make lots of calls quickly? Forget those other power dialers,

auto-dialers, progressive and predictive dialers, get our ActiveDialer!

Automatically relate calls to Opportunities and Cases if dialed from


Call center agents take advantage of call popups on every browser

tab. Agents can ad notes and log calls from any website even if they

are not logged into Salesforce.

Multiple contacts from one number are easy to match right from the


Quickly open lead / contact names and account information directly in

Salesforce by clicking a link in the pop up.

Gamification makes sales fun again by rewarding active users.

Popups can hide in an unobtrusive way on the side of your browser.

Easy to understand call metrics.




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1444 Biscayne Blvd., Suite 313 calling, superior

Miami, FL 33132




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