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Call 1855-856-2653 For Netflix Activation to enjoy Christmas Movies

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Call 1855-856-2653 For Netflix Activation to enjoy Christmas Movies - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Christmas isn\'t Christmas if you\'re not spending a good few hours watching films. It is a time to eat, drink and be merry - and what better way to bring yourself some cheer than a movie from Christmas past? Here\'s our selection of festive fun from Netflix. For more visit at

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Released in 1990, Home Alone is a definitive Christmas movie for children of the 1980s and 1990s. If you remember seeing it when it first came out, maybe now is the time to introduce eight-year-old Kevin McCallister to your kids, nieces or nephews.
There's always one toy that becomes 'the' toy that every kid wants for Christmas. It inevitably sells out and there's a desperate rush as parents tries to secure one. That's the premise of this film. A work-focused dad, played by Arnold Schwarzenegger, leaves it until Christmas Eve to track down Turbo Man for the son he too often lets down.
all i want for christmas
All I Want For Christmas

All I Want for Christmas was released in 1991. Birch's character Hallie and her big brother, Ethan (Ethan Randall), ask Leslie Nielsen's Santa Claus to reunite their separated parents as a Christmas present.


Bill Murray stars as cold-hearted (and appropriately named) TV executive Frank Cross. If you hadn't guessed it from the title, Frank is about to learn the true meaning of Christmas after he forces his staff to work over the holiday on a live production of A Christmas Carol.

arthur christmas
Arthur Christmas

When a little girl accidentally gets missed off Santa's increasingly hi-tech delivery chain, Arthur Christmas steps in to ensure that no child is forgotten and nobody's belief in Father Christmas wavers.

With Matthew Broderick, Danny DeVito and Kristin Davis amongst the cast of this movie, it goes without saying that you're in for a laugh. There is always one house in any street that outdoes all the others when it comes to Christmas decorations.