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5 question you need to ask your SEO team

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5 question you need to ask your SEO team - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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SEO is changing. Recent changes by Google have made it increasingly difficult, and in some cases risky, to chase those all important rankings. Whether you have an agency or an internal team working on your SEO campaign, there are some vital questions that you need to ask, to ensure that the work that you are doing is on the right track.

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SEOmay be changing,butthere isone thingthatremainsasimportantasithaseverbeenandthatiscontent.YouneedtofindoutifyourSEOteamhas:

Goodideasforinteresting,engagingandabove allshareable content.The resource tocreate thiscontent.

Relationshipsthatthey canleverage forthe publishingandsharingofthiscontent.


Anchortextreferstothe wordorphrase thatlinksbacktoyoursite.Historically,many SEOshada policy ofusingwhatisknownas‘exactmatch’anchortext,whichessentially meantthatthe exacttermthatyouwere lookingtorankforwouldbelinked.

Google hasrecently crackeddownonthis,penalisingsiteswitha large numberofexactmatchlinks,soitisnowvitaltoensure thatlinkscome froma variety ofphrases,bothbrandedandgeneric.

Forexample,ASOS’SEOteammightuse the followinganchortextfortheirmen’s shoespage:

men’sshoes shoesformen

latestrange ofmen’sshoesASOSmen’sshoes

buy men’sshoesatASOS


Havinglinksfroma variety ofdifferenttypesofwebsite isincreasingly important,soyouneedtoensure thatyourSEOteamisstayingunderthe radarby using



  • Editorialfeatures
  • PressreleasesSocialmediaQuality directories
  • Question4:Whatproprietarysoftwareareyouusing?
  • Competitive advantage iseverythinginSEO,soyoushouldestablishwhatsoftwareyourSEOteamisusingthatisunique tothemandhowthey are goingtouse thistogive youthe edge.
  • Question5:WhatisyourplanB?
  • Interflora’srecentSEOdisasterdemonstratedthatthere isa certainamountofvulnerability inallSEOactivity.Therefore,youneedtoensure thatshouldyoureceive a penalty,there isa planinplace torecoverrankingsasquickly aspossible.
  • AskyourSEOteamabouttheirexperience inusingthe Disavowtool,re-inclusionrequestsandifallelse fails,make sure thatyouhave anAdwordscampaignforyourbrandtermandrevenue-drivingkeywordssetupandready togo.
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