why colorbond roofing is better in australia n.
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Why ColorBond Roofing is Better?? PowerPoint Presentation
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Why ColorBond Roofing is Better??

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Why ColorBond Roofing is Better?? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Why Australian Audience has to Switch to Colorbond Roofing instead of Concrete ones? ColorBonds come with lots of benefits, which concrete roofs can’t match. Read this to know more about Colorbond Roofing https://goo.gl/qM3sVE\n

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why colorbond roofing is better in australia

Why ColorBond Roofing is Better??

In Australia, roofing materials typically fall into a couple of possibilities: concrete roof tiles; or

corrugated metal roof covering with a bound paint coating (understood in Australia as

Colorbond Roofing​​, or CB). Which option is best for your situation? Both will certainly maintain

the weather out, so evaluate up the variables listed below before you decide.

A Little bit of Background: The principle of bonding paint to a galvanized base originated in

Chicago, as well as was further established in Australia right into a product that has remarkable

deterioration resistance as well as is visually fascinating: Colorbond ©. It can be found in lots of

typical colours as well as is resistant to the aspects. Whereas a galvanized corrugated roof

covering may last Twenty Years, a Colorbond roof covering would have a HALF A CENTURY

life or longer.

Terra cotta tiles are likewise a choice; they literally last for life. Believe archaeological dig. There

are examples of terracotta roofing that have been around for 1000s of years. Nonetheless it has

to do with double the rate of a concrete tile roofing.

For our functions, we will compare concrete roof tiles and also Colorbond roof covering, and will

concentrate on Melbourne problems. Both items do an exceptional work at exactly what they're

made for (keeping the weather out). Concrete roofing system ceramic tiles have been made use

of in Melbourne for a minimum of 75 years as well as there are several houses in older

suburban areas such as Heidelberg and also Camberwell that still have their initial concrete

ceramic tile roofing systems.

Why would you pick one item over one more? It comes down to personal taste, lifestyle,

a couple of various other variables ... as well as COST.


Building Benefit

This is a personal matter. Colorbond has a contemporary trendy appearance with tidy lines.

However, there are many concrete roof tile profiles that provide a various architectural outcome

than a conventional half-pipe floor tile. For a tiny enhancement in rate, you might (for instance)

select a flat shingle design. There are additionally numerous colours in concrete roof covering



This is a vital factor to consider. Insulation and also ceiling notwithstanding, you will hear

moisten a Colorbond roofing system. While we may consider raindrops landeding on a metal

roof covering as a pleasurable audio, it can be disturbing to some people, specifically in heavy

downpours. Tile roofings are much quieter.

Water Collection

If you want to collect roofing water in a container for household use, Colorbond is the most

effective choice. You will gather extra water since concrete floor tiles have a level of

absorbency. Likewise they have the tendency to maintain dust, dust and so forth which washes

into the water container. During the current 10 year dry spell in Melbourne, resident were

encouraged to accumulate water for household use. This influenced the need for Colorbond



Colorbond is a fraction of the weight of a concrete floor tile roof covering (10% to be exact!) So

your roof framework can be much lighter. Also, a Colorbond roof is no heavier wet compared to

completely dry. A concrete ceramic tile roof will certainly take in water before it runs, so a damp

tile roofing is much heavier and design specs have to enable this.


Melbourne is a city negatively impacted by summertime bushfires. If you are constructing in the

provincial fire-prone areas, BAL (Bushfire Assault Level) policies will certainly make it in your

passion to choose a Colorbond roof, as they are simpler to secure against external ember



If you require individuals to climb on your roof for maintenance factors, Colorbond is more

durable. However, if you need to pass through the roof covering (as an example for a duct or

a/c) this will be much more expensive with CB.


Eaves or Terrace

If you have considerable outdoor patios or eaves, a Colorbond roofing system will certainly be

better as a result of its lighter weight. With terraces you want a shallower roof covering pitch,

and also this can just be achieved by some form of sheet roofing. Generally roofing floor tiles

are not suggested on a roof pitch of less than 20 degrees. As well as due to the fact that

Colorbond is an offspring of old-fashioned corrugated steel, this delivers the conventional

Australian terrace appearance.


Concrete tiles more than 20% less expensive compared to Colorbond, which is why more than

90% of houses integrated in Melbourne have a concrete tile roofing. The marketing could have

you assume that CB is as cheap as floor tiles, but this is not the case. Designers occasionally

prefer Colorbond. One customer paid to have actually plans prepared by a developer. When

seeking quotes, they were alarmed to see thousands of bucks additional for a Colorbond roof

covering, when they actually liked a conventional floor tile roof.

Which roof covering is best for you? Look at each aspect as it connects to your circumstance.

Weigh up its level of significance, and after that make a decision which roof product best serves

your specific demands, tastes, way of living, as well as budget.

Action Sheet Metal helping to make a better Australia. Through partnerships and our

relationships, everything we do is to improve someone's quality of life - no matter how simply.

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