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how to reformat an acer laptop n.
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How to Reformat an Acer Laptop? PowerPoint Presentation
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How to Reformat an Acer Laptop?

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How to Reformat an Acer Laptop?
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How to Reformat an Acer Laptop?

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  1. How to Reformat an Acer Laptop?

  2. How to Reformat an Acer Laptop? The utility tool of the Acer named as the Acer eRecovery management helps in reformatting and reinstalling the windows operating system. There could be various reasons why one wants to reformat Acer as there could be many problems like system running slow or the system getting infected by the virus. Reformatting a laptop is the solution of many undetectable problems but one should always keep in mind before reformatting a laptop that all the data be it personal or professional should be backed up as all the data is lost after the reformatting. If you do not know how to use this Acer eRecovery Management tool then go on and read the instructions if you want to use it for formatting your laptop.

  3. Gatty Isabella I'm Isabella from Australia. I like coffee, reading and making friends. I work for Acer Tech Support Australia. If you have any issue related to Acer Products, just give me a call on this Acer Helpline Number: 1-800-861-585.

  4. Steps:

  5. Open the Start menu and then go to Programs. • Open the Acer eRecovery Management after clicking on Acer. • Click on Restore system to Factory default in the restore tab.

  6. When a prompt comes, click on Yes and then tap Start. The power adapter should be connected to your laptop. • Restart your system by clicking on Ok. The hard drive of the computer will be reformatted by the eRecovery tool and it will start reinstalling windows. • When the process completes, click on the OK button and restart your system. Now follow the prompts given on the screen and set up your windows.

  7. Acer Customer Service Number

  8. Acer Laptop Support Number In case you are struck somewhere or if you are unable to do this then don’t worry, feel free to get assistance from our support team. Here, we have several experts who can fix such issues in a jiffy. To avail support, simply reach us by dialing toll-free Acer laptop Support Number 1-800-861-585 and get our solutions instantly according to your problem.

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