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Lecture Outline :
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Lecture Outline :

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  1. 3.4Jordan Experience in Preparing and Submitting Additional Protocol DeclarationMohammad Bqoor JNRC

  2. Lecture Outline : • Brief History. • Jordan’s Nuclear Activities • Nuclear Materials and Nuclear Fuel. • Nuclear Applications (current and planned) • Jordan Additional Protocol Declarations • Safeguards Drafted Regulations and Instructions • JNRC Needs for Enhancing implementing Additional Protocol Declarations

  3. Brief History • Jordan is a signatory to key non-proliferation, safety, safeguards and security agreements and conventions. Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (1970) Additional Protocol (1998) INFCIRC/258/Add.1 Physical Protection (2009) • Jordan is working closely and transparently with the IAEA and international community. • 142 Additional Protocol declarations limited to SQP • Need to implement the comprehensive safeguards.

  4. Jordan’s Nuclear Activities • Growing needs for energy and potable water. • Jordan planned to have a nuclear power program. • First nuclear power plant is planned for 2018~2020 • Began developing infrastructure to support a national nuclear power program (independent regulatory body) • Upgrading regulatory/legislative framework; human resources; technical capabilities (New divisions for nuclear science and technology)

  5. nuclear materials? • Safeguards are concerned with nuclear—especiallyspecial fissionable—materials and associated technology.

  6. Nuclear Fuel

  7. Detection Techniques Gamma Spectroscopy Computer Modeling

  8. Nuclear Applications In Jordan

  9. Nuclear Applications In Jordan (current) • Currently; nuclear applications in Jordan is limited to the usage of: • depleted uranium in the shielding of Ir-192 used in industrial radiography • depleted uranium in the shielding of big radioactive (Co-60) used in medical radiotherapy. • Environmental water samples containing natural uranium and thorium. • Radioactive research check sources. etc...

  10. Nuclear Applications In Jordan (Planned) • Sub-critical assembly (under construction; Site license). • World standard multi-purpose research reactor 5MW upgradable to 10 MW (Site selection) • Planned nuclear power planet (1300MW, Site selection)

  11. Nuclear Applications In Jordan (Planned) • JNRC Safeguards Office to implement SSAC. • Physical Protection of nuclear material & facilities • Suggested Material Balance Areas in Jordan (JAEC labs, JRTR research reactor, JUST Sub-critical assembly, Central Spent Fuel and wast management facility-JAEC)

  12. Jordan Additional Protocol Declarations • 142 Additional Protocol declarations limited to SQP. • Need to implement the comprehensive safeguards (for the planned nuclear project). • Uranium Exploration Plans (under the 10 year successive sub article- 2008 report) • Sub-critical assembly fuel (next report). • Annual import and export reporting of nuclear material (next report).

  13. Safeguards in the Drafted Act & RegulationsJNRC Duties “The use of nuclear energy and nuclear materials is limited for peaceful purposes only and commensurate with international conventions and treaties ratified by Jordan” The JNRC Chairman, in the capacity as organizer … shall: - verify the implementation of the obligations, assumed in accordance with the Treaty, to prevent diversion of nuclear material to the manufacture of nuclear weapons; - collect and provide to the IAEA the information, including through inspections of the installations subject to the Agreement and to the Additional Protocol;

  14. Safeguards Drafted Act & RegulationsJNRC Duties - provide for inspections within the territory of the Jordan by the inspectors of the IAEA, including provision of access; • co-ordinate with the other involved authorities under the Foreign Trade in Arms and in Potential "Dual-Use" Goods and Technologies • Control Regulation in connection with the exchange of information regarding the Agreement and the Additional Protocol; - maintain a central register of nuclear material.

  15. Safeguards Drafted Act & RegulationsLicensee Duties • Any licensee performing activities subject to the Agreement and the Additional Protocol shall be obligated to: - submit to the JNRC the information and data necessary for compliance with the undertakings of Jordan arising from the NPT and the Additional Protocol. - maintain a separate register of relevant activities and to preserve the manufacturing, commercial and transportation documents, as well as the information and data associated with these activities, including accountingand control of nuclear material relevant to the application of the safeguards;

  16. Safeguards Drafted Act & RegulationsLicensee Duties • The licensee should provide access to the installation and to the necessary information, including the option of photographing and videotaping, taking samples, using devices to record radiation parameters, as well as providing assistance to the inspectors of the IAEA. • The licensee should inform in writing the JNRC upon the occurrence of any circumstances leading to a violationof safeguards obligation;

  17. Safeguards Drafted Act & RegulationsCooperation • "Dual-Use" nuclear Materials and Technologies shall submit to the JNRC information on any licensed transactions. • The ministries and other institutions shall submit to the agency plans for the successive ten-year period associated with the development of the nuclear fuel cycle, as approved by the competent authorities.

  18. Safeguards Drafted Act & Regulations JNRC shall issue instructions establishing the terms and the procedure for collection and reporting of information and for maintaining registers on the activities connected to the application of safeguards Sanctions and Punishments are included in the drafts

  19. JNRC Needs for Enhancing implementing Additional Protocol Declarations • SSAC analysis/reporting software for Additional Protocol declarations (In progress). • International legal instruments • Inspector training, preparing and providing (DIQ/DIV). • NDA techniques, computer modeling for nuclear material and accounting to ensure correctness of reported quantities of nuclear material. • Understanding duties/expectations of IAEA inspectors and inspection process.

  20. Thank You for Listening