celebrate your heritage with a stay at vaalnest n.
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Celebrate your Heritage with a Stay at Vaalnest. PowerPoint Presentation
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Celebrate your Heritage with a Stay at Vaalnest.

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Celebrate your Heritage with a Stay at Vaalnest. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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VaalNest Boutique Hotel is a small hotel in Vaal Marina in the Vereeniging/Midvaal area that offers stay at N3 stopover hotel in Gauteng. You can experience various adventure activities at Vaal Dam during your stay. Tailor-made accommodation packages available.

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celebrate your heritage with a stay at vaalnest

Celebrate your Heritage with a Stay at Vaalnest.

There’s no denying that our country is as beautiful as it is diverse. We are a melting pot of many

different cultures, all vibrant and rich in heritage. It is only fitting that South Africa have a public

holiday that is solely dedicated to South Africans celebrating their individualities, with the unifying

factor being that each of us understand the importance of respecting the culture of the next person

and their heritage.

Heritage Day is a relatively Accommodation Vaal Dam vereenigingyoung public holiday,

having been created post-apartheid era. However, throughout the minimal years of its existence, it

has evolved into something all South Africans can relate to on the same level. The public holiday

soon adopted the nickname “National Braai Day”. Why Braai Day? Well the word “braai” is a term

that is exclusive to South Africa. It is often characterised by a social gathering, usually outdoors

centred on cooking foods over an open flame. Every South African, whether black, white, coloured,

or Indian is familiar with the braai and it is safe to say that it is a social phenomenon that truly

unifies the rainbow nation. Fundamentally, it is a celebration of being South African.

With our friendly staff, scenic surrounding views, and luxurious suites with African accents inspired

by the nature in which we’re nestled, we believe that Vaalnest truly embodies the South African

spirit. Situated on a koppie in the town of Vaal Marina, you can enjoy a breath-taking view of the

picturesque Vaal Dam- one the country’s most popular inland water tourist attractions. You can also

watch or participate in various adventure activities at Vaal Dam. What more would you need for a

fully South African getaway?

Choose to celebrate your dynamic heritage with a quintessentially South African stay at Vaalnest

Boutique Hotel this coming Heritage Day long weekend. Whether it’s relaxation, adrenalin-packed

activities, or an area perfect for a charming braai you’re after, then head over to the Vaal’s best

getaway spot. Avail the best couples accommodation at Vaal Dam only at Vaalnest, the number one

N3 Stopover hotel waiting to serve you. Visit us