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Top 10 Survival Tools

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Top 10 Survival Tools - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Top 10 Survival Tools. by Charles W. Bryant. PPT by Louiechot. “There are many different situations that could lead to a survival scenario, and any of them could happen to you. “. 有无数种情况可以让人面临绝处逢生,而里面的任何一种情况都有可能发生在你身上。.

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Top 10 Survival Tools

by Charles W. Bryant

PPT by Louiechot

“There are many different situations that could lead to a survival scenario, and any of them could happen to you. “


The old saying holds true -- it's better to have something and not need it than to need it and not have it.


On the following pages, we'll walk you through the 10 items that should go in every survival kit.


10 Tools

10. Compass and Map

If you have a compass and a map of the area you can pinpoint specific locations and get wherever you need. If you're stuck without a map, but you still have your compass, you can at least get going in the right direction.


Now that GPS is on the scene, compasses have taken a back seat. While a GPS may be better at pinpointing your exact location from any spot on Earth, it requires something you won't be able to provide in a worst case scenario -- a charged battery.


9. Fire Starter

In addition to a first aid kit, any backwoods hiker or car camper should pack a small fire starting kit. After you get a waterproof box, pack it with at least two lighters, some weatherproof matches, a flint and a small magnifying glass lens.


It's just important to know what to pack. Begin with a supply of medications and wound-cleaning solution -- anti-bacterial ointments, alcohol, peroxide, pain reliever, antacid, aspirin and anti-histamine. You should also have some tweezers, gauze, bandages and eyewash on hand.


8. First Aid Kit

7. Mirror

Size isn't important here -- even a small 2 by 3 inch (5 by 7.6 centimeter) mirror flash can be seen from 100 miles (160 kilometers) away. Signal mirrors work best on clear days with direct sunlight, but you can also use them on overcast days. Not only that, but you can reflect headlights, flashlight beams and even bright moonlight for rescue.

尺寸在这儿并不重要——即使一个2*3英寸的小镜子(5*7.6厘米)的反射光都可以在100英里(160公里)外被看到。打信号的镜子最好是在晴天直接反射太阳光,不过也可以用于阴天。 甚至,你可以用来反射头灯,手电筒甚至明亮的月光来求援。

6. Flares

There are many different types of flares to choose from. Some require a gun and shoot into the sky. Others are handheld and emit a red flame that you hold and wave over your head.


5. Survival Knife

When it comes time to buy your survival knife or any knife, you get what you pay for. A cheap knife will have a dull and breakable blade. Once you have your knife you'll want to custom pack the handle depending on your needs.


4. Multi-tool

you'll have a number of options. They typically weigh between 5 and 10 ounces (141 to 283 grams). Most will come with flat and Phillips head screwdrivers, pokers, saw blades, and bottle and can openers.


3. Snakebite Kit

The great outdoors is all fun and games until you have a rattlesnake attached to your calf. Although snakes are afraid of humans and will do their best to avoid you, they're a reality that you should be prepared to deal with.


2. Water Treatment

you should bring along more than one way of purifying water on any trek into the wild.

Water filters are your best option and they come in all shapes, sizes and prices. Some are no bigger than a large drinking straw.


1. Machete

Survival experts will tell you that a machete is the most versatile tool you can have in the wilderness.

A machete is a valuable survival tool and should be strapped to your backpack or on your hip if you plan on venturing into the wilderness.