seb f retagsinvest an active venture capital partner n.
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SEB Företagsinvest - an active Venture Capital partner PowerPoint Presentation
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SEB Företagsinvest - an active Venture Capital partner

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SEB Företagsinvest - an active Venture Capital partner - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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SEB Företagsinvest - an active Venture Capital partner. A north european financial group . History Established player - SEB founded in 1856 Wallenberg family have a significant shareholding Significant Resources Listed on Stockholm Stock Exchange with a

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a north european financial group
A north european financial group


  • Established player - SEB founded in 1856
  • Wallenberg family have a significant shareholding

Significant Resources

  • Listed on Stockholm Stock Exchange with a

market capitalization of €13.2 billion

  • Total Assets in excess of €210 billion
  • €115 billion in Asset under Management
  • Total Book Equity in excess of €6.4 billion

Global presence

  • Local presence in ten countries + strategic locations globally
  • Over 20.000 employees

SEB Group offers a full range of financial services

President & CEO

Annika Falkengren

Group Credits & Group Risk Control

Johan Andersson

Internal Audit

Agneta Brevenhag



Fredrik Boheman

Merchant Banking

Magnus Carlsson

Retail Banking

Bo Magnusson


Anders Mossberg

Group Operations

Pia Warnerman

Group IT

Max Currie

Group Staff

Hans Larsson/Per-Arne Blomquist


Seed Capital





Company life cycle

SEB is a significant player in the private equity market

SEB Private Equity – EUR 1.1bn

Enskilda Securities

SEB Strategic Investment – EURM 100

KTH Seed Capital

SEB Acquisition Finance EUR 1.5bn

SEB Företagsinvest - EURM 130

Bank financing

Venture Capital

In addition, SEB is an investor in EQT, Innovations Kapital, AskEmbla (Baltics) etc

seb f retagsinvest one of sweden s leading venture capital investors
SEB Företagsinvest- one of Sweden’s leading venture capital investors

Our business concept…

We invest venture capital and supply expertise

and a broad network of contacts to growth

companies in the Technology and Life Science sectors

seb f retagsinvest in brief
SEB Företagsinvest in brief…
  • Evergreen fund structure SEK 1,200m
  • No. of existing investments 40
  • No. of exits 35
  • No. of investment professionals 14
  • Established 1995
seb f retagsinvest in brief1
SEB Företagsinvest in brief...
  • Balanced portfolio vis-à-vis sector and maturity
  • Minority owners
  • Max. investment sum SEK 80m
  • Investment horizon of up to 7 years
  • Exits
investment criteria
Investment criteria
  • The company has a unique product or service with a sustainable competitive edge
  • Highly skilled management who are also partners in the company
  • Business concept with international market potential
active ownership value creation
Active ownership - value creation
  • Powerful networks
  • Experienced venture team
  • Industry-specific expertise
  • Close co-operation with management
  • Commitment
  • Board representation

Business DevelopmentHealth Care

Viktor Drvota, MD, PhD

Business DevelopmentTechnology

Venture Analyst

Malin Carlström

David Sonnek, PhD


Frederick Johansson

Head of unit

Arpinée Åhrberg Assistant

Business Controller

Senior Investment Managers

Investment Managers

Andreas Pennervall

Ulf Lewander

Anna Ljungdahl

Ola Romney

Hans Engblom

Patrik Westerberg

Stefan Olofsson

Jonas Nyman

Björn Österlund

Anna Gustafsson

Rickard Malmsjö

portfolio key figures
Portfolio - key figures

1996-97 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007

Portfolio, no of companies 9 8 15 27 35 37 38 39 40 38 40

Exits, no of companies 1 3 8 10 15 19 21 26 29 35 35 Cumulative paid out capital 50 70 220 360 580 755 910 1100 1220 1380 1450

No. of employees 3 4 7 11 12 13 13 14 14 16 16

co investors
Co- investors


ABN Amro


Applied Biosystems

Alafi Capital

Atlas Ventures










Concordia Capital


Credit Suisse

Dansk Kapitalanlaeg

Danish Investment Fund




GE Capital


H&B Capital





Investor Growth Capital

Kantonal Bank

Karolinska Investment Fund







Nordic BioScience

Nordic Biotech

Novo AS




6:e AP-Fonden








35 exits to date

Divestment of

to Astra Tech

Amount not disclosed


Divestment of

to Aixtron AG

amount not disclosed


The number 1

selling show world wide

Grand opening 1999

Divestment of

to Nortel for

a total of SEKM 1,400


Initial Public Offering of

on the Stockholm SE for

a value of SEKM 2,500


Divestment of

to Segulah and founders

amount not disclosed


Divestment of

to a consortium of

private investors

Amount not disclosed


35 Exits to date

Divestment of

to Crucell N.V. for a

min value of EUR 39,4m


Divestment of

to Wind River

For a value of $21.5m


Divestment of

to Motorola Inc

Amount not disclosed


Divestment of

to Biovitrum AB

Amount not disclosed


investment focus


Investment focus

Growth companies within...

Life Science


Life Science



Emers Holding

portfolio companies technology

Platforms and products in telematics, e.g. elevator communication

  • Develops and administers loyalty schemes within CRM
  • Software applications for technical decision support, based on visualised web technology
Portfolio companies - Technology
  • A system for the manufacture of powerful, compact lasers in visible and infra-red wavelengths
portfolio companies technology1

ABBA musical in London, Toronto, USA and Australia etc. 16 shows globally

  • Software/consulting firm that provides activity-based and process-oriented management solutions
Portfolio companies - Technology
  • Software program for long-term planning and scheduling of personnel
  • Software solution for diagnostics and maintenance of complex and mission critical software control systems.
portfolio companies technology2

KTH Seed Capital invests in early stage high-tech companies relating Research and Development at Royal Institute of Technology (KTH).

  • Develops and sells a software platform to telecom operators to help in their process of trading, pricing and routing international interconnect voice traffic.
Portfolio companies - Technology
  • CAPRES develops new technology for direct nano- and micro- scale electrical characterization of materials.
  • Develop and sell products, based on centrifugal separation, for purification of process air to several industrial applications.
portfolio companies technology3

ScandiNova develops and sells solid state modulators (high power pulse generators) for applications such as radar systems, lasers, radiotherapy systems, research accelerators and X-ray systems.

  • SP Devices develops and markets signal processing electronics and algorithms.
  • Matrix is a supplier of architectural services in visualization and 3D modeling. Matrix offers attractively packaged solutions to industries such as real estate and whitegoods.
  • Tail-f develops On-Device Management Software solutions for network equipment vendors, reducing development costs and speed time-to-market.
Portfolio companies - Technology
portfolio companies life science
Portfolio companies - Life Science
  • Digital X-ray imaging based on photon counting

Emers Holding

  • EMERS Holding is the holding company of Bactus AB and LightUp Technologies AB. LightUp markets PNA based probes for the diagnostic market within human infectious diseases. Bactus is a company dedicated to clinical and industrial microbiology with production of substrates for various applications.
  • Technology for fetal monitoring during the final stage of delivery with focus on oxygen supply to the brain.
  • Biotage AB is a leading supplier of complete solutions for Medical Chemistry Research and Applied genomic Analysis
  • Products for minimally invasive treatment of enlarged prostate
portfolio companies life science1

Sanos Bioscience is a drug discovery company which develops new compounds for its new proprietary glucagon-like peptide-2 (GLP-2) pathway for the treatment and prevention of osteoporosis. The company will focus on clinical studies aiming to confirm the promising results from pilot studies.


  • Medical supplier of fertility systems, transplantation systems and biosupportive systems
Portfolio companies – Life Science
  • Develops extremely compact multi-parameter probes. The target group for these is international medical equipment companies working within the field of anesthesia, intensive care and emergency care.
portfolio companies life science2

Nuevolution is a drug discovery company poised to revolutionize drug discovery and development by utilising its proprietary Chemetics ® technologies (molecular evolution) to rapidly identify vast amounts of drug-like, high affinity selective small molecules for virtually any target in weeks.

Portfolio companies – Life Science
  • Oligovation is a research-based company developing innovative tools for genetic analysis, molecular diagnostics, and gene-based therapeutics.
  • Discover and develops so called DIMS drugs (DIMS: DNA-based Immunomodulary Sequence) for unmet medical needs in a variety of treatment areas such as inflammation and cancer. DIMS compounds contain oligonucleotides, which intreract with Toll-like Receptors (TLR).
portfolio companies life science3

A Medtech company developing a new noninvasive accurate method for the diagnosis of malignant melanoma and other skin cancers.

  • Develops novel diagnostic kits within the area of IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease).
Portfolio companies – Life Science
  • DiLab develops and markets instruments for automation of measurement & analysis in early and preclinical in-vivo drug discovery.
  • A Swedish medtech company which developes a new method to prevent brain damage by cooling of the brain.
our success factors
Our success factors


  • Careful selection

Active ownership

  • Skill and commitment

Growth in value

  • Active measures to increase value and enable exits
investment process

Shareholders’ agreement

Final investment decision

Additional due diligence

Proposal for term sheet

Preliminary due diligence

Meeting with the company

Evaluation of business plan

Investment process