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Overview of Nuclear Education &Training Facilities and HRD Programme for Rooppur NPP in Bangladesh PowerPoint Presentation
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Overview of Nuclear Education &Training Facilities and HRD Programme for Rooppur NPP in Bangladesh

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Overview of Nuclear Education &Training Facilities and HRD Programme for Rooppur NPP in Bangladesh - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Overview of Nuclear Education &Training Facilities and HRD Programme for Rooppur NPP in Bangladesh
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Presentation Transcript

  1. Technical Meeting on Effective Utilization of Nuclear Power Plant Simulators as Introductory Educational Tools May 19-22, 2014, IAEA Overview of Nuclear Education &Training Facilities and HRD Programme for Rooppur NPP in Bangladesh Md. KabirHossain Construction of Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant Project Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission Email:

  2. Outline • Background Information; • Workforce for Rooppur NPP; • Status of Nuclear Education & Training Facilities for Rooppur NPP Programme; • Conclusion

  3. Background Information

  4. Background Information Full name: People's Republic of Bangladesh Population: 160 million (8th in world) Area: 143,998 sq km (55,598 sq miles) Population Density: 1034 per sq km (4th in world) Major language: Bengali Educaction Rate: 60% Major Profession: Agriculture, 50% GDP Major religions: Islam Main exports: Garments, fish, jute goods, leather products

  5. Background Information • Bangladesh has begun its preparations for nuclear power in the 1960s and Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant (Rooppur NPP) Project site was selected in 1963; • The progress never passed the activities related to preparatory stage of construction; • A resolution for immediate establishment of NPP to combat existing power crisis was passed by the National Parliament in 2010 ; • Power System Master Plan 2010 of Bangladesh Government indicates that Bangladesh Government wants to introduce 2000 MWe of nuclear power by 2020;

  6. Background Information • November 02, 2011 the Government of Bangladesh and the Government of Russian Federation signed an IGA on Cooperation Concerning the Construction of a Nuclear Power Plant on the Territory of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh – Cooperation Agreement • January 15, 2013 the Government of Bangladesh and the Government of Russian Federation signed an agreement on the extension of a state export credit for financing of the preparatory stage of construction of a Nuclear Power Plant – Credit Agreement • At the same time an MOU for the financing of the main stage of construction was also signed

  7. Background Information • BAEC is a Government entity, which is responsible for promoting peaceful uses of atomic energy in the country. • Total manpower of BAEC stands at more than 2000, which includes about 500 professionalshaving wide experience in various fields of nuclear science and technology. • About 100 of these personnel have good exposure on various aspects of NP program.

  8. Workforce for the “Rooppur NPP”

  9. Workforce for the “Rooppur NPP” • Present manpower of “Rooppur NPP” Project is about 55with35 professionals- • Project Planning & Contract Negations: 7 • Siting and Development: 9 • Nuclear Technology: 7 • International Coordination & HRD: 5 • Administration & Accounts: 7

  10. Workforce for the “Rooppur NPP” • BAEC has proposed a tentative OrganizationStructure (OS) for the “Rooppur NPP” consisting of 1660 personnel; • The OS will be finalized in consultation with NPP technology supplier in due course of time; • Proposed OS has been submitted to the MOST for creation of posts and 97 has been sanctioned for preparatory stage of construction with 48 technical personnel;

  11. Workforce for the “Rooppur NPP” • It is expected that 380posts will be created in the second phase (2016), and the rest (i.e., 1146) will be sequentially; • The OS proposes a total of 1048 technical personnel including 699 for O&M activities of the Rooppur NPP as follows: • Operation Group (510)Maintenance Group (189) • Professionals : 226 – Professionals : 86 • Technicians : 158 – Technicians : 72 • Craftsmen : 126 –Craftsmen : 31

  12. Workforce for the “Rooppur NPP” • In the OS, category-wise distribution of 1048Technical Workforce has been proposed as follows: • Qualified Professionals : 513 (49%) • Technicians/ Technologist : 325 (31%) • Craftsman : 210 (20%) • TOTAL : 1048 (100%) Craftsmen Engineers Technicians

  13. Workforce for the “Rooppur NPP” Proposed Distribution of 513 Qualified Professionals

  14. Proposed Workforce Distribution of Rooppur NPP 2009 2012 2013 2014 2015 2019 2016 2017 2018 2021 All testing Erection Zero point for starting of NPP (O&M Personnel) 100% (O&M) 90% (O&M, QA) Preparatory Construction Phase Main Construction phase • 1660

  15. Recruitment and Staff Training Strategy for Rooppur NPP A general approach of recruiting manpower for Rooppur NPP year by year during different milestones has been proposed on the basis of the following issues: • different work functions; • qualification of manpower and; • Experience and training requirements for different work function categories;

  16. Workforce Planning for Rooppur NPP Supporting Project Preparatory construction Phase Main Construction phase 2009 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2021 Start of FSS training of plant engineers, reactor engineering, computer engineering, modification engineering Connection to the Grid • FCD for Rooppur NPP • Zero point for starting of NPP Personnel (O&M, QA, nuclear fuel, Safety , emergency Personnel) HRD preparation for Project RNPP • Hiring consultant for RNPP; • Definition of the Project management & Project management structure • Completion of skilled surroundings • Preparing Rooppur NPP personnel • Required knowledge Participation of Rooppur NPP personnel on site (trained O&M, QA, personnel, Safety personnel • On site training • Maintenance personnel trained and allocated • Design and organization of the control training centre and simulator

  17. Status of Nuclear Education & Training Facilities for Rooppur NPP Programme

  18. Status of Nuclear Education & Training Facilities for Rooppur NPP Programme • BAEC has a good number of professionals in various branches of nuclear technology; • The Core Manpower for preparatory activities of the Rooppur Nuclear Power project is available in BAEC; • A dedicated group of professionals is working for the regulatory body; • Fresh professionals for Rooppur NPP and the nuclear regulatory body will be available from the General Universities, Universities of Engineering and Technology and Technical Institutions from their annual out put; • A training Institute under BAEC has been established to train the professionals in the field of nuclear technology. Presently this institute offers fundamental courses on nuclear technology to the junior professionals of BAEC; • The appointment of fresh professionals for preparatory stage construction of “Rooppur NPP” and “Regulatory Body” are in progress;

  19. Status of Nuclear Education & Training Facilities for Rooppur NPP Programme • The Government has taken initiatives to strengthen infrastructure for education and research in nuclear science and technology and major universities have been instructed in this regard; • A couple of universities in the country are taken initiatives to open nuclear engineering courses, mostly in the post-graduate level. • Dhaka University has started Nuclear Engineering department for graduate and post graduate level.

  20. Status of Nuclear Education & Training Facilities for Rooppur NPP Programme • A leading technical university (a public univ.) of the country BUET (Bangladesh University of Engg. & Technology) is also working to start NE courses at different levels; • BRAC university (a private univ.) has signed MoU with BAEC for joint collaboration in the area of nuclear science & technology education; • Technical Institutions (Polytechnic and Vocational) located in Dhaka is being requested to introduce appropriate courses on nuclear energy;

  21. Academic institutions available in the country • Total Number of Public Universities = 34 • General = 21 • Engineering = 5 • Science & Technology = 7 • Medical = 1 • Total Number of Private Universities = 52 • General = 44 • Engineering = 3 • Science & Technology = 5 • Medical = 0 • Total number of Students in Private Universities is about 280,822 (Year: 2011)

  22. Annual Intake of Undergraduate Students in Different NP Related Subjects RNPP Needs: 513 Total: 6,550 Engg: 2,920

  23. Diploma Engineering Program (4 yrs course after SSC) in Polytechnic Institutes Number of Institutes : 230 Public : 50 Private: 180 Total Capacity: 44,200 Public Institutes : 16,580 PrivateInstitutes: 27,620

  24. Relevant Diploma Courses Offered in Public Polytechnic Institutes RNPP Needs: 324

  25. Vocational Training Centers 1. SSC Vocational Course (2-yr duration) Total Institutes : 1958 Public : 154 Private : 1804 Total Intake (annual) : 959,000 2. HSC Vocational Course (2-yr duration) Total Institutes : 64 Public : 64 Total Intake (annual) : 8,430 RNPP Needs: 210

  26. Possible Resources for “Rooppur NPP” Program

  27. IAEA Assistance to Use Simulator • BAEC has training Institute; • BAEC has proposed to establish an “Advanced Institute of Nuclear Engineering and Technology (AINET)”with full facilities of NP programme; • Public/Private Universities; • Bangladesh seek assistance to provide PC based simulator as educational tools to the above mentioned Institutions; • IAEA may dispatch an expert mission to train a team from the above mentioned Institutions;

  28. Conclusions • Bangladesh faces a huge challenge in implementing the Rooppur NPP and its total nuclear power; • A preliminary assessment has been chalked out a plan to find out methods that can be applied to find out our gaps and then fill them up; • Bangladesh seeks cooperation from the Russian Federation in the form assistance package like National training courses, Seminar/Workshop, Expert Mission/Review and other form of bilateral arrangements in establishing infrastructure for “Rooppur NPP” building;

  29. The End Thank you for your kind attention !