review of present tense stem changing verbs and
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Irregular preterite tense verbs

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Irregular preterite tense verbs - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Review of present tense stem changing verbs and. Irregular preterite tense verbs.

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Verbs with stems that end in “j” drop the “I”and add –eron to the ellos,ellas,ustedes ending. Other verbs that do this are: conducir(to drive) producir (to produce) traducir (to translate) for example: decir + dij+ ieron



Drop this “i”

For example: Trajeron un cuadernoparatomarapuntes.

( they brought a notebook to take notes)

Present tense stem changing verbs e>i and o>ue

Recomendar(to recommend) e>ie present tense.

Mostrar(to show) will stem change from o>ue in the boot.

The boot

Competir(to compete) pedir(to ask for) repetir( to repeat) servir ( to serve) are all e>iverb stem changers in present tense.

Pedro says: Sirven un deliciosopostre de uvas y melón. ( they serve a delicious grape and melon dessert.) Jugar(to play) will stem change from u>ue in present tense.


(to play)


( to serve)