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Why Absolute Domestics House Cleaners Don't Use Their Own Equipment

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Why Absolute Domestics House Cleaners Don't Use Their Own Equipment - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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To ensure good hygiene, we don\'t use one or the same cleaning equipment for our clients\' homes. We request clients to provide the basic cleaning equipment and products they prefer. For more information, check out these slides.

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Do Absolute Domestics

House Cleaners Bring

Their Own Equipment?

At Absolute Domestics we believe it is best that the client provides the products and house

cleaners equipment. There are a couple of reasons for that. The first one is a hygienic perspective.

Of course we don’t want equipment being used in one home and then coming into yours. They

get to use the products you prefer as well.

Absolute Domestics house cleaners will require just the basic products and equipment you would

use every week in cleaning your home – the same things you use. That’s the idea, that they’re

using the things you prefer.

What they’ll need is just some general cleaning products. If you do need some advice from your

cleaner, of course they can give you that advice, that’s what they’re there for.

They’ll come and meet with you first as well, to do a bit of a walk through the home, have a look

at where your product and equipment is kept, determine how you vacuum cleaner works, etc. So

they’ll just need a good working vacuum cleaner, your mops, your brooms, your cloths, that type

of thing is what they’re after.


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