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PROJECTS in UZBEKISTAN - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  2. PLASTIC SURGERY In the last years, starting from 2006 in cooperation with Uzbek Ministry of Health, more than 100 children from Semerkand, Jizzah, Kashkaderya and Sirderyo were examined and 96 of them underwent a plastic surgery operation. Önceki hali Şimdiki hali

  3. Bone Marrow Transplanting Center • The biggest bone marrow transplanting center in all Central Asia • Technical equipments were also provided. • 6 specialist regarding how to operate the center were trained in Turkey. • In 2012 Uzbek and Turkish doctors are going to realize the first bone marrow transplanting operation.

  4. INFANT UNIT ESTABLISMENT • By this project, in Tashkent Pedagogy Institute an infant unit was established. All technical equipment were provided by TİKA. 4

  5. HEALTH SERVICES IMPROVEMENT PROJECT • By this project, especially in the country side, in order for early diagnosis of ilnesses, by applying new x-ray methods, the improvement of consultancy and diagnosis services were targeted. • Within the scope of this project, mobile health teams, in four different regions of the Uzbekistan, were provided with x-ray equipments. In Karakalpakhstan 1200, in Jizzah 1807, in Namangan 1435, in Harezm 2645, in total 7087 people underwent through x-ray control.

  6. POPLAR GROVE PROJECT In order to meet increasing timber demand in Uzbekistan, Poplar Grove project aims at establishing a modern poplar grove with modern and effective methods in Semerkand in between 2010 – 2014. Within the scope of this project, training programs for Uzbek specialists in the sphere of forestry were also planned. • In 2011, testing plantation was done under the control of Turkish specialist from Turkey and in 2012 in 5 hectare area in Semerkand Chambay Forestry Farm, a sample poplar grove will be established. Additionally, training programs for Uzbek experts and specialist in Turkey will be realized.

  7. BEEKEEPING PROJECT • Within the scope of this project, establishment of a sample apiary, queen bee breeding center, bee procucts production and packging unit, bee products analyis, bee disease diagnosis and treatment laboratory and bee breeding and bee genetic laboratory is planned. • The aim of this project is to support institutional and integrated improvement of beekeping sector in Uzbekistan and increasing employment in the mentioned sector. • This project is still in progress.

  8. In cooperation with the Turkish and Uzbek Ministry of Health, in 2008-2009, 230.000 dose MMR and Hepatit and AKDS in 2010, 300.000 dose MMR and Hepatit-B vaccines were donated to Uzbekistan. VACCINES DONATION 8

  9. Agriculture is a most promising sector with regard to development in Uzbekistan In 2005, upon the decision of the government of Uzbekistan regarding the development of greenhouses in Uzbek countryside, TİKA decided to support this process by establishing a sample greenhouse in Uzbekistan. To that effect, a greenhouse was established and furnished by TİKA. Furthermore, Uzbek experts from the relevant institutions were trained by Turkish experts both in Turkey and Uzbekistan. Greenhouse Project

  10. Greenhouse Project 10