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National Brokerage 1ClickCoverage Overview

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National Brokerage 1ClickCoverage Overview. National Brokerage Overview. National Brokerage (“NB”) is an insurance and technology business headquartered in Boise, ID. is our web based insurance platform aimed at financial institutions.

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national brokerage 1clickcoverage overview
National Brokerage

1ClickCoverage Overview

national brokerage overview
National Brokerage Overview
  • National Brokerage (“NB”) is an insurance and technology business headquartered in Boise, ID.
  • is our web based insurance platform aimed at financial institutions.
  • NB has fifty employees and additional offices in Seattle, WA, Colorado Springs, CO, Pittsburgh, PA, Tampa, FL and Annapolis, MD.
  • NB represents 50+ life and annuity companies and has 5,000+ licensed agents.
  • NB distributes through independent brokerage agents, banks, credit unions, affinity groups and the web.
  • NB has a discrete technology group which it has built up to support its business since 1996.
  • Our platforms have 4,000+ current users, including a number of financial institutions, plus linkages into 40+ life insurance companies.
  • We also support Advanced Sales, Premium Financing & Bespoke Insurance Services.
how the 1click platform works with you
How the 1Click Platform Works with You
  • Leveraging Affinity
    • Branded endorsement from your financial institution
    • Focus is on life insurance with exclusive product
  • Leveraging Online Capabilities and Touch-Points
    • Internet Focused: Capturing Customers who want to transact online
    • Online account access
    • Online bill pay
    • Online Quote Request
    • Electronic Feed
  • Leveraging Point of Sale and Service Interactions
    • Take ones and brochures
    • Collateral in “Welcome Kits” for new customers
    • Statement Stuffers
    • Engaged branch staff
  • Product Considerations
    • Optimum product selection for your customer demographics
    • Multi-Carrier vs. Single Carrier
1click platform product range
1Click PlatformProduct Range
  • Exclusive Online Term Life
    • $25,000 to $350,000 coverage
    • Real time underwriting, decision in <2 minutes
  • Exclusive Online Single Premium Whole Life
    • $10,000 to $200,000 premium, up to age 85
    • Real time underwriting, decision in <2 minutes
  • Exclusive Accident Product with Optional Riders
    • Accident Insurance plus optional Hospital Indemnity, Critical Illness, AD&D, Final Expense
    • Guaranteed Issue (except Critical Illness Riders)
  • Quote & Underwrite Full Range of Term Life ($50,000 to $25m)
  • Motor Club
      • Multiple service levels and flexible pricing
  • RX Discount/Wellness Program
  • Coming Soon:
    • P&C Insurance: Home & Auto
    • Household Warranty Products
    • Loan Acceleration Program
    • Whole Life Insurance
    • Final Expense Insurance
    • Fixed Annuity
    • Healthcare products
the 1click platform
The 1Click Platform
  • Everything is web based: the client or the bank can directly enter all details into a very user friendly set of screens for pre-screening.
  • If the initial determination is positive then an electronic application is instantly completed by our software and a simple electronic signature completes the submission.
  • The information is then processed real time through our underwriting engine where there will be MIB, RX and MVR record checks. This takes seconds.
  • If successful the customer/agent will be instantly notified and a secure link will be emailed to the customer to download the policy.
  • This all occurs in less than two minutes.
  • Depending on the premium payment method selected there will also be a real time premium debit and the policy will go inforce immediately.
1click services
1Click Services
  • You dial up or down the level of service you require from 1Click based on what you prefer to do in-house or outsource.
  • Our clients range from existing full service insurance brokers to zero in-house insurance capability.
  • We can provide all insurance services if required, our services include:
    • Build business plan
    • Build out of web pages, quote screens and online application process
    • Work with your team to integrate platform into website(s)
    • Website branding.
    • Work with your team on platform rollout and campaign management
    • Provide marketing materials (electronic and print ready material)
    • Track and follow up on leads and drop offs.
    • Complete 1-800 support with our call center of licensed agents
      • We can do both inbound and outbound calling
    • Onsite & Remote Training Programs
the 1click product advantage
The 1Click Product Advantage?
  • Simple product to explain
  • All technology can be embedded into your web site
  • Co-branding available: website, materials, customer service
  • Minimal training required for in-house personnel, no Underwriting or paper to manage
  • Instant Premium billing: faster commissions, less NTO challenges
  • Limited Roll Out
  • Allows online replacement of existing policy
  • Allows flexibility for client to select monthly draft date (where applicable)
  • No username/password required during enrolment process
  • No phone interview or tele-underwriting required
  • Policy is available to download/save/print immediately upon approval (Term & SPWL)
the term product
The Term Product
  • Term Life Insurance with 10, 15, 20 and 30 Year Term
  • Underwritten by National Life Group, an A rated company
  • Very Limited Distribution: No brokerage agents
  • Four underwriting classes: Preferred and Select both Tobacco and Non-Tobacco.
  • Face Amounts: $25,000 to $350,000
  • Accelerated Death Benefit
  • All states, except NY
  • Preferred payment methods are Debit Card and electronic Bank Account Debits.
  • Monthly and annual billing options.
1click single premium whole life
1Click Single Premium Whole Life
  • Underwritten by National Guardian Life Group, an A- rated company
  • Very Limited Distribution: No brokerage agents
  • Three underwriting classes: Preferred, Select and Tobacco.
  • Premiums allowed $10,000 to $200,000 (varies by age)
  • Face Amounts up to $400,000
  • Terminal Illness Rider
  • All states, except NY
  • Check, Debit Card and electronic Bank Account Debits.
  • Real time electronic underwriting
1click accident protection
1Click Accident Protection
  • Underwritten by Life of the South, a member of the Fortegra group of companies (in some states underwritten by fellow affiliates Southern Financial, Bankers Life of Louisiana, Response Indemnity, California).
  • Base Product is Accident Expense Plan that pays up to $15,000 of benefit per calendar year.
  • Provides protection for accidents and unexpected illnesses so that bills can be paid while the family member recovers.
  • Additional optional rider coverage is available for:
    • Critical Illness Benefit: up to $25,000 lifetime coverage
    • Critical Illness Cancer Only Benefit:: up to $25,000 lifetime coverage
    • Accidental Death and Dismemberment : up to $100,000 coverage
    • Accidental Hospital Indemnity: $100 or $250 per day
    • Funeral and Bereavement Counseling : Up to $2,000
  • Coverage is available for (i) Proposed Insured; (ii) Proposed Insured/Spouse; (iii) Family; (iv) Proposed Insured/Children.
  • Coverage available for all Adults 18 – 64 and Children 0 – 17 and Guaranteed Renewable to age 65 (premium rates may change during the renewal period)
complete agency processing
Complete Agency Processing

NB can provide a virtual agency to support all aspects of the program.

As well as providing all of the front end web based systems National Brokerage provides a full back office support infrastructure.

  • All Web transactions automatically feed into our agency management system.
  • Our 1E system provides a complete CRM package to manage the life insurance program and full performance reporting in terms of application processing, policies issued, commissions and the status of inforce policies.
  • The system can also be used for lapse prevention with daily updates as to inforce status.
  • It also provides full campaign support (outbound calls, emails, mailers, etc.) for both new contacts and existing customers.
  • The system also allows complete commission transparency to track commissions back to individual sales.