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Formations for Success

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Formations for Success. Jay Wilkinson Jenks High School 918-299-4415 ext. 2399. Formation Philosophy. We want to Dictate how the Defense lines up. We want to cause confusion. (Shifts/Motions) Create Mismatches. Work to get great run looks.

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formations for success

Formations for Success

Jay Wilkinson

Jenks High School

918-299-4415 ext. 2399

formation philosophy
Formation Philosophy
  • We want to Dictate how the Defense lines up.
  • We want to cause confusion. (Shifts/Motions)
  • Create Mismatches.
  • Work to get great run looks.
  • Once we find a good run look, stay with it until the defense stops it.

Jenks Trojans

formation thoughts
Formation Thoughts
  • Be able to put any player any where.
  • Players can handle more info than we think.
  • Verbiage.
  • Disguise your best plays/players by using shifts and motions.

Jenks Trojans

our system
Our System
  • Easy to Learn.
  • High in Verbiage.
  • Y is our TE / 4th WR
  • H is our FB / 3rd WR (Shifty)
  • X is Split End (Usually Best WR)
  • Z is our Flanker (Possession)
  • T is our Tailback

Jenks Trojans

base formation right
Base Formation (Right)

To the



from call.

Jenks Trojans

moving the y
Moving the Y

Normal – Regular split next to OT to call side.

Rex / Lex – Regular split next to OT to call side but off the ball.

Flex – Split 4 – 8 yards from OT to call side.

Wide – Align as the outside WR to call side.

Jenks Trojans

moving the h
Moving the H

0 - Behind QB 4 – 5 yards deep

1 / 2 - Straddle OT’s inside leg to call side

3 / 4 - In Up position to call side

5 / 6 - Regular WR alignment to call side

7 / 8 - Align as Middle WR to call side

9 / 10 - Align as Outside WR to call side

Jenks Trojans

right 1
Right 1

Jenks Trojans

right 2
Right 2

Jenks Trojans

right 3
Right 3

Jenks Trojans

right 4
Right 4

Jenks Trojans

right 5
Right 5

Jenks Trojans

right 6
Right 6

Jenks Trojans

moving the z
Moving the Z

Normal – Align in Regular WR alignment to call side.

Wing – Align next to TE/OL to call side.

Strong – Align in Power Back position to call side.

Weak – Align in Power Back position.

Hip – Align next to TE/OL to away from call side.

Slot – Align inside of X away from call side.

Twins – Align outside of X away from call side.

* Above example call side is RIGHT.

Jenks Trojans

right slot
Right Slot

Jenks Trojans

right twins
Right Twins

Jenks Trojans

called formations
Called Formations

Jenks Trojans


Shoot Right

Shoot Left

Jenks Trojans


Trips Right

Trips Left

Jenks Trojans


Ace Right

Ace Left

Jenks Trojans


Poke Right

Poke Left

Jenks Trojans


Quads Right

Quads Left

Jenks Trojans


Empty Right

Empty Left

Jenks Trojans




Jenks Trojans

  • Tells the X he lines up call side.
  • X is the only person effected by the call.
  • Makes Invert teams pull the string or get outnumbered.
  • Teams can sometimes over shift too much.

Jenks Trojans

  • Puts both tackles away from the TE side.
  • Only talks to the Tackles.
  • Perfect for teams that have inverts.
  • Can give alignment problems for teams that get in the habit of calling the strength to the TE.

Jenks Trojans

questions to ask
Questions to Ask
  • 3 x 1 vs. 2 x 2 which is a better running formation, which is a better passing formation.
  • Man in the secondary?
  • How do they handle overloads?
    • Secondary or Underneath.

Jenks Trojans

questions to ask cont
Questions to ask (cont.)
  • Empty?
  • Do they flip DE’s, LB’s?
  • How do they handle motion / shifts?

Jenks Trojans

4 4 teams
4-4 Teams
  • How do they handle trips?
    • Bubble
    • Frontside Run
  • 2 x 2 Are the inverts blockable?
    • Yes - Read Run game.
    • No – How do they cover the flats?
  • Will they pull the string or adjust with the secondary?

Jenks Trojans

3 3 stack teams
3-3 Stack Teams
  • How good is their Nose?
    • Can our Center handle him?
  • Blitzing Team or Reading?
  • Pull the string vs. Trips? Coverage? Invert over? 2 over 3?

Jenks Trojans