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SAT PREPARATION. How do you feel about standardized tests?. If it ’ s a multiple-choice test,. why can ’ t I just choose not to take it?. Past Experience. Kaplan The Princeton Review Petersons FairTest. Test Prep. Why it works. The Game. Know the Designers Limitations The 99% Rule.

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    1. SAT PREPARATION CollegeMasters, LLC

    2. How do you feel about standardized tests? CollegeMasters, LLC

    3. If it’s a multiple-choice test, • why can’t I just choose not to take it? CollegeMasters, LLC

    4. Past Experience • Kaplan • The Princeton Review • Petersons • FairTest CollegeMasters, LLC

    5. Test Prep • Why it works. CollegeMasters, LLC

    6. The Game • Know the Designers • Limitations • The 99% Rule CollegeMasters, LLC

    7. The Best Test Preparation • Extensive subject review • Subject specific strategy • Proper subject timing • Pacing drills • Score selection • Guessing strategies • Process of elimination • Prioritization of questions • A good night’s sleep • Practice, practice, practice…… CollegeMasters, LLC

    8. Important Questions! • Should I take both entrance tests? • How do I know which test is my test of strength? • Should I take additional tests? • What are the three strategies that work best? CollegeMasters, LLC

    9. Basic Truths • All colleges will take either the ACT or SAT. • High School GPA and curriculum are still the most important factors in selective college admission. • There are currently 850 test optional schools.

    10. First Steps! • Reduce test anxiety • Know the test • Learn the game! • Conduct a personal item analysis • Identify individual weaknesses • Repetition • Avoid overtesting! CollegeMasters, LLC

    11. In-House Preparation • Use my handouts on the IB website • Design your own program • Always practice with real tests CollegeMasters, LLC

    12. Out-House Preparation • Check out the local programs and tutors • Review what a good program should entail • Explore online options CollegeMasters, LLC

    13. Local Test Tutors • Rob Rosenthal 303-830-1811 • Dr. Beryl Brasch 303-756-4443 • Melissa Woodvine 303-875-7954 CollegeMasters, LLC

    14. The SAT The First College Entrance Exam

    15. The History of the SAT • 1926: Developed to insure the economic diversity of the Harvard scholarship program; it failed miserably. • Even though the mission backfired, it was picked up by some of the other Ivies. • 1946: Stanley Kaplan started doing SAT prep. • Changes began to occur because of accusations of sexual and cultural bias.

    16. THE SAT • The acronym SAT now stands only for SAT, not for scholastic assessment test, scholastic achievement test or scholastic aptitude test.

    17. THE SAT • The SAT has always been a very tricky test with a penalty for guessing. The format includes lower-level math (arithmetic, geometry and algebra), writing skills, an essay, reading passages, and sentence completion questions.

    18. SAT PREPARATION MATERIALS Strategy and Review Books • The Princeton Review/Review.Com • Cracking the SAT • Real Practice Tests • • The Official SAT Study Guide™ • SAT Preparation Booklet CollegeMasters, LLC

    19. Early Testing • PSAT CollegeMasters, LLC

    20. Score Reporting • Super test Option • Score Choice • FERPA • Proper Coding CollegeMasters, LLC

    21. Scoring • 200-800 points per section. • All 3 subtests are added together for a combined score. • A 2400 is the highest possible combined score. • Students can select which scores to send to the colleges. CollegeMasters, LLC

    22. Score Selection SAT SAT I (V+M) ACT GPA 2390 1600 36 4.0+ 2000 1340 30 4.0 1820 1220 27 3.6 1470 990 21 2.8 CollegeMasters, LLC

    23. Subtests and Timing SAT • Critical Reading 30 minutes • Math 30 minutes • Writing skills 30 minutes • Essay 25 minutes CollegeMasters, LLC

    24. Sample Essay Question Directions: Think carefully about the issue presented in the quote below and the assignment that follows it. Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up. –Thomas Edison Assignment: What is your view of the idea that for individuals to appreciate success they must first experience failure? Plan and write an essay developing your point of view, supporting it with reasoning and examples taken from your reading, studies, experience, or observations. CollegeMasters, LLC

    25. Test Strategies • Create an outline • Use up all lined paper • Use a 4 or 5 paragraph approach CollegeMasters, LLC

    26. Critical Reading • Sentence Completions questions • Critical Reading questions CollegeMasters, LLC

    27. Test Strategies • Prioritization • Timing • Scoring implications • Use basic conventions of good writing • Read less & use key words • Prioritization • Timing • Scoring implications • Use basic conventions of good writing • Read less & use key words CollegeMasters, LLC

    28. Critical Reading The dramatist was ------- over his lack of funds and his inability to sell any of his plays, and his letters to his wife reflected his unhappiness. (A) despondent (B) supercilious (C) prudent (D) encouraged (E) fortified CollegeMasters, LLC

    29. Critical Reading Questions Hoping to plead his defendant's case in a bold manner, the defense attorney called in a witness who was both ________and ________. (A) firm . . irresolute (B) valiant . . compromising (C) gallant . . unwavering (D) strong . . compliant (E) dark . . unconfident CollegeMasters, LLC

    30. Critical Reading The radical ideas in Henderson's speech were ------- to those assembled, inciting many in the crowd to anger and some to open rebellion. A. exhilarating B. sympathetic C. gratifying D. inflammatory E. tiresome CollegeMasters, LLC

    31. Critical Reading Critical Reading: You cannot see what is going on inside your new-born’s brain. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx That furious pace continues for the child’s first decade of life. 1. The main point of this passage is to: A.illustrate the importance of genetics in the formation of a baby’s brain. B.illustrate the importance of stimulation and experience in the formation of a baby’s brain. C.I ndicate the great need for conducting further research on babies’ brains. the latest research on babies’ brains with similar research conducted fifteen years ago. CollegeMasters, LLC

    32. The following passage discusses the origins of the telegraph.          On the evening of April 18, 1775, Paul       Revere set out on horseback to deliver an       urgent message to the town of Lexington,       Massachusetts: the British army was5     advancing by sea, signaling the beginning       of the Revolutionary War. There was no       Internet in 1775. For that matter, there       were no telephones, no radios, no pagers, no       fax machines, and not even the grandfather10   of all these devices, the telegraph. Seventy       years later, the message “The Redcoats Are       Coming!” would have been sent out in dots       and dashes over a telegraph wire, and Revere’s       famous ride would never have happened.15   However, with no other recourse, Revere       hopped on his trusty horse and into the pages of       history. Fifteen years later, a chain of scientific       events commenced that would culminate in an        electronic communications revolution that 20   would change the very nature of human       interaction. A. the telegraph descends directly from telephones, radios, pagers, and fax machines if Paul Revere had access to a telegraph in 1775, the Revolutionary War would not have happened the telegraph is the most efficient way to communicate during a war the telegraph spawned later forms of communication technology E. Paul Revere’s relatives fought in the Revolutionary War Critical Reading The phrase “grandfather of all devices” (lines 9-10) suggests that CollegeMasters, LLC

    33. Math • Multiple-choice questions • Student-produced responses or grid-ins • Students are advised to bring a calculator with which they are comfortable. Students should also have a basic knowledge of these 4 math categories: • Numbers and Operation • Algebra and Functions • Geometry and Measurement • Data Analysis, Statistics and Probability CollegeMasters, LLC

    34. Math Strategies • Prioritize • Skip Questions • Draw Geometric Shapes • Use Your Calculator Wisely CollegeMasters, LLC

    35. Math • The SAT I Math sections deals primarily with arithmetic, algebra and geometry. • Always do the easy questions first. • Eliminate all silly the answers first. CollegeMasters, LLC

    36. Math Section Arithmetic: • Estimate, round up, round down, etc. • Memorize PEMDAS (the order of operations). • Review all the basics. CollegeMasters, LLC

    37. Math Section Algebra: • Work backwards from the answers. • Eliminate common elements. • When in doubt, try C first, then B or D, etc. CollegeMasters, LLC

    38. Math Section Geometry: • Draw new diagrams to scale based on the supplied information. • Memorize all formulas and program them into your calculator:   • Add extra features and pertinent information to all geometric shapes. CollegeMasters, LLC

    39. Math Review Math Formulas • Math Review • Acceptable Calculators • CollegeMasters, LLC

    40. Math Review Math Formulas • Math Review • CollegeMasters, LLC

    41. Math Moses must finish a painting by Thursday. If he completes one-half of the painting on Tuesday and one-quarter of what’s left on Wednesday, how much does he still have to paint to complete the painting on time? (A) 1/8 (B) 1/4 (C) 3/8 (D) 1/2 (E) 9/16 CollegeMasters, LLC

    42. Blue = ¼Light Blue = ½Red= ¾ CollegeMasters, LLC

    43. Math Regina and Greg leave school at the same time and walk for half an hour. Regina walks due north at the average rate of 8 kilometers per hour, and Greg walks due east at the average rate of 6 kilometers per hour. How far apart are they, in kilometers, at the end of the half hour? A. 2 B. 4 C. 5 D. 7 E. 14 CollegeMasters, LLC

    44. Distance Question 8 6 CollegeMasters, LLC

    45. Writing Skills • One 30-minute writing section = 39 questions • 14 identifying sentence errors • 20 improving sentences • 5 improving paragraphs questions • The multiple-choice questions in the writing skills subtest measure a student's ability to express ideas effectively in standard-written English, to recognize faults in usage and structure, and to use language with sensitivity to meaning. CollegeMasters, LLC

    46. Writing Skills Identifying Sentence Errors Improving Sentences Improving Paragraphs CollegeMasters, LLC

    47. Writing Skills America's first roller coaster ride, which opened in 1884 at Coney Island, A Brooklyn, and capable of a B topspeed of only 6 miles per hour. No error C D E CollegeMasters, LLC

    48. Writing Skills While video games are extraordinarily popular with the younger generation, many parents view it as a waste of time and hoping that their children will grow tired of playing them. A. it as a waste of time and hoping that B. it as a waste of time, hoping that C. them as a waste of time and hope that D. them as a waste of time, they hope that E. them as a waste of time, hopefully CollegeMasters, LLC

    49. Writing Skills One time a candidate for the Democratic nomination for United States president in 1972, Shirley Chisholm won 152 delegates before withdrawing from the race. A. One time B. She was C. Being D. To be E. As CollegeMasters, LLC

    50. Guessing • Penalty for wrong answers! • Develop a guessing strategy • Know your patterns • Utilize process of elimination CollegeMasters, LLC