coastal erosion n.
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Coastal erosion PowerPoint Presentation
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Coastal erosion

Coastal erosion

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Coastal erosion

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  1. Coastal erosion What part of the UK coastline is this?

  2. Aim: To understand the four types of erosion and give an example of how they affect the coastline/ Learning outcomes: (D/C) To explain in detail the four types of erosion. (B) To sequence the formation of a sea stack. (A/A*) To be able to infer/link erosion processes to the formation of a sea stack

  3. What is the definition of Coastal Erosion? Every word is used once apart from “of” which is used twice.

  4. What is the definition of Coastal Erosion? Coastal erosion is the wearing away of land, or the removal of beach, by wave action.

  5. The four main types of coastal erosion. Mix & Match When waves pick up sand, pebbles rock and boulders and throw them at the cliff. These work like sand paper or wrecking balls. Waves force air and water into cracks. Attrition Abrasion Sea water dissolves soluble material from the cliff. Hydraulic action Rocks and boulders already eroded at the bottom of the cliff are knocked together and are worn down into smaller pieces. corrosion

  6. How does erosion shape the coastline? We are going to look at 2 iconic landforms on the coast line. Wave cut platforms and cave, arches and stacks.

  7. Landform Diagrams! • I would like you to draw a series of annotated diagrams that tell the sequence of how a Sea stack is formed. • Put the title Landform diagram to show how a Sea stack is formed. • Your diagram should include detailed annotations explaining the formation. • Your diagrams and annotations must show how Abrasion, Hydraulic action and Corrosion. • They must be neat, in pencil, done with a ruler etc.

  8. WAGOLL (what a good one should look like) 2 1 There are weakness in all types of cliff, hydraulic action gets into the crack and begins to….. 4 3 After further erosion in the form of H…..A….., C…. & A ….. The stack collapses and becomes a stump 5

  9. Produce a flow chart describing how a wave cu platform is created. Use page 90 as a reference, however it must be your on words not copied from the book I will be checking! • Answer the following questions in full sentences: • Which type of erosion is predominant on the coastline and why? • Explain the formation of headlands and bays. • How can we link weathering and erosion together.

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