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Jason Hornung Agency, Inc. DoHardMoney.com PowerPoint Presentation
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Jason Hornung Agency, Inc. DoHardMoney.com

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Jason Hornung Agency, Inc. DoHardMoney.com
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Jason Hornung Agency, Inc. DoHardMoney.com

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  1. Jason Hornung Agency, Inc.DoHardMoney.com Diamond Member Customer Support Training Program

  2. Company Overview • Company Core Values • People • Ryan G. Wright – CEO/Loan Underwriter • Jason Hornung – CMO/CIO • Karleen Allsop – Office Manager • Jessica Brush – Loan Processor • Floyd Patulot – Lead Developer (JHA, Inc) • Efren Labrador – Web Developer (JHA, Inc) • Nemwell Maun – Graphic Designer (JHA, Inc)

  3. Your Typical Day Review Word doc

  4. Systems • Main website – www.dohardmoney.com • Member’s website • Member support forum • Infusion • Basecamp • Wiki

  5. Introducing… Real Estate Millions Diamond Program

  6. Priority Funding From Our Lending Company DoHardMoney.com When it comes to real estate investing, the bottom line is that you can’t make money unless you have money – or at least access to it.  As one of the nation’s leading hard money lenders, we have an extensive network of private investors ready to fund your deals in as little as 5 days.  We are a true hard money lender that will loan you money based solely on the property itself. We don’t care if you have a credit score, a job or any income.  We also have creative programs and alliances available only to members that can cover your gaps and make it possible for you to get 100% financing for your deals.

  7. Partner With A Pro Program This is a high level coaching and partnership program designed exclusively for investors who want to work with me personally as their partner. Once you have a property under contract, you will get bi-weekly 30 minute coaching calls with one of our experts while your property is being purchased, while your property is being rehabbed and until it is sold. You will also get unlimited email access to your consultant in between sessions.  Through the Partner With A Pro service, I’ll personally finance some of the money gaps you have to getting your deals done as well!

  8. Real Estate Investor Insider’s Circle This is a special member’s only website full of the very best training material for mastering fix and flip investing. You get over 200 hours of video and audio that cover the A to Z of successful rehabbing… based off the 398 successful real estate transactions that I’ve been a part of over the last 12 years. Each month, you’ll get access to a special one hour training call with guest experts that will help enhance your fix and flip knowledge. You’ll receive my monthly real estate investor success newsletter that will keep you up to date with the constantly changing fix and flip real estate market. Plus, you’ll be able to print proof of funds letters on demand 24/7 so you can make offers on properties with confidence.

  9. Property Concierge Service This will make growing your real estate business a whole lot easier and faster. You’ll have freedom from spending countless hours looking at properties. You won’t have to agonize over what may or may not be a good deal. You’ll be one, two or even three steps ahead of your competition. What we’ll do is connect you with a local certified DoHardMoney.com property specialist. Your property specialist will work one on one with you to basically do all the work of finding and closing a property for you.

  10. Member’s Site FB & Support Forum • Log in and show around

  11. Where To Get Info • Our Blog • Pages in member’s site • Articles in support forum • Other existing threads in the support forum • Sales page – https://www.newsuccesssolution.com/rem3/video

  12. Property Concierge Process • Log into wiki and review process

  13. Comments Moderation • Log in & show what to do

  14. Postings • Log in & show what to do

  15. Coaching Appts • You receive an email from Infusionsoft notifying you that a coaching package has been purchased. • You call the customer and schedule two 1 hour sessions with Ryan. • Log into Ryan’s calendar (you’ll get access) and make the appointments at available times between 9am – 5pm MST.

  16. Additional Items • How to represent yourself • Common Scenarios • POF letter not working • Billing issues • Login info • Membership cancellation/Refunds • Loan types & qualifications • Active memberships • My contact info & expectations • jason@dohardmoney.net