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Safety . Blood Safety. Blood Safety. APPLY PRESSURE. Blood Safety. 2 nd Tell Teacher 3 rd Clean up Cut 4 th Bandage 5 th Biohazard Bag . Burn Safety. If you get burned the first thing you need to do is?. Burn Safety. Get it cool (Put something cool on it). Pickle Safety.

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Presentation Transcript
blood safety3
Blood Safety


blood safety4
Blood Safety

2nd Tell Teacher

3rd Clean up Cut

4th Bandage

5th Biohazard Bag

burn safety
Burn Safety

If you get burned the first thing you need to do is?

burn safety6
Burn Safety

Get it cool

(Put something cool on it)

pickle safety
Pickle Safety

Copper tongs are used in the pickle bath.

Non-Ferrous metal only

pickle safety8
Pickle Safety

No Steel


  • Weakens the pickle
  • Rusts the tool
  • Corrodes the jewelry
  • Emits a toxic gas
buffer safety
Buffer Safety

Use the front bottom quarter of the wheel. Use buffing clamps and wear safety glasses.

buffer safety10
Buffer Safety

Do not get hair close

Wear something to keep long hair back

buffer safety11
Buffer Safety

When using the buffer do not use

pliers or gloves.

machine safety
Machine Safety

Drill Press

Lapidary Machine

machine safety14
Machine Safety

When using the disk sander use the bottom of the wheel and the side going down. (wear safety glasses).

machine safety15
Machine Safety

When using the disk sander do not use the side going up, pliers or gloves.

fire safety
Fire Safety

When the fire alarm sounds, calmly go down the south stairs, through the lunchroom and east to the grass for roll call.

fire safety17
Fire Safety

Buffing Table

Do NOT sit at the end of tables.

Table 1

Table 2

Soldering Table


Table 4

Table 5

Table 6






methanol lamp safety
Methanol Lamp Safety

Blow out flame when not in use

Do NOT walk with lit lamp

torch safety
Torch Safety

Light torch in a safe direction within 5 seconds


environment safety
Environment Safety

The most dangerous cause of injury is…

Horse Play (Goofing off, messing around)

environment safety21
Environment Safety

No food or Drink

  • Rude to eat in front of others
  • Toxic chemicals could get on or in your food
  • Spilled food of drink could cause a dangerous surface