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Building the SOA City

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Building the SOA City. Strategies to bring SOA into Enterprises. An Episode from : Building the SOA City. Author : Axel Angeli Adopted for Getronics PinkRocade At Philips Eindhoven 12th June 2007. Governing SOA evolution. SOA is still a secret … Why SOA?

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building the soa city
Buildingthe SOA City

Strategiesto bring SOA into Enterprises

an episode from building the soa city
An Episode from:Buildingthe SOA City

Author: Axel Angeli

Adoptedfor Getronics PinkRocade

At Philips Eindhoven

12th June 2007

governing soa evolution
Governing SOA evolution

SOA is still a secret …

Why SOA?

SOA Saves 90% IT money

Cape Enterprise 2.0

Usecasesof (e)SOA

Whatis SOA?

HowtoGet SOA?

Imagine SOA Marketplace as a City

Blue Elefant SOA Certificate

soa is still a secret
SOAis still a secret …

Many a vendor „sells SOA“ withoutseemingtoknowwhattheyaretalkingabout.

esoa is still far away
eSOAis Still FarAway

SOA Award Contest

SAP, IBM, Oracle … they all offer SOA andareyetfar, farawayfrom a practibleandusablearchitectureforrunningservicesefficiently in enterprises.

 Offersareimmature, incompleteandmostly TOO complicatedtouse

why soa
Why SOA?

Nearly all IT providersnowspeakof SOA. Do theyreallynowwhat SOA means? Do weneed SOA?

it in erp today is vendor oriented
IT in ERP todayis „vendor-oriented“
  • The capabilityof a productdecideswhatto do withthesoftware
  • Recombinationoffeaturesisnearlyimpossible
we want the best of each

Wewantto „mash-up“ thefunctionalitiesofspecializedsoftware

soa saves 90 it money
SOASaves 90% IT money

A well establishedandcompanywidedeployed SOA savestypically 90% of IT investmentcomparedtoclassicalimplementations.

windows is already a mashup king
Windows isAlready a Mashup King

Weuse Microsoft Office



Use Browser fromFirefoxor Flock

DestopSearchfrom Google

Best ofBreed

Just Download, install  Run

erp may look like this soon
ERP may Look LikeThisSoon
  • Scenario
    • Run MM on SAP ERP
    • Use Amazon andvendorcatalogues
    • Run SD on Microsoft Dynamics AX
    • SRM on Web-based SAP SRM
    • CRM on Jira
    • Financials on Oracle
    • PP on own IBM i5
    • PM on systemofexternalservicepartner
www is already a free market of services
WWW isalready a freemarketofservices
  • Windows softwarefrom
  • Email from Yahoo, google etc.
  • Shopping directoryby eBay
  • Books andelectronicsby Amazon
  • Homepageprovider, bloggertools, socialnetworks …
sap is ready for soa
SAP Is Readyfor SOA
  • Netweaver
    • BAPI delivers SAP asservices
      • Unfortunately not yetcomplete
    • Workflow connectstomessaging
    • SRM, CRM, BI areservicehubs
    • Fullconnectivity via RFC and HTTP
  • BusinessByDesign (ByD)
    • An excellentservicesuite
    • Dynamics AX andByD will be ERP champions
cape enterprise 2 0
Cape Enterprise 2.0

Howenterpriseslearnfromthesuccessstoryofthe WWW.


enterprise 2 0 3 0
Enterprise 2.0 (3.0?)
  • „Webification“ ofenterprisecollaboration
    • Central Sharepoints fordata
    • Life Collaboration
    • „You Tube“ forenterprisesandlife-cams
    • Desktop-Sharing
    • Enterprise Search
    • Semnatic Web
    • Wiki Libraries insteadofdirectorytrees
    • Enterprise widediscussionforums
    • ERP   Desktop Integration
      • Application  Outlook
enterprise 2 0 l earns www
Enterprise 2.0 Learns WWW
  • Enterprises adoptthesuccesful WWW
  • WWW isbased on services
  • WWW is a grown SOA
  • Learning from AMAZON, Google, XING, Wikipedia, eBAY, YouTube
social networks are on the rise
Social Networks are on therise
  • Socialcommunitieslike XINK, LinkedIn
    • Stay in touchwithbusinessfriends
  • The bigMathematicalbrain: Matheon
    • Best mathgenies form a newgiantmathbrain
  • Developer networks
    • No OSS anymore SDN istheplacetogo
soa is the groundwork for enterprise 2 0
SOA isthegroundworkfor Enterprise 2.0
  • Enterprise 2.0 isbased on collaboration
  • Collaborationrequires SOA
  • Enterprises are not yet SOA ready …
enterprise apps become services
Enterprise AppsBecome Services
  • Enterprise Suites turn into Service Collections
what is soa
Whatis SOA?

Making sure that we speak of the same.

„First confuse the words then the things“

soa is more than middleware and esb
SOA is More Than Middleware and ESB

Middleware and ESB arethecommunicationlayer


soa is the marketplace for services








Security & Safety

Physical Layer

SOA istheMarketplacefor Services
thinking different
Thinking different

The importantthing in SOA is not so muchtoobtainnewtechnologyastodiscovernewwaysofthinkingaboutthem.

soa is the service marketplace
SOA is the Service Marketplace

SOA caters for an infrastructure and basic services to make the execution of services as convenient as possible

soa component stack
SOA ComponentStack


  • Investment, arbitration, SOA marketing


  • Design, Accessability, Desktop Integration


  • ERP components, APIs, UDDI


  • BI, Search, Semantic Web 3.0, repository


  • Programming, VM, ManagedRuntime


  • Messaging, Workflow, ETL, Data Source


  • DB, MQ, Filesys, Replication


  • Ressource sharing, Scaling, Recovery

Security & Safety

  • Firewalls, compliance, Access security, encryption


  • Network, Hardware
how to get soa
HowtoGet SOA?

The administrationanddevelopmentplanningofcitiesaretherole model for SOA governance.

soa evolves like a city
SOA Evolveslike a City

Andeverydaytherearesurprises, youcannotcontrolandpredicteverything

in the beginning
In thebeginning ….
  • therewereisolatedhabitats
    • Every farmautonomous
    • Water, nutrition … all suppliedbythemselves
  • That was inefficient
then habitats started sharing services
  • Common fountain
  • Farmsspecialiing in meat OR crop
  • Expert serviceswerecreated
    • Schools, smiths, waggoners, carpenters, bakeries …
  • Onetown wall protectseverybody
as communities grew
As communitiesgrew


how getting soa imagine marketplaces
HowGetting SOA: ImagineMarketplaces
  • Cities meancommunities
  • SOA isforcommunities
  • Enterprise 2.0 is a community
challenges of interacting societies

Freelyinteractingagentscreate an uncontrollable form ofcomplexity

how do you control complexity
How Do YouControlComplexity?
  • Howtocontrolthecrewof a ship?
  • Howtoyoucontrol an army?
  • Howtogovern a city?
  • Howtoyoucontrol China, Zimbabwe?
waterfall doesn t meet complexity
  • Waterfallmethodimplylinearity
  • Waterfallignoresthatactionmayreverberatetoearlierconditions
  • Waterfallis not agile
the paradox of uncertainty
The Paradox ofUncertainty
  • 2-body Theorem
    • A satellite revolves in an exact elliptical path around it gravitational center point.
  • 3-body Theorem
    • There is no elementary mathematical formula to calculate the paths of three body that interact with each other
napoleon bonaparte
Napoleon Bonaparte


how do you control planets motion
How doyoucontrolplanets‘ motion?
  • Planetsarecontrolledbygravitation.
  • Gravitation produces a focalpoint.
  • Gravitation meansattraction.


attraction controls communities
  • Enterprises arecommunities
  • Attractionmaybe
    • More money, lesscosts
    • More creativeness
    • More funandjoy
    • More productiveness
    • Betterquality
a devine circle
ADevine Circle
  • SOA CreatesAttraction
  • Attractioncreatesservices
  • Services driveenhancements in architecture
  • Better SOA createsmoreattractions
soa stays and falls with services
SOA Staysand Falls With Services
  • SOA needsElementary (=Public) Services
    • Otherwise SOA islike a citywithoutcraftsmen
    • City Services:
      • Government,&Administration, Police, Justice
      • Streets, water&electricty, garbageremoval
    • Private Services
      • Craft, commerce (commoditiesandassistence)
johann wolfgang goethe
Johann Wolfgang Goethe

Every bright idea has been thought of before, you only need to try thinking of it again.

Alles Gescheite ist schon gedacht worden, man muss nur versuchen, es noch einmal zu denken.

blue elefant soa certificate

Blue Elefant SOA Certificate

The Blue Elefant logo is awarded to consultants and organisations that have proven their knowledge in the field of the Service Oriented Architecture.

blue elephant league says thank you
Blue Elephant League SaysThankYou!

Blue Elephant •

Axel Angeli

Lynton Grice

the blue elephant stampede
The Blue Elephant Stampede

Networking computersmeansnetworkingpeople!

  • Blue ElephantsKnowThatthe World is a Village
  • Blue Elephantsevangelizethevisionofcollaborationofcomputersoftwareacrossorganisations
  • Blue Elephants Mentor EAI Projects
  • Blue ElephantsGive Independent Expertize
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