an open source searchable periodicals list using sfx metalib data n.
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An Open Source Searchable Periodicals List using SFX/Metalib Data PowerPoint Presentation
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An Open Source Searchable Periodicals List using SFX/Metalib Data

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An Open Source Searchable Periodicals List using SFX/Metalib Data - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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An Open Source Searchable Periodicals List using SFX/Metalib Data. One year of experience. SMUG in Boston, 2004. Jeremy C. Shellhase, Humboldt State University The Periodicals List Concepts. Continue a CSU/Humboldt practice of having a Periodicals List.

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Presentation Transcript
an open source searchable periodicals list using sfx metalib data

An Open Source Searchable Periodicals List using SFX/Metalib Data

One year of experience.

SMUG in Boston, 2004

Jeremy C. Shellhase, Humboldt State University

the periodicals list concepts
The Periodicals List Concepts
  • Continue a CSU/Humboldt practice of having a Periodicals List.
  • Need a means to check all print and online holdings at once.
  • There was continued concern that SFX linking could malfunction at the Source, Target, or Knowledge Base level.
  • We needed something that is VERY easy to use.
  • Very little funding available.
the periodicals list concepts1
The Periodicals List Concepts
  • Open source tools were already in use.
  • Model for code to extract SFX data was available in XML extract program.
  • Code for extracting printed serials done.
  • General design and objectives in place.
  • The SFX Knowledge Base was available.
mysql database extract
MySQL Database Extract
  • Extract from SFX KB.

Threshold, Target name, Display name, ISSN, abbreviated titles(s).

  • Extract of all serial print holdings links to Voyager catalog. ISSN not required.
  • User direct input of records. When an object is not available in SFX KB.
example of kb extract
Example of KB Extract
  • Threshold, Target Name, Display Title, ISSN, Abbreviated title(s) (for keyword search)
  • from 1997 volume 20 issue 1<tab>Wiley Interscience <tab> Neuroscience research communications <tab> 0893-6609 <tab> NEUROSC R C <space><space> NEUROSCI RES COMMUN
example of voyager serial extract
Example of Voyager Serial Extract
  • Advance report, California vital statistics / California Center for Health Statistics.
  • An unlikely title for the SFX KB, or ISSN.
  • Holdings maintained only in catalog. (extra click for user.)
updating the list
Updating the List

Chose to set up automated update to list for SFX.



Quick turnaround on errors corrected.

Fully automated updates create no extra work, so why not?

Errors surface very quickly.

what does it look like
What does it look like?
  • Simple display of title availability and a link from the target.
  • Duplicated titles not merged. Multiple entries are just listed.
  • External Link to Periodicals List at HSU Library below.

SFX in Production

Periodicals List in Production

periodicals list use in year one
Periodicals List Use in Year One
  • Average 6,444 searches per month.
  • Average of 66% searches with results.
  • 26 % of search for beginning of title (exact match from right).
  • 71% search for all keywords.
  • Average click through in references from periodicals list is 77.5% versus overall average of 46%.

SFX Total Use. Most recent Year.

With Trend Line = Flat.

challenges over a year of use
Challenges Over a Year of Use.
  • Merged Targets, managed centrally added
  • Merged Target are no longer active in HSU KB.

Extract changed to append non-active titles for merged targets.

  • Single step data extract program creating bad records.
  • Code for any new extract programs now encrypted.

Change extract to two step process. Create two files.

Join two files into one in MySQL Script.

challenges over a year of use1
Challenges Over a Year of Use.
  • Object changes go through SFX office.
  • Some titles not available, probably won’t be.

Create direct input for list, add title, url, threshold.

  • Multiple update steps occasionally fail.

Missing an update or two is usually without consequence.

Scripts can be manually run.

new developments
New Developments
  • Metalib Periodicals List, is it a replacement for Periodicals List?
  • Interface concerns.
  • Limit to 100 record display.
  • Print titles without ISSN still a problem.
  • Not automatically updated.
  • Version 3 Metalib?
marcit full marc conser records
MarcIt Full Marc Conser Records
  • Trial of MarcIt available to CSU, through June 2004.
  • Subject access possibilities.
  • Other access points, association name, etc.
  • Evaluations
  • Metalib journal listing in version 2 is still too limited.
  • Extracted all subject headings for HSU titles, merged duplicates, removed “periodicals” and evaluated value of subject access to journals.
  • Decided to not use in listing, but will load Marc into catalog IF we buy them.
citation linker interface
Citation Linker Interface

Where Citation Linker Fails is in title matching.

Where Periodicals List works is in finding titles.

  • Add enough citation information to Periodicals List input to match a full article.
  • Keep the article variables hidden in the results display.
  • Let the user select the correct title.
  • Then send the correct title and ISSN to SFX Link resolver.
a citation specific interface
A Citation Specific Interface
  • Asks for User Input:
  • Perlist title search=
  • aulast=
  • atitle=
  • date=
  • volume=
  • issue=
  • spage=

Searches Periodicals list

By title parameters only.

Other Citation Specific variables are transferred to results display and encoded into a form for each entry returned.

  • User has to choose the correct title from listing.
  • User must compare availability (thresholds)
  • User can, in best case scenario, go directly to full-text.
  • Worst case scenario, input data is sent to ILL form.
  • With ISSN included from Periodicals List search.
back online for demo
Back online for demo.
  • Citation Linker interface to the same Periodicals List database is below.
  • With a match the user goes to full text through the SFX menu. User must match up title and threshold information.
  • Without a match, Interlibrary loan is the option.
can sfx add anything more
Can SFX add anything more?
  • We have only searched the list of “Full Text Available” titles.
  • There is a lot more in the SFX knowledge base.
  • Why not search it all, anything available?
  • Refer interlibrary loan request for one more search.
  • Let the user verify the title and find an ISSN.
extract all the knowledge base
Extract All the Knowledge Base
  • Same sort of extract code.
  • No restrictions for active or full text.
  • No need for thresholds.
  • Only Display Title, Abbreviated Title(s) and ISSN needed.
  • Is it too big? Too much to run?
  • Not at the CSU.
back online for demo1
Back online for demo.
  • Citation Linker interface to the same Periodicals List database is below but ILL form for items not matched is now linking to search of all Kb titles.
  • User selects title and ISSN is added to the ILL request.
other benefits
Other Benefits
  • With an extract of the Knowledge Base available, reports are easier.
  • How many unique titles are in each target?
  • Collection development reports are easier.
  • User search logs to check about unmet instructional needs.
links and further information
Links and Further Information.

Periodicals List Statistics

  • Year-to-date for 2003/2004
  • Monthly Archive Statistics

For further information and/or technical details contact:

Jeremy C. Shellhase

Systems Librarian, Humboldt State University Library