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Mexico. Ondrea Bentley 34702 Period 2. HOLA, Welcome to mexico. Map of Mexico. Business Attire. Gentlemen. Ladies. Dark, conservative , suites and ties at the norm for the most part. Ensure your shirts are pressed well and that your shoes are polished to a high gloss.

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Ondrea Bentley


Period 2

Business attire
Business Attire



  • Dark, conservative , suites and ties at the norm for the most part. Ensure your shirts are pressed well and that your shoes are polished to a high gloss.

  • *Shorts and tennis shoes are never appropriate.

  • Dresses, skirted suites, or skirts and blouses. Hosiery and high heels. Will also appreciate a light coat for evening weather.

  • * Shorts and tennis shoes are never appropriate.

Appreciated gifts

  • A bottle of wine or Scotch

  • Items with your company Logo

  • Expensive gifts are seldom appropriate unless a considerable degree of friendship has been established.

  • Souvenir from your area.

  • *If you don’t want a gift, be aware that inquiring about what he or she wants as a present can be offensive.

The economy
The Economy

The economy contains rapidly developing modern industrial and service sectors, with increasing private ownership. Mexico’s economy is the 13th largest in the world in nominal terms. However it was one of Latin American nations most affected by the 2008 recession. Some of the governments greatest challenges include the upgrade of infrastructure , tax system and labor laws, and the reduction of income equality.


Express Ways

Toll Roads




Government laws and regulations
Government Laws and regulations

  • Politics

  • Democratic republic

  • The president of Mexico is both the head of state and head of government.

  • Legislative, executive, and judicial.

Government and regulations
Government and regulations

  • U.S. citizens must carry proof of citizenship when crossing into Mexico.

  • No fees for crossing the border.

  • Some borders are dangerous for U.S. citizen.

Import requirments
Import Requirments



  • A good source for information on importing to the U.S. is the Trade Commission of Mexico, located at the World trade Center in Los Angeles, California, (350 S. Figueroa St, Suite 296, Los Angeles, California 90071) at telephone (213) 628-1220 (their fax number is 213 - 628-8466).

  • The duty that the Mexican customs authority will determine (and charge) is figured by applying the corresponding tariff to the CIF (cost of the product + insurance + freight) value of the product. As well there will be a customs processing fee of 8/10th of 1% of the assessed CIF value. Also, there is an Added Value Tax (IVA) on goods and services sold in Mexico (see IVA elsewhere on this site)

  • In order to verify whether your U.S. product qualifies under NAFTA for import into Mexico , you first contact the Foreign trade Division of the U.S. Census Bureau at telephone (301) 763-3259 (for durable goods) or (301) 763-3484 (for non-durable goods) and ask for a "harmonized tariff schedule number" or "classification" for the product you are inquiring about or you go to the web site of:  ( ). Then you can contact the Mexico desk officer at the U.S. Department of Commerce (in Washington D.C.), where a trade specialist will give you the duty rate for your product based on the "harmonized tariff schedule number" you got from the Census Bureau. You can also contact the U.S. NAFTA Help Desk at telephone (202) 927-0066 or the U.S. Trade Information Center at telephone (800) 872-8723.

Language ettiquette
Language & Ettiquette

  • Spanish is the dominant language of Mexico.

  • When women greet each other in social gatherings on the right forearm or shoulder, instead of shaking hands.

  • Men shake hands until they know someone well enough to hug or give a back slap.

  • Mexican males generally believe that nothing must be allowed to tarnish their image as a man.

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Thank you

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