chapter 19 section 3 pages 530 536 n.
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Types and Causes of Air Pollution PowerPoint Presentation
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Types and Causes of Air Pollution

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Types and Causes of Air Pollution - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Chapter 19 Section 3 Pages 530 - 536. Types and Causes of Air Pollution. What Causes Air Pollution?. Air pollution comes from Human and Natural Resources. Human: Industry, construction, transportation and agriculture

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what causes air pollution
What Causes Air Pollution?
  • Air pollution comes from Human and Natural Resources.
    • Human: Industry, construction, transportation and agriculture
    • Natural: Ash and toxic gases from volcanic eruptions, smoke from forest fires or grass fires
primary and secondary pollutants
Primary and Secondary Pollutants
  • Primary pollutants – pollutants released directly into the air.
    • Smoke from smokestacks, ash and toxic gases from volcanoes, soot from trucks.
  • Secondary pollutants – pollutants not released directly into the air, but for in the atmosphere.
    • Smog, or brown haze that you see near cities
  • Typically a mixture of smoke and fog.
  • BUT near cities it is called Photochemical Smog.
    • They form when nitrogen and organic compounds mix with sunlight.
acid rain
Acid Rain
  • Rain with a pH below 5.6.
  • Formed when power plants burn fossil fuels, and pollutants are released into the air and mix with the moisture.
  • Can discolor painted surfaces, corrode metals and damage concrete structures.
particulate pollution
Particulate Pollution
  • Particulate matter: solid particles and liquid droplets suspended in the air.
    • Coarse Particulates: particles carried in the air from dusty, unpaved roads, construction sites, etc.
      • You can see these if enough is in the air.
    • Fine Particulates: very small in size. Released into the air from fires, exhaust, and factories.
      • Can damage plants, building and harm your lungs
toxic pollutants
Toxic Pollutants
  • Pollutants in the air that can cause cancer or other serious human health problems.
    • There are more than 180 substances releases as toxic air pollutants