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Business Opportunities for FDI in Balkans in the field of renewable energies, waste management and recycling. PARTNERS. The CCI Republika Srpska , B&H The Chamber of Economy of Vojvodina , Serbia The Chamber of Commerce Mälardalen , Sweden

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Business Opportunities for FDI in Balkans in the field of renewable energies, waste management and recycling



The CCI RepublikaSrpska, B&H

TheChamber of Economy of Vojvodina, Serbia

The Chamber of Commerce Mälardalen, Sweden

The Chamber of Commerce of East Sweden, Sweden

TheChamber of Commerce of Gipuzkoa, Spain



  • benefits for Chambers in Vojvodina and RepublikaSrpska
  • benefits for companies
  • general benefits for all society


To launch a work programme in the field of renewable energies, waste management and recycling in order to increase the amount of FDI through best practices and information share



  • strengthen role of Balkan chambers through best practices
  •  increase visibility
  •  Promote network of companies in renewable energies.
  • increase the renewable energy sector knowledge
  • help in the achievement of a possible FDI
  • create new chamber services
  • Networking among Chambers in EU and Balkans


  • 1. Identifying existing and potential companies through study research
  • 2. Presenting best practices in Spain and Sweden
  • 3. Presentation of opportunities for FDI in Vojvodina and RepublikaSrpska
  • 4. Matchmaking between companies

Component 1: market research

  • A research study will be done using the following tools:
    • Already existing chambers database and other relevant institutions
    • Already existing studies from universities and other governmental institutions
    • Direct visits to companies, mailings and phone calls
    • Internal analyse from the Chambers

Component 2: best practices

  • A study visit to Spain in March and to Sweden in April.
  • Energy Supply Chain Spanish Association, Cener, Basque agency for Energy, Chamber of Gipuzkoa service of dangerous waste treatment, companies related to renewable energies, waste management and recycling, etc.
  • Waste management plants, University of Linkoping, Mälardalen University, etc.

Component 3: Presentation of opportunities for FDI

  • Presentation to be held in the frame of study visits to Mälardalen/East Sweden and Gipuzkoa
  • Press conference in Novi Sad and BanjaLuka to inform public

Component 4: Matchmaking between companies

  • Matchmaking preparation: direct visits to companies, telephone calls, insertion of information in the websites and newsletters.
  • Matchmaking: can be made in two different ways. - individual meetings on a one to one basis between May and July if interest from EU companies.
  • - 5 Balkan companies invited to meet Spanish/Swedish companies

Institutions involved

  • VIP – Vojvodina investment promotion agency
  • Provincial secretariat for agriculture
  • Provincial secretariat for energy
  • Agriculture institute Novi Sad
  • Institute for informatics (computer science), ecology and protection of RS
  • Environmental protection Fond
  • Banja Luka University – Institute of Economy at the Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Technology
  • Ministry of Physical Planning, Construction and Ecology
  • Waste management plants
  • University of Linkoping
  • Mälardalen University
  • Companies related to renewable energies, waste management and recycling
  • Energy Supply Chain Spanish Association
  • Cener
  • Basque agency for Energy
  • Companies related to renewable energies, waste management and recycling

Expected results

  • Market research study finished
  • Best practices shared
  • Presentation of FDI opportunities and matchmaking between companies organized
  • Possible FDI achieved


  • - Blanca Ortueta/Jon Zabaleta – Gipuzkoa Chamber, Spain
  • - Susanne Wossmar, Chamber of Commerce Mälardalen, Sweden
  • - Milan Stojanov– Vojvodina Chamber of Economy, Serbia
  • - Dragana Sobot, CCI RS, Republika Sparska