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The Stronger Smarter Institute

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The Stronger Smarter Institute. Stronger Smarter pathways for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander students. Dyonne Anderson Principal in Residence Toby Adams Executive Coordinator. Our Values. Our History Cherbourg State School. Our History Indigenous Education Leadership Institute.

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the stronger smarter institute

The Stronger Smarter Institute

Stronger Smarter pathways for

Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander students


Dyonne Anderson

Principal in Residence

Toby Adams

Executive Coordinator


Our History

Cherbourg State School


Our History

Indigenous Education Leadership Institute


Our History

Stronger Smarter Institute


The Stronger Smarter Philosophy

The Stronger Smarter philosophy honours a positive sense of cultural identity, acknowledges and embraces positive community leadership, enabling innovative and dynamic approaches and processes that are anchored by high expectations relationships. High expectations relationships honour the humanity of others, and in so doing, acknowledge one’s strengths, capacity and human right to emancipatory opportunity.


The Stronger Smarter Meta strategies

Acknowledging, embracing and developing a positive sense of identity in schools;

Acknowledging and embracing Indigenous leadership in schools and school communities;

‘High expectations’ leadership to ensure ‘high expectations’ classrooms, with ‘high expectations’ teacher/student relationships;

Innovative and dynamic school models in complex social and cultural contexts;

Innovative and dynamic school staffing models in schools facing complex challenges.


The Principles of Effective Learning and Teaching

Effective Learning and Teaching…

… is founded on an understanding of the Learner;

… requires active construction of meaning;

… enhances and is enhanced by a supportive school environment;

… is enhanced through worthwhile learning partnerships; and

… shapes and responds to the social and cultural contexts.


Perceptions of Aboriginal students

Lazy Underachievers Shy

Dirty Disobedient

Aggressive High Absenteeism

Cheeky Defiant Artistic

Sporty Family Oriented Poor Health


Strong and Smart Student Identity

  • Come to school every day
  • Work hard in the classroom
  • Respectful to the teacher
  • Respectful and considerate to other students
  • Being the best that you can
  • Be proud to be Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander
  • Stand up for yourself

What does a

high expectations relationship

look like?


Challenging, Developing and Embracing Indigenous Identity

  • Which Indigenous Identity do I collude with?
  • Which Indigenous Identity does my school confirm?